Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The delicious Miss Dahl

I have become completely obsessed with Sophie Dahl.
I have to admit i was never a fan of her, only seeing her in pictures pouting away, i found her rather irritatingly beautiful and couldn't work out if i would like her or not.
But since seeing her cooking programme i am completely in love with her. She is adorable.

I now want to make her recipes and buy her book.

I hope she'll make another series and bring out a new book.

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(Pictures found using google image search)

A little giveaway and weightloss Wednesday

Ok, so i said i'd have a giveaway when i reached 150 followers.
As i've passed 140 i thought i'd have a small one before the main one.

If you'd like to enter please leave a comment. (you don't have to be a follower to enter this mini giveaway)
And to make it a bit more interesting i'd like to know one of your daily pleasures (carrying on from my 101 daily pleasures post)

Your prize will be a copy of  Mays Period Living Magazine and something else too i'm sure.
I'll pick a random winner on  Easter Sunday.

Weightloss Wednesday:

I haven't taken part for a while as i've been eating like a pig not eating very well and been sitting on my arse watching tele far to0 busy to excersice.

This week, i'll be starting catch up with me next week and slap my wrist please be nice to me if i don't do well.


Monday, 29 March 2010

Notebook Monday

Todays Notebook Monday is a dedication to Elspeth Thompson who sadly died on 25th March.

Today i take my 'likes, wants, things to do' from her wonderful weekend book.

-Take up photography:
Take one picture of yourself - or your child, or partner - every day, week or month for a year.....

-Compile a recipe book/box:
'One of the objects i'd rescue from our house if it caught fire is the recipe book i've kept since my teenage years'.....

-Visit Kettles Yard Cambridge: One of the most inspiring and beautiful places in the world....

-Hear the dawn chorus:
Around the end of April set the alarm early - around 4.30am. if you can bear it, wrap up warm and head for your local woods. Sit - or lie - down and listen; it's a simple as that....

-Visit a garden - or open your own....

-Catch Rainbows:
Make the most of the summer sunshine by hanging crystals on fishing wire at the windows to catch the light and send it dancing in rainbows round the room....

I can really recommend this lovely is one of my much so it was one of the few i selected to put on the new shelves in the lounge as i read it so much. It has notes in the margins and turned down pages....i love it.

My thoughts go out to her family


(Words from Elspeth Thompson: The wonderful weekend book and LissyLou)
(Pictures from Weheartit and Amazon)

Friday, 26 March 2010

101 small daily pleasures

I saw this on here. It made me smile, so i decided to write my own list....once i started....i couldn't there will be more 'lovely things' to come.

1.A large mug of hot chocolate
2.Taking a nap with my smallest boy
3.Lie ins
4.Flicking through a new magazine
5.Flowers on the kitchen windowsill
6.Recieving a gift through the post
7.Watching a movie in my pj's
8.Looking through old photo albums
9.The achievement of making something
10.The sound of lawnmowers in the distance on a sunny day

11.Picking up my sons from school
12.Fresh clean bedding
13.The moment my husband comes home from work
14.Sitting down with a Disaronno over ice after a long tough day
15.Tea and biscuits
16.Discovering i can fit into a pair of too tight jeans
17. Listening to Jack Johnson in the car
18.Peanut butter and jam on toast
19.Lighting some candles
20.Switching the fairy lights on

21.Taking my heels off after a long night
22.Recieving a nice text message
23.Recieving letters and cards
24.Reading through blogs
25.Someone saying they love me
26.Blue skys and fluffy white clouds
27.New white towels
28.Finding a great bargain at a charity shop
29.A visit to a carboot sale....just me
30.A evening at my favourite restaurant

31.Reading a book before bed
33.Turning over your pillow to find the cool side
34.Love notes
35.A trip to the cinema
36.A traffic free journey
37.Buying a new notebook
38.The breeze through a window
39.The smell of spring air
40.A pedicure

41.An old couple in love
42.Watching Lambs
43.Finding a cake that is egg free
44.Pajama days
45.A takeaway when you really can't be bothered to cook
46.Breakfast by the sea
47.A successful shopping trip
48.Stroking and kissing my sons cheeks
49.First flowers of spring
50.Listening to your favourite songs

53.Knowing God has listened
54.Knowing when i have done something good for the world
56.Someone returning your smile in the street
57.Going for a picnic, even if its raining (in the car)
58.Spritzing my favourite perfume
59.Putting on some blusher and feeling so much better
60.Cold chocolate from the fridge

