Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Bucket List

After reading Sians blog and her list of things to do before she is 40, i thought i really must do my own list. I have been meaning to write a bucket list (Things i want to do in my life) after watching this amazing film:

So i have started writing a list that i keep in my Wreck this journal.
I will add to it when i think of more things i want to do. I am not a dare devil, so most of my 'things' are to visit places.

My Bucket List:

1) Watch a sunrise.
2) Give an amazing surprise to someone.
3) Write a book.
4) See the Northan lights.
5) Go to Switzerland (In the summer)

6) Throw a midsummers eve party.
7) Renew vows in a religious ceremony.
8) Take salsa lessons.
9) See dolphins in the wild - i have tried this a couple of times but always fail to see them, we did see a porpoise and a minke whale though.
10) Create my dream home - i am in the process of this one.
11) Learn to crochet and knit.

12) Go to Australia  - last year i would have said i wasn't worried about visiting Australia, but now i've decided that its a got to see place!!
13) Go to Austria
14) Jump on the Do, re, me, (The sound of music) steps in Salzburg.
15) Go to the amazing Atlantis hotel in The Bahamas.
16) Eat choclates in Brugge.
17) Have a round trip romantic journey on The orient Express:

18) Tour around Canada.
19) Visit Japan.
20) See The Pyramids.
21) Go to Southern Ireland.
22) See more places in Italy: Lake Garda/Verona/ and Milan (We will be visiting these in the summer)
 23) Go to Sweden.
24) Take the boys to Centre Parks
25) Look for 'our' stars (We all have stars named after us, that can be seen in July)

26) Float in the Dead sea.
27) Go to a drive in movie:
28) See the Taj Mahal.
29) Go to Bali.
30) Go to Hawaii
31) See an Audrey Hepburn exhibition (her clothes etc)
32) I know its completely tacky - but go to Las Vegas and renew our vows in The little white chapel!!

33) Take a photography course.
34) Walk down 'Rodeo Drive Baby' - Pretty woman.
35) Go to a picnic concert.
36) See Shakespeares globe.
37) Walk around Hampton heath.
38) Stay in The Savoy:

39) Buy flowers in Columbia Road market.
40) See Hadrians wall.
41) Have afternoon tea at: Soho secret tearoom/ orangery at Kensington gardens/ La chandelier/ and bake a boo (vegan)
42) See Killer whales in the wild.

43) Make the perfect egg free victoria sponge - working on it.
44) Preform a nice deed to at least 10 strangers.
45) Find a good penpal
46) Go to the blue lagoon in iceland.
47) Go inside a volcano.
48)  Camp at a festival.
49) See the film locations in Mamma Mia:

50) Eat at Petersham nurseries.
51) Have a really messy food fight.
52) See a clairvoyant/medium.
53) Have a bonfire on a beach at night.
54) Visit the walk of fame.
55) Recieve an amazing food hamper.
56) Go to New England in The Fall.

What would be on your list?

And here are a few things i have already done that would have been on my list/ or were amazing:

- Ride an elephant.
- Feed and hold a lamb.
- Go in a submarine.
- Go to Venice and have a moonlit gondola ride.
- Raise money for various charities.
- Find my soul mate.
- Have 2 boys.
- Start a buisness.
- Write a blog.
- Find my dream home (Victorian house - door in middle)
- Visit the vatican and see the Pope.
- Learn to love myself more and truly love life.
- Have afternoon tea at The Ritz and The Savoy.
- Go to New York and see film locations such as -The friends apartment, The seven year itch subway grate, The cosby house, Holly Golightlys building, Carrie Bradshaws building and the best of all - Tiffanys!!!! (and buy a little something whilst there)
- Ice skate in cental park.
- Visit Lapland and cross the Artic circle.
- Go to Disneyworld.
- Have lunch on the Siene.
- Stroke dolphins.
- See Manatee at Homossa river.
- Go on an airboat on the everglades.
- Overcome my fear of dogs.
- See some amazing people in concert. Incuding Green Day, Beyonce, Tinie Tempah, and Julie Andrews.
- Make the perfect no egg carrot cake.
- See a ballet at The Royal Opera house.
- Go to a fantastic Titanic exhibition.
- Ride in a helicopter.
- Go to a truly beautiful beach (white sand and clear water)
- Become a vegetarian.
- Whisper in St Pauls.
- Throw a pot.
- Learn to meditate.
- See an amazing sky of stars (I have never seen anything like the stars we saw one night in Mauritius)
- Go in Buckingham Palace.
- Seen shooting stars/meteor shower.
- Stay at an amazing hotel.
- See an amazing Opera in Venice.


Todays lovely things:

1) My Emma Bridgewater mug arriving.
2) Getting more work for Poppy and Daisy done than i hoped i would today.
3) A night out booked today for me and my man.


MelMel said...

Wow......you have done so many lovely things!

I might join in this whole bucket list thing....when I think of some stuff I'd like to really do.....trouble there are too many things I'd love to do.....where to begin!?


Andi's English Attic said...

Well that's a lot of things on your list and I notice a big percentage is travelling. Best get going!

Not sure what would be on my list. I'd like to visit New England and Japan. I think the rest would be to do with theatre and writing. xx

B............... said...

You have a few on your list that are on mine and you've certainly achieved some wonderful things already.

B xxx

Tinyholder said...

Great list! I've been to LA - I went for work and was lucky to get a day to myself. It wasn't my cup of tea, but it was good fun to walk down Rodeo drive and see all the locations from pretty woman, especially for free! :-)

the tea drinking english rose said...

you have done so much already!!
~this gives me such great inspiration! and your bucket list is amazing, and doesn't need to have 'dare-devil' things on there.

..you have stars named after you all??! that is such a lovely idea! lovely!

oh, i love all those things.
may have to go jott some ideas down for such a list.


Josie-Mary said...

wow.... that's some list!! I love number 14 :)
You have done something great things x

Jewel said...

What an amazing list! Lots to do but some fantastic things to aim for! I think I may have to make my own! xxx

Kelly said...

Some fantastic achievements and inspirational goals!!! I hope that you do everything you want xxxx

♥ Miss Tea said...

so envious that you've done so many things! what a great way to make a a bucket list! i'd love to go to Japan someday! i think i need to start my own bucket list too :)

x susan

Milady said...

Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

Kimberley Atkinson said...

Strolling through your blog - I would love a new penfriend... I am in Auckland, New Zealand.