Friday, 17 February 2012

Whats been going on?

February photo challenge - phone: Isn't it gorgeous??!!

My third box (out of six) chocolates arrived - gosh they are yummy and oh so gorgeous!!!

Stuffing myself silly with the last of the chocolate brownie:

Having lunch at a pretty cafe:

I have become a little addicted to instagram - although it doesn't seem to be working for me today :(
Hence, why the below photo is not an instagram pic:

Photo challenge - time:


Todays lovely things:

1)Watching Dolphin tale with the boys - lovely!
2) Ordering Dottie Angels gorgeous book.
3) Catching up on blogs.


Madison said...

You've made my tummy rumble. The chocs look delicious. I fancy this instagram thingie. The photos look fabulous. I must look into getting it.

Madison xxx

♥ Miss Tea said...

Gorgeous Phone! i totally in love! ohh those choc make me drool! the brownie looks yummy and ur lunch looks delicious (gotta remind myself that im on a diet) hehe lovely photos of the clock.

x susan