Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn bliss

I love Autumn:

  • Cosy sweaters
  • Plenty of hot choccie and tea
  • blankets and books
  • not so hot that you sweat, not so cold that you freeze
  • choosing which fingerless gloves to wear first
  • thick socks
  • candles
  • colouful leaves
  • conker collecting
  • forest walks
  • cinnamon, especially on fruit crumbles
  • halloween costumes
  • getting the boys in their pj's and taking them down to the seafront to wrap up in blankets with hot chocolate and stories and watch the fireworks in the distance
  • memories of me and the hubbies first meeting, first getting together and getting engaged - all in autumn
  • new pj's
  • thicker dressing gowns
  • warming porridge
  • soup with thick buttered bread

(photos my own or from weheartit)

Monday, 24 September 2012

What i've been up to

  • Finding out that oat milk works in tea. 
  • Sending of a little gift to this lovely lady.
  • Having a sort out of a junk drawer and finding lovely things - plus an old purse with £35 in it!!
  • Buying lots of flowers.
  • Making a card for my mum who had a minor operation.
  • Having date night with my man. Every few months we have nachos on the floor in front of the tele just like we used to do when we first got together at 17.
  • Finally making a granny square that vaguely looks like one!!
  • Making a rather yummy almond and cherry cake.
  • Feeling full of headache and cold - so chilling with tea and watching Enchanted.
  • Pilates and then tea and charity shop browsing with a friend.
  • Heading to the new big Primark at Chelmsford and finding a few lovely bits.
  • Spending vouchers in Ticketty boo in Chelmsford.
  • Lunch with my Mum here.
  • Recieving a gorgeous cushion in the post - first saw it in The simple things magazine.
  • Dinner at our favourite Santa Lucia.
  • Taking my boys to buy new football boots and trainers - They both have massive feet! My eldest is 10 and a size 5 (i've been telling him i may wear his new orange lace trainers :) now he is the same size as me) and my 5 year old already has size 1 feet!!
  • Having dinner with our friends and their gorgeous smiley baby.
  • Using this pattern and finally making some granny squares that i love and can actually do - i am going to make lots to make my first blanket.
  • Loving my little boys new 'Random' tshirt!!
  • Having a lazy sunday morning breakfast.
  • Dinner at Tgi's with my Dad and his wife.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

My simple things

After reading the delightful magazine 'The simple things', it got me thinking about my own favourite simple things.

Here is my list. I'd love to see yours.
(Comment on this post, or blog about it)

  • The cool side of the pillow.
  • A bike ride.
  • Bloomer bread with lots of real butter.
  • A cup of tea in a quiet home once i've dropped the boys at school.
  • Not watching the clock. (I never wear a watch)
  • Pilates
  • Sitting outside with friends and family on a warm evening.
  • Long breakfasts on the weekend.
  • Sitting by the window in my favourite comfy chair with a book or magazine.
  • A long walk somewhere pretty.
  • A candle lit bath.
  • Watching an episode of Friends.
  • Taking photos.
  • Learning a new craft.
  • Baking a cake.
  • Cuddles on the sofa with my boys and hubby watching a film.
  • A wander around a carboot sale/ charity shop/ antique shop by myself.
  • A glass of water after exercise or being in the heat.
  • Finding a nice spot, parking our bottoms on a bench or the grass and watching the world go by.
  • The smell as you pass a fish and chip shop. (Probably better than actually eating them)
  • Feeling the warmth of the sun stream through the window.
  • Leaving jobs until they really need to be done (What's the rush?)
  • A cosy dressing gown in winter (I can highly recommend the extremely soft Per Una ones from M&S)
  • Picking up beautiful coloured autumn leaves, acorns and conkers (Collect tons of conkers and put them all over your house to deter spiders - it really works!! you do need lots though)
  • Discovering beautiful buildings and churches.
  • Lighting a candle and saying a prayer in a church.
  • Popping bubble wrap.
  • Browsing in a book shop or library.
  • Playing pooh sticks.
  • Listening to Jazz.
  • Visiting a farmers Market.


Monday, 17 September 2012

What i've been up to

  • Eating far too many crumpets with butter and drinking tea.
  • Watching the newer version of Footloose and loving it. Didn't think i would as i really hated the new version of Fame.
  • Making and eating warm butterscotch tart and icecream.
  • Meeting up with two lovely Instagram ladies here for a spot of lunch, tea, shopping and crochet.
  • Practising a granny square and messing up - but turning it into a cute little flower brooch instead.
  • Being crafty.
  • Making and sending off a little baby lavender heart to a bloggy friend.
  • Going with my Mum and eldest son to see Starlight Express.
  • Making my first Thai curry.
  • Getting new Mollie Makes buttons through the post (Most of my first lot were broke)
  • Buying Eat, Pray, love - I love that film so much. I find it so inspiring. So i am hoping i will love the book.
  • Eating my favourite Goats cheese, beetroot and caramalised onion pizza whilst watching 24 with the hubbie.
  • Getting back into Pilates from the summer break.
  • Finally finding The simple things magazine.
  • Enjoying the mag with luxury chocolate chip shortbread.
  • Finally starting to get the hang of granny squares (sort of)
  • Changing my plans for the end of the week as little one was ill and at home for two days.
  • Taking on an Instagram challenge of showing my favourite colour. I chose blue.
  • Finding my stash of badges and brooches and realising i don't wear them enough.
  • Being woken up far too early on a saturday for my liking. So snuggling up with a blanket, tea and making nice lists whilst the little one plays on super mario wiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! I cannot say wiiiiiii without exagerating!! ha!!!!!
  • How great and tacky is my pen!? love it - the boat moves up and down. Wish i could find more of these!!!
  • Having a lazy Saturday breakfast.
  • Having a lazy saturday afternoon making cakes and watching films with my youngest whilst hubbie and oldest son went to watch Arsenal v Southampton (My hubbbies first ever game!) so glad he isn't a footie nut!!
  • Heading to Loughton (ergh!!!! full of orange, fake haired bimbos) for a 15 year college reunion.
  • Waking up to find a huge gorgeous pink flower in the garden.
  • Going to church parade - my eldest is now a cub scout sixer.
  • Buying a beautiful cushion and jug in Next.
  • Having the yummiest roast at The Olive grove.
  • Having a Lazy Sunday afternoon watching Harry Potter with the family.