Thursday, 13 August 2009


I had to do this post straight away!! i know you'd appreciate it. Look what my son has just recieved in the post (not a great photo i'm afraid). Back in December my son won Milkshakes Noddy drawing competition and recieved tons of toys and a visit from Noddy. It also included a limited addition large framed print, but after months of waiting it didn't come. Finally after lots of talks with Milkshake it is here!! i think i'm more excited than he is!! i love it!!
While he was waiting, last week he was given the new noddy remote control plane as a sorry, that isn't in the shops yet. So the wait was worth it.
xx enjoy your weekends xx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Your it!!!

I got this great award from Mummy Boo Bear.
Thank you my dear!!! xxxx

I have to list my five current obsessions and then pass the award on.

1)Long necklaces: Every since i had my 'colours' done i have been buying loads of necklaces in all my colours to brighten up my clothes.

2)Ghost whisperer: my hubby got into it first and now i'm loving it too, plus David Conrad is yummy!!

3)Creamy cocktails and drinks: Like Baileys, Pina coladas and Giraffes silk stocking.

4)Sex and the city: we are rewatching the whole lot, getting ready for our New York trip later this year.

5)Dark chocolate: This is an ongoing obsession, i take a few squares from the fridge at all times of the day.

Now - i will pass this award on to these fab blogs:


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Swaps and buys

I recieved my seaside swap from Bexbuttons yesterday. I'm saving the lovely story for our summer holiday and the jingly whales are in the conservatory/playroom. What a gorgeous little bag filled with buttons!!!! Thank you Bex i love my goodies xx
Here is what i sent:

This is the most creative i have been for a swap so far and really enjoyed it. I made a little beach hut picture, a card, a smelly fish and a beach heart heart, i also got a sea and sand yankee candle, notebook, a lovely little book, some seashell chocs, a icecream biscuit cutter, a beach hut magnet, seaside rock and a collection of shells from the 2 little boys. The boys are getting into these swaps too now!! the eldest even asked me to buy a dolphin emery board that he saw!!(not pictured)

Last week we went to see this in London - what a great show - very fun!!

After, we headed into Covent Garden for a spot of shopping.I picked up these lovely postcards from Paperchase. I love the Belle and Boo one for my littlests room and i'm going to give the other one to a friend. I also got my eldest this birthday card -he loves Roald Dahl. I couldn't resist these love badges for me, they have a great stationary range with these pics on too.

This gorgeous coloured scarf was in the Oasis sale.

I got these from a little beads shop near the seven dials in Covent Garden. I am going to but the teapot in my dollshouse, the butterfly i will wear on a chain and i'm going to make a little I believe Tink bell with the bell.

Had to pop into the CK sale. I got the eldest this Stanley tee and a lovely rubber ring for our holiday.

Look at this gorgeous brochure for jelly pong pong. Love that name!! and such a pretty shop. And got some samples in Kiehls.

I love Urban outfitters-it's great for gifts. My eldest bought the silly drinking straw and i got him the bike plane to keep for his birthday that is coming up in a few weeks.
I got this book for my father in laws birthday - it looks like a giant matchbox - when you slide the book out, it's covered with a picture of matches. I got myself the lovely book a few pics down:

If you can - buy this gorgeous book- love it!!!!


Monday, 3 August 2009

Little tips

Tips i liked from Essentials magazine
-Remove stains with strawberries: to brighten teeth and remove stains, simply cut a strawberry in half and rub the surface along your teeth.
-Have a smoother shave: Use hair conditioner.
-Use icecube trays to store jewellery in your dressing table. The little compartments are great for keeping rings and earrings tidy.
-An over the door hanger makes a great display for beads and necklaces.
-Hang hooks on walls and hang bags and hats on them so you can see at a glance what you have and it looks quite arty too.
-Stop hiccups: Swallow one teaspoon of vinegar.
-Eradicate ink stains on clothes: Spray with hairspray and then wash.

-Make flowers last longer: Put 2 teaspoons of mouthwash in the water if you haven't got any flower food.
-Squeeze the most out of your shampoo: Decant your shampoo into a pump action dispenser, it'll last twice as long.
-Put sheets of newspaper on top of kitchen cupboards and replace occasionally - you'll never get a build up of greasy debris.
-Remove tough stains from crockery by rubbing with lemon rinds.
-Put a timer on your chores: Use a kitchen timer to set time lilits for household tasks so that your left with plenty of 'me' time.
-Vaseline the rim of nailvarnish bottles before you put the lid back on so it won't be so difficult to open next time.
-Spray the end of thread with hairspray to make it stiff and easier to thread a needle.
-Put a fragrant tumble dryer sheet in your vacumn bag so that when vacuming it leaves a nice smell.
-Doily your design: A simple way to decorate a cake is to place a doily on top and sprinkle icing sugar over, a fancy pattern will be left.
-Keep a ceramic tile and a non permanent pen near the phone and use it to write down messages - you can clean it afterwards.
-Build up of gunk on your iron? Just scrub with aluminium foil.