Thursday, 9 February 2012

This is me : part 2

Describing me using pictures from We heart it.

I would love to see you do this too. Just go to your own Weheartit/Pinterest/Tumblr and use the pics you have already saved. Choose the ones that represent you. For instance on part one i chose, Lambs because i am a vegetarian and they are my favourite animal, Dirty feet because i am not afraid to get messy, and Kinder eggs because i am a kid at heart (and i love them!). And today in part 2, I love to go for afternoon tea, I was born in Spring and its my favourite month, i love to bake and wear slobby jumpers. I love to stick things in scrapbooks for inspiration and i love traditional things:


Todays lovely things:

1) Tea and chocolate cake for breakfast.
2) Making a lavendar heart for the little baby i am about to go and have a cuddle with.
3) Watching TOWIE and seeing old teenager haunts!


Callies Cottage said...

This is such a lovely idea,I think I will have a go in a future post..
Tea and chocolate cake for breakfast-How wonderful!
Warm Wishes,

Anonymous said...

Love Towie,just watched it from last night,Joey makes me laugh so much :) have a lovely dayx

B............... said...

I am so on this, well I will be later or tomorrow xxx

The Krafty Cupcake said...

What a great post. I love that 'Grumpy' mug! What could be more perfect, tea & chocolate cake! Sue x

Grateful4Crochet said...

I love this so much!!
Such a visually beautiful way of sharing more about yourself!

Linda said...

This is such a nice idea. I'm just getting me head around Pinterest as we speak. So I may try it.