Friday, 17 July 2009

Anxiety ahoy!!

The last few days have really tested out my anxiety problems!
My sons school has (from when i last heard) 6 cases of swine flu. I was livid that the school had decided to let the infants (including my son) go into junior classes to see where they will be next year, when there were 2 children in there who were sent home the same day with suspected, and later confirmed swine flu!!
I decided on Tuesday to take my son out of school for the rest of the last week of term. I was worried about him, but also my youngest being under 2 and myself, having a heart condition.
Then on wednesday, he woke up not being able to move, a sore throat a temperature and headache!! I felt sick!! A doctor over the phone told me to treat him as, yes, as if he has got swine flu and to keep myself and the littlest away from him. How can a parent do that?? i just wanted to cuddle and kiss him better. Later that night his breathing became faster and he complained of a 'hot feeling' in his chest. I rang up again and was told a doctor would be round. A very kind doctor turned up wearing an apron, gloves and mask and thank god, confirmed that my boy has a bad case of tonsilitus and needs antibiotics straight away. I have never been so relieved!! (I never thought i would be saying that i'm relieved my son has tonsilitus!!!!)
I kissed and cuddled him so much.
Today, he is alot better even though still poorly, but my anxiety levels were really tested - the thoughts that were running through my mind were awful, and i was feeling hot and shaky. Luckily i know its just anxiety now, where as last year i thought i was dying!!
I'm still really worried about the swine flu - i've heard that symptoms don't come out until 4-7 days after being in contact with an infected person. I suffer with OCD although it has been under control until now - but while this flu's about, i'm not taking an risks. I am washing our hands constantly!!
Right, enough rambling. Last weekend we went to a Ferrari day, the money goes to support Little Havens hospices. It was great - we paid for my hubby and my eldest to have a ride.
My hubby coming back in a Ferrari

My eldest little boy setting off in a Lamborghini.

What a great way to raise money!!

Enjoy your weekends ladies - i'm off to make my son his fave dinner and cuddle him some more


dottycookie said...

Ah, hope all your fears come to naught! The mum of one of the my elder daughters schoolfriends had swine flu last week - and all the time she was in bed her daughters were at school and going to parties etc. So far they are symptomless, and the doctors think that it's unlikely they'll come down with it now, so hopefully you'll all be OK too.

I'm with you on the handwashing. I have that antiviral hand gel continually in my bag. My poor children won't know what food is meant to taste like without it soon!

bekimarie said...

My friends daughter has it and we had spent time with her, next thing you know Jack got ill. Fortunately just a cold and cough but I had the same scare as you so know how you felt.
It is scary, at first I wasn't too concerned but now more and more people that I know have it, it's all so real.
Glad you're all ok though and it looks like you had a fun day. My OH has been fortunate enough to drive a ferrari around a race track.
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh its such a stressful time where children are involved! ive unfortunately been one of the sufferers of swine flu and it was a particularly horrid time with a hospital visit but i was more worried about my children catching it which luckily they havent although i dont know how not! the doctors were really good although they did say that its past the point of containment now and they are just doing their best to treat it rather than contain it by closing schools etc so im just hoping now school is out i can keep them away from playbarns and the like!!!
the ferrari looks fab my hubby would love that :-)
lesley x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi hun

Oh how scary! I'm glad it's "only" tonsillitis (though I remember having that at 18 and it being horrendous so he must be suffering) and I hope he's better soon. What a stupid risk for the school to take. I keep worrying because my eldest will be at primary school in September and no doubt it will be raging then and she might pass it onto littlie. It's horrible to think they don't want you to go near your kids if they have swine flu, it goes against all mother's instinct :(

Love the ferraris! Mel xxx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Poor you. Yes this swine flu is certainly here and now isnt it. My next doors little boy has had it, it worrys you so much, but what can you do apart from keeping your hands clean etc.And I suppose to try not to let it take over our lives in the intrim. But when the news is full of it not so easy.

Wow my DH would be jealous seeig that car, although he is really obbsessed with Astin Martins! Bless. He does like the taste of the high life.

Hope you all have a good weekend and that your Little boy gets well soon.


Lavender hearts said...

PLease try not to worry too much, I know it must be hard, but swine flu is no different in severity to normal flu (just different strain). The people that have died have had underlying diseases. My advice to keep it at bay is to eat healthily, lots of vitamin c rich things, and get lots of sleep. I hope that helps.

Polka Dot Daze said...

Hi, yes my husbands boss had swine flu. He was at work coughing and vomiting! And no one sent him home, because there was too much to do! I was SO ANGRY! It seems so far no one else picked it up, as this was last week.
I hope your little las recovers quickly :)

Mandy said...

Oh goodness when you know that with your heart condition and a little one in the house (two of the most vulnerable categories) no wonder you were panicking I know I would be as you say thank goodness that he had tonsillitis. Hope he recovers quickly x x x

gingerwine said...

Hope you are all ok nowxx - tonsilutus is awful!
I suffer with it from time to time - its horrid!

sam x

Thecraftytrundler said...

I'm sorry your little one had tonsillitus, but can understand how relieved you were, when you found out it was tonsillitus. Just how were you supposed to keep away from your little son!! Did your doctor expect you to banish him to the garden shed to fend for himself??!!
I used to get tonsillitus regularly when I was little, and I know it is horrible.
Dave & Callum liked the cars lots!!!!

Have a happy, healthy weekend : )

Sharon xx

claire said...

Sorry to hear your little man has been poorly and pleased he is on the mend. I think the figures for swine flu are not as reliable as they would be if the gp's were seeing patients instead of diagnosing over the phone...your little boy being a good example...not that tonsillitus is any better imo - I used to get it quite frequently - once in gran canaria which was definately not fun!!
Try not to worry...easily said I know. I've been unwell this week and its very hard not to let your mind work overtime :)
Take Care xxxxx

smilernpb said...

I know it is easy for me to say, but PLEASE try not to worry too much about the swine flu. You are doing the best thing you possibly can by being on your guard. If you think anyone around you might have it, steer clear and get checked out by the doctors.

Being 39 weeks pregnant, I was told that I am no more at risk from getting it than anyone else, and it is just one of those things. Thankfully, most of the fears are coming to nothing, and providing anything suspicious is checked out straightaway, you and your family should be fine.

Hope your little one feels better soon xx

Primchick said...

Only ever watched Phil & Fern when Off Sick... Won't be the same now, don't know if you saw....? but poor Phil wiped a tear from his eye....

Thecraftytrundler said...

Thanks for that Lissy! I hope you, and your little ones are fine, and ready to have a lovely week!

Sharon xxx