Monday, 13 December 2010

Bye Bye

I just wanted to pop by to let you all know that i am shuting up blog and shop for a few weeks over Christmas to spend quality time with my family. I'm sure i'll pop in to see how you all are from time to time.

I will look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Enjoy your Christmas

Lots of love LissyLou and the 2 little boys.

I'll leave you with some gorgeous Christmas images:


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lovely gifts

Advent swap - up to day 7

Rebecca has already thoroughly spoilt me!! With extra pressies before advent - see here, and these lovely gifts below.

She has clearly looked into what i like.

I completely love stationary - these will be used for Notebook Mondays no doubt:

I have few pieces of these already: so cute!

I love Lily of the Valley - its my birth flower:

A lovely painted heart:

A pretty plate, great for soaps or candles:

A cute Christmas CK egg cosie: update!!! Rebecca has just told me it is actually a mobile phone hat!!!!

And a wibbly wobbly reindeer (I've put him on the shelf above the t.v in the lounge):

Thank you so much, i'm loving this swap!!


Monday, 6 December 2010

Notebook Monday

Best of British

               Bunting, chintz, Union Jack, seaside, ice cream, tea, Liberty, The Royal Family, Wellies, Marks and Sparks knickers, Fish and chips, roses......

What will you add to the list?



12 days of Christmas sale ends on Sunday

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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mine are bigger than yours!!!!!

Check out my icicles!

Theres been a lot of snow here this week, luckily it seems to have stopped now.

Poor Mr Snowman!


Friday, 3 December 2010

Tag, your it!

Here is a gorgeous tag from here

Would you rather:

♥Have an amazing shoe collection or an amazing makeup collection?
Has to be shoes.

♥Be able to sing or be able to dance? Sing.
♥Be stranded on a Desert Island or in the Desert? Desert Island,with my hubbie
♥ Have a Computer or a TV? Compute, i could always watch my fave programmes on it too.
♥Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life? stripes
♥Drink out of a Teacup or a Mug? Teacups are prettier but i love a big mug for hot chocolate.
♥Receive a bunch of Flowers or a box of chocolates? Hmmmm toughy, it really depends on the type of each. My fave flowers over some chocs, but a great good quality box of pralines over some flowers.
 ♥Wear Converse or Stilettos? Probably converse, so much more comfy. But a lovely heal is essential for a glam night out.
 ♥Meet Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson? Johnny Depp :P
 ♥Be a Fairy or a Mermaid? A fairy. i would love to be a fairy!
♥A Coffee or a Cup of Tea? I can't bear coffee, so it would be tea, even though i'm not really a tea drinker.
♥Pink nails or Blue nails? A lovely shade of dark cerise pink
♥Live somewhere sunny or somewhere cold? sunny.
♥Have an amazing house or an amazing car? Amazing house!
♥Be kind or funny? kind
♥Eat Sweets or Cake? Egg free cakes
♥Hold a Tarantula or a Snake? snake
♥Wear a neclace or a ring? Necklace

 Although i wouldn't say no to one of these:

♥Laugh or Smile? smile
♥Wear Pearls or Beads? gorgeous beads, not too big, but on long strands
 ♥Have lots of money or lots of friends? I'd rather have more money than lots of friends. But i'd rather have a few great friends than lots of money.
 ♥Love or be loved? I think both is needed
I tag all of you xx