Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Love you deerly

What i've been up to:

Last week started off with tea and a kitkat for breakfast. Anyone else bite off the ends, suck the tea through like a straw and then eat the wonderfully gooey biscuit?

We finally put a big mirror from Ikea up in the hall. I love it!!
My son came down the next morning and said 'Whoa!! i thought there was another room!'

An instagram lady had visited The Hambledon in Winchester and put up a picture of these cute deers. Well, you know my obsession with deers. So, i couldn't resist and bought these two lovelies online. Talking of deer obsession, i have also bought 4 more deers on ebay from the USA. I hope they arrive safely.

Last week, we attended the funeral of my husbands Nan. We had a family evening together the night before playing cards and toasting her. 

I discovered Maldon high street with my Mum. I have been to Maldon before, but to the park. Never to the High street. Oh my goodness, i loved it!!!
There were so many interesting independant shops and lovely cafes.
I particularly liked a cafe and vintage shop called Truly scrumptious:

The shop upstairs was gorgeous and reasonably priced. I bought a yellow floral teaset, an embroidered tablecloth, a crochet blanket and a pretty picture. I also found an embroidered traycloth in a charity shop.

We went to a lovely Christmas fair in the town hall. I spotted this lovely Mary Poppins necklace that my mum bought me. Very apt, seeing that i love Mary Poppins and my eldest son had been asking me the words to Supercalfragalistic a few nights before.

How great is this tissue box?? I was hating looking at my box of kleenex balsam on the bookshelf so wanted a nice cover. I found this house one on Amazon. The simple things - The pleasure i get from getting a tissue now!!

Sometimes life is hard. We all have hard days. I remedy it with tea, far too many chocolate biscuits and a magazine.

I have a fair few deers now. Someone on Instagram asked me to photo them altogether. Aren't they lovely? They really make me smile. Two of them were my nans and most of the others are second hand from charity shops or ebay. I was very excited when the art editor at Mollie Makes started following me and asked if she could tweet my pic.

Roses outside my window - lovely

Friday night i was going to be heading with the boys and hubbie to a vintage and handmade fair in Dedham. I was planning to get there for about 7ish and then had booked dinner for half 8. I was really excited, getting ready with a cup of tea and waiting for the hubbie to come home.

He arrived early and we set off in the car. Its about a 45 minute drive away. We got stuck in traffic...lots and lots of traffic. After 45 minutes we had only got about 10 minutes from the house. We were stuck on a roundabout and could see exactly the same van at a standstill on the main road we needed to go on. We decided we would never make it in time so we turned round, cancelled our table and ordered a pick up papa johns pizza. I was really dissapointed as i have been to the spring fair and know how wonderful the items for sale are.

My littlest boy was a complete sweetie and said that i could watch Mary Poppins to cheer me up (I had been trying to get the boys to watch it after the eldest asked the words to Supercalafragalistic without much success) The hubbie fell asleep but the boys (even though they wouldn't admit it) were glued to it!!! 

We had a really lovely day on Saturday, here With our good friends and their beautiful daughter who is 9 months old. It was such a pleasure to take part in her first trip to see santa. She is such a lovely happy little girl. It was nice to have baby cuddles.

We arrived home with a few buffet bits from the supermarket and mini chocolates.

Sunday morning brekkie . Mmmmmmm

My Mum and i went to a vintage fair in Brentwood whilst my other half took the boys to the cinema to see Madagascar.

After, we stopped in The slug and lettuce for a very lovely lunch. I loved the decor there. I wonder if all slug and lettuces are as nice?

At the fair i bought a lovely vintage tablecloth for £4, A vintage style brooch and floral earrings for £1 each and some pretty buttons to put onto a plain cardi  for £1.50

In the charity shop after lunch, i found a bambi (yes, i know!) mug for £1 and a vintage angel decoration for 5p.
I also bought a blusher as recommended on instagram.


Have a great week

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What i've been up to

The last couple of weeks:

  • Buying fabric to make a big Granny chic Pouffee
  • Having tea with two IG friends
  • Lovely gifts from the above friends
  • A spot of crochet
  • Shopping and lunch with my Mum
  • Bedtime reading
  • A relaxing candle lit bath
  • A couple of cute buys from Hobbycraft
  • Taking my boys to Costa after school
  • Lovely post
  • Trying a boost dunked in tea as suggested by an IG friend - who by the way now has her own blog.
  • Ideal home mag is my favourite of the Christmas issues this year.
  • I purchased a cute wooden decoration for Christmas
  • Putting out hubbies and boys trousers to dry and i realised i had put them in size order - the simple things :)
  • Making homemade biscuits
  • Taking the boys to the Natural History Museum and the amazing Hollywood Exhibition at the V & A.
  • Heading for dinner and cocktails
  • Cute buys from Dotcomgiftshop
  • The sad news of my Nan in law passing away.
  • Sorting through some of her bits and finding a receipt for the cocktail we inherited last year. It was from the 50's.
  • Eating garlicky brie and bread
  • Having an at home sort out 
  • Cleaning and sorting my dressing table and putting my Nan in laws glass set on it. Behind are the glass pots that belonged to my Nan.
  • Letting the boys stay up with biccies and hot chocolate to watch Children in Need
  • Loving One Directions new song written by Ed Sheeran
  • Having a very unusual weekend of just us and the boys.
  • We had a lovely breakfast and day in Southend - walking on the Pier and seeing santas reindeers.
  • Watching Ice age 4 with popcorn and then spag bol for dinner
  • A bike ride to the park
  • A lovely meal here