Monday, 31 January 2011

I am going to be having a crafty giveaway at Poppy and Daisy once i reach 200 followers on my Facebook page!!!!

Also i am going to be setting up my own website, but in the meantime you can also find me selling on Folksy.



My word for this year is ENERGY!! I need much more of it!! ;)

I have been doing well actually, i have been working out and it has definately given me more energy.

Do you want to see what i have been using??

They are fab. The only workout DVD's i have ever stuck too!! There are five 10 minute workouts on each dvd.
Everyone can find 10mins to work out.
I have been doing them about 3 times a week.
Because Amazon are selling them for such low prices i have bought 5 of the dvds - thats 25 different workouts!!! meaning its hard to get bored because your not doing the same routine again and again!!!

Have fun and let me know if you try them out


Thursday, 27 January 2011

My Loves

I can't remember exactly where - but i read once a passage that said to write down everything you love - right then, without even thinking too much - so i did, and once i did i couldn't stop!!!

Here is that list i wrote: (It does not include my obvious loves such as family/possessions - thats a whole other list!)

1. Treading on icy grass and hearing the crack
2. Cupcakes - egg free of course
3. Layers of sponge cake - i've still to make an egg free Victoria sponge - must get on that!!
4. Tins
5. Bambi
6. Hearts
7. Jam

8. Bows
9. Johnny Depp
10. Pink
11. Ribbon
12. Lace
13. Cake stands
14. Fairy lights
15. Chandeliers
16. Candy canes - for decoration - not to eat
17. Pink roses
18. Pretty matchboxes

19. Acorns
20. Old suitcases
21. Amy Adams

22. Leap Year - film
23. Amanda Seyfried
24. White
25. White bed steads/ head boards
26. Minnie mouse
27. Button badges
28. Hundreds of balloons being let go
29. Letters
30. Autumn
31. Spring
32. Deer/ fawns
33. Elephants
34. Monkeys
35. Smarties
36. Cherries
37. Jars
38. Crochet - i really want to learn
39. Knitted bunnies
40. Alice in Wonderland
41. Diamonds
42. Silver necklaces
43. Mini pegs
44. Unicorns
45. Daisies
46. Paper lanterns
47. Swings
48. Lavender
49. Strawberries
50. Kinders bars/eggs
51. Tiffanys - New York store

52. Blackboard and chalk
53. Bubbles
54. Rainbows
55. Brunch
56. Cooked vegetarian breakfast
57. Cute puppies

58. Cadbury Flakes
59. Hot chocolate with cream
60. Notebooks
61. Pencils
62. Chocolat - film
63. Sash windows
64. Sunset
65. Forget me nots
66. Fields and meadows
67. Kindness
68. Roman Holiday
69. Smiles
70. Table cloths
71. White trellis
72. Trays
73. Milk jugs
74. Icing sugar
75. Cinderella
76. Bunting
77. Polka dots
78. Chinese style umbrellas
79. Doilies
80. Dancing
81. Brooches
82. Mary Jane style shoes
83. Old fashioned phones
84. Starbucks
85. Mittens
86. Cottages
87. Bicycle baskets
88. Mug cosies - i still need to get one - i'd love a cream one.
89. Cream tea
90. Cute purses

91. Floral pegs
92. Castles
93. Fairies
94. Red telephone boxes
95. Carousels
96. Picnics
97. Dandelion clocks
98. Audrey Hepburn
99. Baskets
100. VW Camper vans
101. Blue skys and beautiful white fluffy clouds
102. Crystals
103. Baby feet

104. Tinkerbell
105. Red doors on lovely houses
106. Mallory Towers books
107. Blue eyes
108. Cinnamon
109. Churros
110. 1950's cars
111. Horses in fields
112. Vespas

113. Oreo milkshakes
114. Glitter
115. lovely old typewriters
116. Paris
117. Tea towels
118. Postcards
119. Ballet pumps
120. Autumn leaves
121. Blossom
122. Shortbread
123. Flower fairies

124. Holding hands
125. Peonies
126. Nostalgia
127. Pillows/cushions
128. Rubbers/erasers
129. 1 or 2 braids in hair

130. Hedgehogs
131. Gates

132. Hearts in the sand

133. Baguettes
134. Baubles
135. Pinnys
136. Packages
137. Mamma Mia - The film

138. The Holiday - film
139. Scrapbooks
140. White tulips
141. Hankies

142. Fabric

So there you go - my list!! I could have gone on even longer. It doesn't even include my big loves, like dolphins (My fave animal) or You've got mail (My fave film). Its just the list i wrote that day.

Why don't you try it and post your list, i'd love to see - remember don't give it too much thought.

There are so many good things in the world!!


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Corners of my home

Some of my very favourite things are in these pictures and lots of them are gifts and buys from lovely bloggers.


Monday, 24 January 2011


Adding a bit of colour to our lives:

Have a wonderful week


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Perfect day

I had the most lovely day on Friday with my darling hubbie.

It was his gift to me for our 7th Anniversary.

We dropped the boys at school and then headed into London.

We stopped for a quick lunch at Cafte Nero - i love their hot choccie.

My man bought me an Anniversary treat in Hatton Garden and then we went to St Pauls. I haven't been since i was little. It is soooo beautiful. We climbed the hundreds of steps to the very top - oh my goodness, i was so puffed out - thank goodness i have a pacemaker to keep my heart ticking - hee hee.

I love the whispering galleries - very sureal.

After, we headed to the Beautiful Fortnum and Mason. We had a little snack in the beautiful Parlour restaurant. (I actually prefer it to the St James Restaurant and the fountain restaurant which i have also been to)

And bought a couple of foodie treats.

In the evening we headed to SAF. I was so excited to see on the special board that they were serving 'Pear Martinis as seen on Kirstie and Phils Perfect Christmas' - They were so so delicious!!!!!

Mmmmm and delicious chocolate fondue for dessert:

It was such a lovely day - thank you my gorgeous man


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Cath K

Here are my wants from the new CK range

I have a 30th Birthday in May peeps
(hint hint)