Monday, 30 April 2012

The thrill of what you already have

The gorgeous April picture from Mollie Makes calendar:

Floral and Lace:


Todays lovely things:

1) Tea and a jammie dodger.
2) Realising i am a little bendier at Pilates.
3) Playing eye spy with the littlest.


April is almost over! Can you believe it?

Flower- Sunny Yellow tulips to brighten these horrible grey days we have been having:

Something i hate- Coffee, Bleurgh!! hate the taste, hate the smell. The hubbie loves it though and likes to make fresh coffee:

Hair: I have a huge collection of trolls from when i was a kid. My eldest has a couple in his room.

Orange: This wasn't hard. My youngest loves Orange!!! See the smily face? That is now the colour of one whole wall in his bedroom. He wanted every wall and the ceiling painted!!! We let him have one big wall!! It actually looks really nice with his blue accessories. Very bright though!

Something i drew- I don't draw often. My son asked me to draw him some cars for his room. I was doodling on a pad before i set about drawing them. This is what i drew a couple of weeks ago before this photo challenge:

Bottle - its no mystery that i love a glass of Disaronno and ice:

The last thing i bought- Tailors chalk from Liberty:

Vegetable - there are always onions in our house. I add them to most meals i make:

Something i am grateful for - There are lots of big things i am grateful for of course. But a smaller thing would be Friends. I love that show!!!

Looking down - Another rainy day!!!! My next door neighbours front garden is so pretty. I see it evey morning when i open our bedroom curtains.

Black and white - a selection from we heart it:

Somewhere i went - Pilates:

1pm - I was at the most awful kids party!!! Both me and the hubbie were looking at our phones for entertainment!!!. So i was able to take a pic just as it hit 1pm.

Circle - The gorgeous bracelet i was given in the Easter swap:

Please visit my other blog to see what i have been up to the last few days.


Lovely things:

1) My youngest is so pleased with his bright orange wall in his bedroom.
2) Buying cute baby clothes for my friends little baby who came over on Saturday.
3) Picking my eldest up from cub camp and then heading down to the in laws for a Sunday Roast.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

New buys, pizza and a lovely weekend

I had a nice cream tea with a friend at Barleylands and bought myself some gorgeous ribbons....

And this little fellow: I'm not actually going to paint him, i just thought he was so cute.

And these Gorjuss cards toppers:

One of my favourite bloggers has a new blog dedicated to shopping for the home.
I ordered these gorgeous paper tapes straight away!!!

The boys have enjoyed making pizzas this week: A great way of getting them to eat fresh and more veg.

My weekend:

I went with a friend to Tropical wings (The Meerkats are my favourite). We had a lovely day and managed to dodge most of the rain!! I took the boys back home and was greeted by hubbie with this huge bunch of tulips and then met back up with my friend and some others for pizza and chocolate fondue - yum!!!!

Sunday i went up to London with hubbie, boys and my Mum:

The boys went to Hamleys and the ferrari shop while mum and i went to Liberty:

We met up for lunch and treats at Fortnum and Mason - i love that store!!

Best hot chocolate ever - with a little ice cream on the side:

Mum treated us to a visit to Ripleys. The boys loved it!!!

I think i was most impressed with seeing the toot sweet machine from Chitty chitty bang bang. After seeing this and the car whilst on holiday i really must watch the film again.

We stopped for burgers and milkshakes and then headed home. It was really lovely.


Todays lovely things:

1) I got a lovely jumper from here and had a really yummy goats cheese and grilled veg panini for lunch.
3) Watching Reel Steel with my eldest before bed. ' Mum, that was the best film ever!'
3) Waking up to the eldest blaring out 'Get down with the trumpets' and shouting '5 more days till Rizzle Kicks!!!!' (It will be his first proper music concert)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I am in love with:

Here are some of my most recent pin loves:

I like to hang pictures like this and i love the organised papers!!

I love white!!! and i love plain but beautiful things like this way of displaying garlic:

Beautiful bells:

I'd like curtains like this - not sure where:

Well said:

Fab idea:

I completely agree with this. Kids will remember the shouting, the nagging, the time you didn't spend with them.
So don't spend the holidays and weekends sorting you're house out!!! Spend the time with them, let them do fun things with their family! Teach from example. The kids won't remember you're clean perfect house. They will remember the days out, fun mum and dad. Change you're attitude before its too late.

I love sunny yellow and i love picnics:

I favour white calm rooms that can have touches of colour added, I am so in love with this throw:

Mmmm a splash of turquoise!!!

Great kitchen:

The little one and i have been using these different sayings at bedtime:


Too cute:

I hate matching furniture!!! I am looking for a beaten wooden trunk for the seating area in the dining room and i may look for something like this in the lounge:

I store stationary in our many spare mugs. 

I love pinterest for great ideas!!


Todays lovely things:

1) Playing a funny sort of Top Trumps with the youngest (He knows the numbers, but can't read the words)
2) 3 bunches of beautiful tulips dotted around the house from the hubbie.
3) Finally getting some order to the eldests bedroom whilst he was at school