Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A big old catch up

This post is pretty much a catch up of the photos i haven't shown you yet!!!

I smashed a little:

Humphrey and Jack were looking grubby. One of my pet peeves is kids toys that they take to bed etc that are filthy!! Humphrey and Jack go in the wash (even though they say surface washable only). Just put them on the delicate cycle and dry them on the radiator:

 Even though the snow is melting, Mr snowman is still there, he's just got a little flater and fatter:

I laughed when i found Mr Potato head looking out the window yesterday morning. I only noticed him when i arrived home from dropping the boys at school. I got out of the car and there he was (with a tongue on his head):

Flowers from my man:

I want my Smash books to be at hand, so they have made their way onto the main lounge bookshelves:

Between playing in the snow on Sunday. We got a few jobs done. Like, putting up the shadow boxes and other pictures in the boys rooms:

I love old style phones - the hubbie hates them: So i made a compromise. I get to have a lovely phone in the bedroom and he gets his ugly wanderers in the hall, kitchen, and study (more than fair i'd say).
This phone is pretty much for show, as i hate talking on phones!! but when i do use the phone i will be laying on my bed, dialling........this is the best bit about the phone!!!!!!!!, and listening to the wonderful ring!!

The boys have loved the snow - there are wet boots, scarves and gloves drying all over the house!!!

My eldest thought it hilarious when we arrived home to find the Snowman in the back garden (The snowman with the mohican) had lost his eyes and nose, They had fallen in to 'other' places!!!

Another job done - Kitchen hooks - great for mine and the little mans aprons:

I found this pretty hook in a box from our old house. I had never got round to putting it up. Now its in the bathroom for guests to use:


Todays lovely things:

1) Snuggles on the sofa watching a film.
2) My little boys friend coming over - and them playing so nicely.
3) A glass of Baileys.


MelMel said...

OOhhh the shadow boxes are such a success!
Love em!

I always enjoy your blog Lissy....so full of real life and loveliness!



HEJ Lisa

Everything looks lovely especially the shadow boxes and A glass of Baileys...what a perfect end to the day ;-)

Yoga was bliss...I'm not sure about toned, but i'm definitely in the zone lol ! x

Saphy said...

I am with you on the old phone. I love the sound of them and the feel of using them. brings back lovely memories of being a child.

Pink Milk said...

Your shadow boxes are super - what a great idea.

I do love the old style telephones too - how strange to think that they were the norm when I was growing up (I'm a wee bit older than you my friend!). I am officially therefore 'old style'! Yikes!

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LoloDesigns said...

Oh that snowman piccie did make me chuckle! Lolo xx

BuTtOnZ said...

Fabulous photos and a lovely blog entry......as normal! Xxxxxx

Nadine Thomas said...

The photo of Mr Potato head made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing. x

Marina said...

Another lovely post! They always make me smile! I particularly share your views on the phones - i also hate talking on the phone unless i really have to, and always leave hubby to answer it - he came home before Xmas with not one, but TWO ugly horrible-sounding cordless things, with built-in answer phone which he spent hours fiddling around with and recording and re-recording the answer message!! Though like you, my compromise has been a lovely vintage phone very similar to yours upstairs - purely for show, and of course that beautiful ring which always transports me back in time! :) Also i share the pet-hate of the "toy they cannot go to bed without" - my daughter has a little puppy dog named "pup-squirt" who she seriously cannot go to bed without - there is GREAT distress if he goes missing - he is also filthy and i cannot bear to touch him, esp as she has a horrible habbit of leaving him on the dining table...i've been putting off washing him in case i ruin him (she'd never forgive me!) but think i'd better bite the bullet and pop him in the delicate cycle.. x

Mamacymraeg said...

Hiya! Just come across your blog and love the photo a day for 30. I turn 30 in May and due my 2nd baby 2 weeks later, so not sure I'll be up for it, but would love to give it a try! Going to have a little pootle through the rest of your blog! x

Kelly said...

Smiles!!!! I agree with the dirty teddy thing, Sophie has a Bunny (little does she know she has 5!) I wash her in the machine and they dry in no time on the rad! THe house is looking great hunny xx

LissyLou said...

Thank you Mel xx

LissyLou said...

excellent thanks x

LissyLou said...


LissyLou said...

thank you Marina xx

LissyLou said...

its been great actually - i've only forgotten once. Having a mobile with a camera makes it much easier. I am going to put them all into a notebook when i've finished xx