Friday, 30 January 2009

My Friday and a tag.....

I have been tagged by Beckimarie.
All you have to do is post the fourth photo from your fourth file and pass it on to 4 others.

So here is mine. This is a picture of me and my son 3 years ago in Disneyworld Florida. We were in a very large queue to meet Mickey Mouse, my son had never met a character before. Whilst we were waiting Chip (or was it Dale?) Came up to us, hence why my son shot up into my arms. However after that first meeting he was hooked on all the characters (we had to queue to see them all!) He loved it!!
I would love to see photos from these lovely ladies: LittleGem, Sesga loves 1950's, Kelly and Gingerwine.

My Friday
Fridays are enjoyable but busy for me, after taking my eldest to school i take the youngest to his Jo Jingles class. After, there seems to always be errands to run. Today i had to stop off to pick up a perscription at the doctors and go and do some food shopping.

When i returned home i was greeted to more fabric samples and my favourite magazine that i subscribe to - Easy Living. I had a flick through over lunch (a rather yummy hummus, chutney and rocket pannini, on the George Foreman grill of course) and these are the lovely bits that caught my eye:

Lavender bags using leftover fabric

A lovely bench making me wish for the spring to arrive.

And this ladies great home. I wish i had had her daughters bedroom as a child!

The littlest perked up after lunch and a nap, i found him cleaning the playroom whilst i was cleaning the kitchen.

I bought a lovely little hot water bottle while in asda, i've been looking for a small cheap one, this was in the valentines section. I always see my lovely friend and her 2 little girls on a friday so i bought them some biscuit hearts to decorate:

I had a lovely dinner with my husband and i'm going to be watching the new series of Pushing Daisies which i love, mainly for Chucks wonderful clothes. Then i am going to have a nice long read in bed (one of my most pleasurable things to do). I have been reading through What would Audrey do? by Pamela Keogh. Its a lovely book. I have to give you some snippets from it:

'I don't think you have to make just big gestures to be helpful. Every second of every day you can do something. Just a cheerful smile does wonders for a beginning.' Audrey Hepburn

'Manners, don't forget are kindnesses. you must always be kind' Lessons her mother taught her.

I will tell you some more as i get through the book.

I must leave you with this little lady. I gave the little one a flower to play with. Once he had deadheaded it, we decided it looked like a little flower fairy.

Have a lovely weekend xx

Samples and a poorly little one

Had to do a quick post, as i'm so excited!! some of my fabric samples turned up today!! The big ones (12x9 inch) are from John Lewis and the small ones from Not sure what to do with them yet.

My littlest is unwell at the moment, he's snotty and coughy and feeling sorry for himself. He is so sleepy, i had to take these cute pictures. I feel so sorry for them when their ill, but i have to admit i do love all the cuddles i get. x

Thursday, 29 January 2009

I have a confession to make......

I sat down yesterday while my youngest was napping to read through some of your lovely blogs with a lovely cup of tea in one of my favourite mugs and some lovely biscuits that i treated myself to in Waitrose, I planned to just have a couple but instead........i ate the whole box!!

There i feel a little better about being so gluttonous now i have shared.

I don't go to waitrose very often but i wanted to see if they had any valentines bits in (they didn't) and to buy the red John Lewis sewing machine (it's out of stock). So instead i bought some Easter treats for the kids, a bit early i know but i wanted to get them whilst i saw them:

I love Lambs, so i bought this lovely tin of biscuits.

A great little tin of chocolate eggs

For my youngest, he loves me singing Humpty Dumpty. It comes with chocolate soliders.

And these lovely Easter napkins, and some christmas ones in the sale.
Now i must stop spending, i must, i must, i must!!!


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The 2 little boys

I think it's about time that i told you a little about my '2 little boys'..................

My eldest loves Ben 10, Top gear and Tom and Jerry at the moment, he called his 2 fish Tom and Jerry. His other 'pet' is Spotty dog, his favourite cuddly dog that he takes to bed with him. He loves cheese, chocolate and apple juice. He has loved trains since he was a baby, he loves to play Mariokart on the Wii and enjoys going to Beavers. He is a wonderful big brother and much to mine and my husbands disappointment loves his brother 'a bit more' than he does us.

The littlest loves The night Garden, dancing and getting into trouble!! He loves his big brother, eating olives and tomatoes, likes to squint when having his photo taken and enjoys giving cuddles.

A photo of my eldest taken 3 years ago when he was at pre-school playing with the trains, that the ladies used to get out just for him.

I love Humphreys corner

Tom and Jerry

My eldest loves to write and draw, he even has his own diary (his own idea)

The littlest has his own spotty dog, with a cap and scarf knitted by his great Nan.

The littlest loves dancing with Po.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My first award!!

I have recieved my first award from LittleGem thank you so much, i am very happy.
"The authors say that blogs who receive this award are exceedingly charming. This blog invests in proximity in space, time and relationships. These kind bloggers aim to find and be new friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandisement. Our hope is that when ribbons of these awards are cut, even more friendships will be propagated. Please give your kind attention to these writers."

I have to pass this award onto 8 others. But because i have only been blogging for 2 weeks i feel i want to pass it on to just 4 lovely ladies:

I know she's just given it to me, but i have to give it back to LittleGem as i love her blog, and she always leaves me nice comments.

My fellow new blogger The crafty trundler who always visits my blog and leaves lovely comments.

Shabby chick who became my first follower and has made me feel most welcome.

And Lou who also has made me feel very welcome to blogging and always 'pops in' and leaves a comment. X

Monday, 26 January 2009

My weekend.......

