Friday, 3 February 2012

Spring flowers/getting crafty

On this very chilly Friday - it is nice to have some signs of spring around the house to cheer me up - these tulips have lasted a week, they were completely upright until my son decided to flick his scarf on them. Then they drooped a little. I stuck a pin through the top of the stem as soon as i got them (i normally do it as they droop) and it worked!!!

My daffodils are now out and bringing colour and sunshine to the living room. I bought this gorgeous blue jug after seeing this post on one of my favourite blogs. It completely cheered my soul, so i had to go out and find one :)

This is where i am sitting right now writing this post  -  watching This Morning with a cuppa (and biscuits) before i get on with some jobs:

One of my favourite thing about blogging is the inspiration i find from other bloggers (like the blue jug). The very lovely Mel Mel (who i have had the pleasure of meeting) commented on my rubber/eraser post and suggested that i display them.

I have put some in shadow boxes for the boys rooms:

Big boys (9):

Little boys (4):

I've added some to my printer trays:
Can you spy: The cowboy hat, red London bus, Unicorns, umbrella, strawberry, 3 legged giraffe, smiley faces, dress and ice lolly amongst others?

I am also going to put some in shadow boxes in my study. Thanks Mel!!!!

I have been testing paint in the living room. I do like this Laura Ashley wallpaper but i like a neutral wall so that i can have mix matched colour in pictures, cushions etc. I am liking the top one - it is called 'Timeless' which i love in itself!!!!!

Have a great weekend. Have you any plans? We are hopefully off to Cambridge tommorrow  (as long as it doesn't snow!!)


Todays lovely things:
1) a nice cup of tea.
2) A little text that made me laugh.
3) comments from bloggers.


Twinkle Star said...

Lovely flowers, they really cheer up a wintry day! Love the way you have displayed your rubber collection - really a fab idea! Have a great weekend x


Hello Lisa!

Lol! We are like a pigeon pair us two with our tulips and daff ;-)
Awww I'm so chuffed that I inspired you and thanks for the link.
Your daffodils in the blue jug look lovely. I don't know, there is just something so so cheery about those 2 colours together.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your eraser collection displayed in the black shadow cool and retro and so nice for the boys to have a piece of your childhood treasure displayed in there rooms.... brilliant idea Mel Mel and your so right Lisa that's what the blogging community is all about, we help and inspire each other and so nice to share with like minded souls.
What a great idea to put them in your study too!
Have a wonderful weekend my lovely.
Keep Dad skyped me this morning and said it was brilliant sunshine but -2 in Upminster
-15 here NO PROBLEM!

Callies Cottage said...

Lovely post- I too have a jug of daffs and a jug of tulips in the house at the mo, a little promise on a chilly day that Spring is just around the corner...We hope!
Warm Wishes,

faith76 said...

Love the flower photo's very cheering x

Leah x

Madelief said...

Hi LissyLou,

Your spring flowers look lovely. I just bought some too. I think a house needs flowers to make it livelier.

Good luck with the painting of your wall!

From a cold and white Holland,

Madelief x

Linda said...

Hi Lisa, Love the daffodils and thats a good tip about the tulips. Glad it kept them upright.

I do like your mug and tray for your drink. I oftern see nice trays but can never think of anything to do with them, until I browse around blog land.

Amanda said...

The shadow boxes look great!

Kath said...

Love this post! That jug is just lovely. I too have a jug of daffs shining away in the corner quietly. Their gorgeous yellow is very cheering on these freezing cold days.LOVE the print trays, perhaps we will mount ours on the wall! I think they look just great, and the shadow boxes too.

Bee happy said...

Love your displays, I used to collect erasers, just love the smell, they look great in the frames and printers block thingy :) your flowers are gorgeous, I have just bought some daffs this morning can't wait for them to open :) have a great weekend sweetie

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Crafted by Carly said...

It made me smile that you bought some tulips - I did the same after school today! A little bit of spring inside while it's VERY wintery out!
I love the rubber displays - what a brilliant idea!!!

Lydia @ Twelve said...

I think colourful spring flowers lift the mood in thease cold winter days....
Love the shadow boxes - lucky boys
& I have Timeless in the hall, its a colour I've used on & off since 1995 & it goes with anything/anywhere - I'm a big fan of it!...


Bohomumma said...

lovely flowers - been such a dull cold grey day here, it was really cheering to see such lovely colours and you've inspired me to go out and get some tomorrow and brighten up the indoors at least!

Florence and Mary said...

I love how you've used your rubber collection! They look fab in the shadow boxes.

Victoria xx

♥ Miss Tea said...

i'm so envious of your printer trays! what a fab ideas to make shadow boxes and nothing brighten your days with those beautiful and colorful flowers! love the mug!

x susan