61.Discovering a lovely childrens book in a second hand store
62.Walking round a bookstore
63.Wandering around an aniques market/shop
64.Watching Autumn leaves fall
65.Reading any Audrey Hepburn book
66.Cutting out favourite pictures from magazines for a collage
67.Seeing a rainbow
68.Freshly painted nails
69.The end result of sorting out a drawer/cupboard
70.Finding the perfect fitting outfit

71.A new teatowel
72.Buffet dinners
73.Spotting a robin
74.A veggie roast dinner
75.When the music starts up at the beginning of a theatre show
76.Driving through the countryside
77.Time by myself
78.Watching a sunset
79.Hearing my boys singing
80.New stationary

81.Daisies growing in the grass
82.Riding a carousel
83.The crack of ice on the grass when you stand on it
84.Watching favourite programmes on T.V
85.My Dualit toaster
86.Tucking the boys into bed
87.Listening to Chris Moyles/Fearne Cotton and Sara Cox on Radio 1
89.My fluffy white dressing gown from Per Una at Marks and Spencer

90.Cosy Pj bottoms to wear around the house
91.Butter dishes
92.Tin or glass containers to store just about anything!
93.My comfy Sketchers
95.Looking through boxes of buttons and ribbons
96.Body Shops Vit E Lipbalm
97.Finding a parking space
98.Wooden cutting boards
99.The colour white

100.Remembering all the lovely things in your life
101.Knowing you are unique

Why not write out your own list on pretty paper and stick it somewhere you'll see it everyday

(All pictures from Weheartit)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

A catch up

This post is a catch up of the last couple of weeks.
All the pictures are from my mobile, as my camera is broke :(
I feel lost without it!!

I had a nice Mothers Day....although my hubby was suffering from a sickness bug, and the 2 little boys were recovering from the one they'd had. So i didn't get my requested lay in with breakfast and mags...but i'm still owed it ;)

I went to the special Mothers Day Church parade with my eldest....he gave me some daffs (don't you just love this time of year? Daffs everywhere? hmmm lovely!)

I got some lovely flowers too, and a pamper day for me and my best friend.
We also went out for a lovely meal with our Mums, except my poor husband couldn't really eat and sat there feeling ill, bless him and the youngest boy was covered in a rash from a virus he'd had!!

I did get to read some magazines in bed that night and the following few days:

I wanted to show you this lovely card i recieved from Kazzy from A mermaids Purse. Thank you, you are so talented. I went to see Alice in Wonderland on the weekend.....glad i saw it, but i wasn't enthralled or anything. It was cleverly done though and Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were fantastic.
 I was also given some lovely crafty bits from my Mums friend:

We have watched a couple of DVDs this month......An Education was not what i thought it would be at all!!! Has anyone else seen it?? I expected it to be a really lovely romance with lots of Paris in it.
Couples retreat was actually better than i thought it would raised a good few chuckles!

Mmmmmm, there has been quite alot of homecooking of late in our house hold:
yummy lasagne....made with mushrooms, spinach and red onion.

And Fab Footballs taken from a big cook little cook recipe that the little boys decided they wanted to make:
They really enjoyed them (you can get the recipe from the cbeebies website)

On Friday i picked up my new car!!!! yay!! i love's filthy at the moment as me and the hubby took it down to Brighton for the weekend.

We visited the Eco veggie fair....where we sampled and bought lots of lovely treats including this very pretty and yummy vegan chocolate muffin:
We ate in one of my favourite restaurants...Food for friends..where i had a to die for chocolate torte!! so yummy..i need to find the recipe.

I made a few little purchases....the Ck carrier bag holder that i have lusted over for ages....yay!! no more messy bags stuffed down the side of the cupboards!
A pretty Miffy Magnet.....i chose a Daisy dress as it's my favourite flower:
And a flowery bag from Primark, that i'm going to use for storage in........ hopefully, very nearly completed work room/spare room!!!!!

Here is the before (after i had almost emptied it)
You can't see that well from the pics....but horrible fluffy dark red carpet, very thicked papered walls painted in a horrible light pink and lovely (Ahem) yellowy wood doors.

My lovely Brother in Law and his partner have spent the last 2 days striping (The walls that is) and painting.
Now i'm waiting for the carpet and i can start refilling it with this lot:

Yes...the dining room is now home to crafts, folders, junk and furniture, (which you can't see)

So excited about the room being completed....i'll be able to get making!!!!!

