Saturday, 4 February 2012

A day in Cambridge

We took a trip to Cambridge today. It was very very cold. I like how this creative filter on my camera makes the pictures look extra icy and wintery!!

Our Bench - where my hubbie proposed 12 years ago:

I had seen a lovely idea of leaving a book for someone else to enjoy on a couple of posts a few months back. What better place than 'our bench' .

I chose to leave 'The chocolate run'. In a bag with a note that said - To whoever finds this book, please enjoy it as much as i did or pass onto someone else......spreading happiness 1 step at a time.....

When we passed later in the day, it had gone - i hope it made someone smile :)

Look how icy it was:

Swans swim between sheets of ice:

Yes...that is a man in a real bin with a guitar!!!!  Singing 'I wanna be like you' from The jungle book!!

The boys went into the empty outside swimming pool to skid on the ice, before heading home:


Todays Lovely things:

1) Vegan bakewell tart.
2) My youngest son saying his favourite part of the day was the Jackflaps!! (flapjacks)
and ice sliding.
3) The feeling of happiness i got from leaving the book on the bench, hoping it will spread a little joy.


Annie said...

These photos are beautiful, I love the robin pictures especially. The idea of leaving a book on your bench is lovely. A few years ago I found a copy of Captain Corelli's Mandolin on a wooden footbridge in a country park. It had a sticker inside with a number so it could be tracked through It's a great idea.
Ann x

B............... said...

I often wonder if someone ever picked up my book and took it home xxx

Saphy said...

those pictures are beautiful, so calm and wintry. The robin is adorable, as is the idea of leaving a book. Cambridge is on my list of places to go. The icicles on the stream are so lovely.

Grateful4Crochet said...

These photos are amazingly beautiful, make me shiver looking at them, which is a feat given that I will be going swimming later today :)
love the bench where your husband proposed, love the man in the bin singing!!!! love the leaving books for more random happiness

Florence and Mary said...

What fantastic photos from your day!

I love the idea of leaving a book for someone on the bench. I always leave my magazines and books on the train so that another commuter can enjoy them.

Victoria xx

Gem said...

Looks like you had a great day. I love the idea of leaving a book for someone, I have left a few now after seeing it first in B's Rambling of an everyday mummy's blog x x x x

VintageVicki said...

I love Cambridge - its somewhere to visit all year round as there's always something to see. Love the busker in the bin :)

Linda said...

"Jackflaps", how wonderful.

Fantastic pictures as well. Looks as if you had a lovely day.

Kaylovesvintage said...

looks cold and I guess you had a wonderful day.

Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Such a lovely post and beautiful photographs...How lovely too to leave a book on your special bench...
Hope you have a lovely Sunday!
Susan x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Looks like you have a wonderful day and your photos are gorgeous, especially love the robin ones :-) I love that book on bench idea too - fantastic x

Amanda said...

I loved seeing your family sitting on your bench, so lovely.

Jewel said...

Looks like a beautiful day! I love cambridge, and it must be extra special for you! I am inspired to also leave a book on a bench for someone!

Oh and your robin pictures are amazing! xx

♥ Miss Tea said...

all of your photos are beautifully captured! how sweet of you to leave a book on the bench, it's a lovely idea! the robbin bird is just too adorable! and i'm in love with those vintage bikes!

x susan

Crafted by Carly said...

Stunning photos! And I love the idea of leaving little book pressies around for strangers!!! :-)