I had a good weekend, it started off with the hubby going fishing....yes he is mad, it was freezing!! Me and the boys had a pajama morning and ate lots of sweets.

When the hubby came home he went out with my eldest on the bikes, yes i know i should have gone too, but the littlest was napping so i lazed about reading some mags, but managed to get some energy to go out for tapas with my dad and his wife.

Sunday was another lazy morning, my littlest managed to amuse himself, as you can see:

While i wrapped up some pressies, before we went and had tea and cakes with my Grandad and then dinner with my mum.

Hope you all have a lovely week. I should be buying a sewing machine this week, yeh!! i may need some help off you all, as i haven't used one for 10 years, but i'm hoping it will save my fingers........i'm not very good at sewing by hand!! x

Friday, 23 January 2009

At my bedside...

I have had great delight in looking at bloggers bedside cabinets, so here is mine. The cabinets were originally brown wood and belonged to my mother long before i was born, I have had them and 2 chest of drawers for about 8 years. I painted them white to fit in with my bedrooms colour scheme. I still haven't got round to putting handles on the drawers yet, i thought some lovely clear crystal knobs would look pretty, what do you think?
The clock is from a shop in Portabello road and the coaster is from Harrods, it was my first ever purchase for my bedroom in my mum and dads house when i was about 13.

The hat boxes to the side hold lovely keepsakes.
My bedside cabinet can get very messy, i sometimes think i would be better to get drawers, as having a gap means i just throw allsorts of bits in there. It is quite tidy at the moment though.
I always keep magazines i am reading on the floor underneath.

My drawer is always messy and full of bits i don't really use. Every so often (when i can't shut the drawer anymore!) i tidy it out and promise to keep it never happens.
Inside at the moment are glasses cases with no glasses, earplugs, christmas tissues, pens, olbas oil, a plug in bug repellar, notebooks, spare change, boxes, lipbalm, Bach rescue remedy, a pedometer, a guide to venice, a relaxation tape, a srewdriver, an adaptor plug, small ikea frames, padlocks in a little bag and various other bits that i wouldn't have known i had unless i did this post or waited for the next sort out!!!

Under the drawer are bits i use more often, notebooks (i have lots, all over the house. I write down allsorts of facts, places to go, recipies, ideas, websites etc.) My Tinkerbell glasses case that does have my glasses in it. 2 lovely hankies from childhood, a Tinkerbell pencilcase, a Marilyn Monroe notebox, The fabulous mums handbook and a book about dreams.
If you haven't already done so I would love to know whats on/in your bedside cabinets, lots of pictues please!! x

Thursday, 22 January 2009

A lovely day with my boy

Two posts today!

I've had a lovely day with my youngest, even if he did throw food all over Costas. We went and did lots of shopping(I think it's turning into an obsession!) and had lunch, a cake and a hot chocolate, yum!! Below are some of the bits i bought:I have been wanted a sleep mask for ages, but always find them pricy(i should have made one really) but today i found this one for £2 in the sale at Past times. Also from there i bought a lovely Fairies book (below are some pictures), and a fairy story for my niece that i'll keep to give her at Easter. I also got some more picture hole punches.

I loved this top from TKMaxx, i have a thing for slogan or picture tops, that i like to wear with slouchy cardis.

I couldn't resist this ornament for my Mum, she'll love it (her and her 2 grandchildren). I hope it will cheer her up as she's at home with a broken foot at the moment.

I also got some samples from a curtain shop, i'm going to make some lavender hearts with them.

My love of books

I haven't written my favourite books on my profile because there are so many.

I really love books, i have started to get them from the library more now, otherwise they will take over the house!! Some are too lovely though that i want them to keep, so i ask for them at birthdays or christmas and i get some from charity shops, especially novels which i don't find many i can 'get into'. I prefer fact/information books, and cookery books.

The book below is one i haven't started yet but the cover entised me as i love Paris, i found it in a charity shop.

This book is one i bought my husband as he loves toasties, we are using it more now since we bought our George Forman grill.

These are 2 of my best cookery books, i use them alot and they look so lovely.

I loved Bramley Hedge as a child. This one was given to my eldest son by my mum, she got it at a book signing by the author.

Below are some of my favourite books to read the boys, most have been bought second hand. I love we're going on a bear hunt, i really get into that one with actions and voices!

As you know i am a Humphrey's corner fan, the stories and pictures are lovely, we have them all!! This is my youngests favourite.

My eldest loves trains and always has done, so we have lots of stories about them. I love the detail in these pictures.

This is a darling little story, another charity shop find.

I loved Milly Molly Mandy, i remember listening to the stories on tape in the car on long journeys. I bought these last year, i hope the boys will like to hear them.

These stories and the original are just wonderful!

Some of my books now: I love A girl for all seasons, and Forever Lisel.

Some of the ones i'm reading at the moment:Little book of calm, The wonderful weekend book, What would Audrey do?, Confessions of a demented housewife, and Trinny and Susannah the survival guide. Emily Barr Cuban heels is one of my best loved novels as is Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro. I love the pretty mauve flowery cover of House rules by Clare Coulson.

A book i got for christmas was The christmas book by Sheherazade Goldsmith, it has lots of wonderful makes. Kiddiwalks in Essex is great. Happy Housewives by Darla Shine is an uplifting guide about housework and being a parent and wife. The investment books are my husbands, please ignore them!

Also great are Audrey Hepburn an elegant spirit, and How to be lovely the Audrey Hepburn way of life.....I am such a fan.

Let me know your much loved books x