Next week i'll be back with Notebook Monday and Weightloss Wednesday and hopefully a new camera soon!!

And i've decided to have a giveaway when i reach 150 followers to thank you'll have to follow to enter this one though!!


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I'm still here...

Hello Ladies,

Just calling in to say hi!!

I've had a busy time of late, and i wanted to keep my 'For sale post' on for a while.
(By the way, Helen, if you are still interested in one of the bundles, can you send me a message with your email, i won't publish it, i haven't been able to get in contact with you)

I am sending off the cheque for £370!!!! at the end of the get in quick if theres anything you want...
although i will still have the bits on sale and will send a further cheque off to the BHF when everything is sold.

I'll do a catch up post in the next couple of days.
Take care Lovelies


Monday, 15 March 2010

Items for sale

Just a reminder.
Click here if you want to look at what i have left from the red heart day sale.

 This item: A red hanging heart, a gorgeous Heart hairband and red rose hair clip, plus a heart bookmark.
heart is 3.5in x 3in

Monday, 8 March 2010

For sale: All money goes to The British Heart Foundation

Carrying on from the money i raised on red heart day (I'm now up to almost £350 and i'd like to be able to send the final cheque off to them soon) I have now put my final products made by wonderful crafty ladies on this post.

I will pay P&P.
And i'll accept cash, cheque or postal order.
All these items are selling at low prices for quick sale, so please dig deep.
Have a think if there are any occasions coming up or maybe you would just like to buy a little treat for a friend, loved one or yourself...knowing that the money will be going to a great cause.

All measurements are in inches and are measured at widest points. (I have not included measurements of bag handles)

If there are any individual pieces that you would like out of the bundles, just let me know and i'm sure we can work something out.

-Item 1:
Red flowery hanging heart. 
4.5 x 4

-Item 2
Fun and cosy heart hat.
9.5 x 8

-Item 3
Large needlebook.
7 x 4.5

-Item 4 item now sold
Flowery felt hanging heart.
5 x 4.5

-Item 5 (Now sold)
Flowery/stripe hanging heart.
5 x 5

-Item 6
Hanging star.
4.5 x 4.5

-Item 7
Bundle of:
Red hanging heart 3.5 x 3.5, Two Anniversary cards and heart keyring.

-Item 8(now sold)
Bundle of:
Gorgeous heart brooch 2.5 x 2.5, Two silk painted blank cards, bookmark and heart keyring.

-Item 9
Bundle of:
Hanging star 4 x 4, Blue heart brooch, Jammie dodgers (i think these would be good used as coasters or 'play' biscuits), Two congratulations cards, selection of stickers for crafting.

 -Item 10 (chocs, pincushion and card now sold from this batch)
Other items now available for £5.50.
Bundle of:
Hanging heart  (Gingerbread man)7 x 4, Heart chocolates, silk painted blank card, button badge, Pin/ or hanging sewing cushion, reversible headband.

-Item 11 item now sold
Bundle of:
Pin cushion 4 x 3, card, small hanging heart, two pairs of earrings and a fabric flowery brooch.

-Item 12
Bundle of:
Anniversary card, selection of craft stickers (man and lady dancing), bookmark, heart candle and chocolates, A gisella Graham welcome heart, 2 beautiful hearts on tags.

-Item 13 item now sold
Bundle of:
Bag 10 x 8, hanging heart, heart brooch, owl brooch, two heart hairclips and bookmark.

-Item 14
Bundle of:
Bag 7.5 x 7, minnie mouse ears, hanging heart, heart brooch, bookmark, and heart hairclip.

-Item 15
Bundle of:
Bag 16 x 15, Thread pouch with gift tag 6 x 4.5, selection of cards, pair of earrings, gingham heart, special friend card, hanging bird with heart, pin/or hanging sewing cushion, and heart candle.

-Item 16
(apologies for the lighting on these last to photos, my cameras breaking!!)

Bundle of:
Teacosy: 12 x 8, pin cushion, bookmark, pair of earrings and a heart candle.

-Item 17
Bundle of:
Hanging Heart 3 x 4, Make your own heart, pin cushion,  a special friend card and a blank fabric card.
 -Item 18
A red hanging heart, a gorgeous Heart hairband and red rose hair clip, plus a heart bookmark.
heart is 3.5in x 3in

Message me if you would like anything