Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tommorrows the big day!!!

I have been cleaning, buying, setting up, pricing and decorating for:

The big event tommorrow!!!!!

Will show you all in a few days


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Oh Baby!! and Weightloss Wednesday

My husbands work colleague has recently had a little baby girl and yesterday (typical men....short notice)
i was given the task of buying the presents.
Well as a 'My name is LissyLou and i am a shopaholic,' I was more than happy to take a trip into Leigh on of my favourite places to shop and have a good look around for some lovely things.

Above is what i got:
A Greenbaby bib, a hanging wooden heart, a lovely retro print baby vest, a photo album, a gorgeous toy mouse and some chocolates for Mummy and Daddy.
I wrapped them up last night and will be sending them off this morning.

I also treated myself to a new address book (it has replacable sticker labels, such a good idea, i hate messy scribbled out addresses) and some CK labels and stickers. Plus i found this great bag, that folds out really big to put some of the boys toys in.

Now onto Weightloss Wednesday:

I have not weighed myself this week as i know i will have put on more pounds than i started with.
So, i'm starting a fresh from today!!!!!
I'm going to re read my past weightloss Wednesday posts and take on my own advice ;)

Only 2 days until my Red Heart event...eek!!
I have been pricing up etc.
Thanks again for all your help

Monday, 22 February 2010

Notebook Monday

Welcome to Notebook Monday!!

I have had the pleasure of visiting this lovely place, the shop, the tearoom, 100 acre wood....its well worth a visit.

Try penne pasta with asparagus and mushrooms in a sauce made up of garlic, butter and creme fraiche.

-Wonderful treats for a lovely day
Open the windows/plenty of flowers/candles and low dimmed lights/
relaxing music....i like Katie Melua, Jack Johnson and Jazz/ a good book/DVDs like Chocolat or old musicals/
Teapots with cups and saucers/ yummy organic food....cheese and breads, dark chocolate, strawberries and cream. Perfect for getting ready for Spring.

-Chocolate beauty
Don't just eat chocolate.....surround yourself....

Crabtree and Evelyn cocoa butter, nutmeg and cardamom body butter:

Naked cocoa butter revealed body butter:

or Philosophy chocolate chip cookies bath and shower gel

I love this site for childrens toys.
We like sophie the giraffe and the peg doll kits.

-A really yummy sauce to dip potato wedges into
Buy a sweet chilli sauce (we like blue dragon) and mix into a tiny bowl with your fave mayo.

Now onto some things from the week:

I have been enjoying hot chocolate with rasin and cinnamon bread in the kitchen

Whilst unwrapping gorgeous packages

Thank you Mrs B. I love my new pinny.
You can visit Mrs B here and then browse her lovely goodies to buy.

I have also been creating folders to keep my puttery posts and other things from this lady.
You can purchase your own puttery treats from her site.

Have a good week all
I am going to have a busy one preparing for my red hearts for BHF event on Friday!!!!!!!


(some pictures taken from the advertised websites)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

New shelving and weightloss Wednesday

Mmmmm finally after being in my house for nearly 6 years, we are starting to get some of the things done that i have wanted for ages. I now have lovely shelves above the tele in the living room!!

Weightloss Wednesday:
No exercise for me this week (slap my wrist!! hee hee)
And norty me did have the chocchip shortbread and hotchoc at starbucks (see last weightloss post), but i did have a pannini that wasn't cheese based. Did you know that a sandwich, hot drink and dessert at starbucks/costa is about 1000 calories!!! yummy though ;)
So i gained a pound.


Dinners in our household are often healthy but we eat quite large portions. This week i am going to really cut down. 
When we have for example pasta we will have much smaller portions and up the protein and veg instead.
Lately we have been having some very yummy salads:
May i suggest lettuce, tomato and cucumber served with couscous and bean salads with a little onion chutney to sweeten.

For lunch today i had this soup, with money going to BHF

And if shes reading today, i want to say a big Happy birthday to my most special friend (((A)))!!!!



Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My handbag....whats in yours?

I got tagged by Bekimarie to show what is in my handbag:

I am always carrying around two bags, one for me and one for the littlest boy, that has wipes, drinks, toys etc in.
I think my bag will be the most interesting, its actually quite jam packed at the moment compared to normal.

When out with the boys doing mummy things, i favour an over the body bag so that my hands are free...this one is from NewLook.
My keys, fingerless gloves, CK diary, Marilyn Monroe pen, mobile, Tinkerbell purse..and a couple of cards that are inside from my hubbie, tissues, Max factor lipgloss, maybelline blush...i am so pale!!, L'occitane solid perfume and hand cream, Body shop vitamin lipbalm, chewing gum, paracetomol, a little bow that came of my sons chocolate heart lolly from Starbucks, a couple of sainsburys vouchers and a hospital appointment card.

So whats in your bag??


Monday, 15 February 2010

Notebook Monday and new things

This week i have chosen this notebook to take some ideas out of:

My favourite chocolate shop!!
I love these:

This is a lovely place to visit on a sunny day. It has a very traditional feel.
And some lovely little shoppies.
I liked the clean beach with the small traditional fairground rides.
And stop for a knickerbocker glory on the front.

-Kids present ideas:
Stuck what to buy for the kiddies??
Here are some ideas:
-A personalised book with the childs name in the story,
Wooden noahs ark, wooden trike, teddies, artcases, micro flyers, wooden guitar, china teaset, 
charm braclet, scarf, glove and hat set, diary, slippers, wooden train set, stickers, named cutlery, 
paint your own mug and plate set, an apron and cooking set.

Great for some unusual gifts.
I am liking:

-Natural cleaning:
Descale the kettle: 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water, leave for half an hour, boil and then boil again with fresh water.
Freshen up the dishwasher: put half a lemon in and put on the longest wash.

My husband loves this shop, so i guess its a good place to shop for the men. Cool gadgets and stationary.
My boys like the wooden toys too.

I really like the tasty and healthy food and smoothies here.

New things

The lovely anenomes i said i'd show you in their full glory:

My new books from amazon, (still waiting on one)
I got sew darn cute after seeing it on Mary Poppins blog and last week i watched Coco before Chanel, which was just so wonderful that i had to get a book on her. And of course, Audrey is my idol, so i can never have too many books on her:

And new most favourite thing!!!! still so excited about this!!!! My lovely new sideboard to put my dollshouse on and my fabrics in. My lovely hubbie put it up yesterday. I am so in love with it!! and with the gorgeous baskets that i got for a bargain at QS. I'm going to put some fabric behind the glass so i can hide fabrics behind it.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Red hearts for BHF reminder

This is a reminder for the ladies that asked.
I would like your items before the 26th Feb (The day of the event)
The items can be red and /or heart themed in some way.

I have already recieved lots of wonderful items.

Thank you all so much.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Weightloss Wednesday

I haven't done very well since last wednesday. I have eaten badly, drunk too much alcohol and not excercised. 

I've made up since Monday i've had two days of eating pretty well and exercising a little. And managed to lose another pound!!! They do say the first few pounds are the easiest. I may have lost 3 pounds on the scales but i'm not noticing tthe difference in my clothes or self yet.


I don't eat very big lunches unless i eat out.

At home i'm likely to have one hummus and salad sandwich on burgen bread. Or i'll have an innocent veg pot.

When out is when i struggle. If we go to costas or starbucks, i'll normally have a panini (normally cheese based) with a hot chocolate and then some kind of shortbread too.
I do eat out quite alot. 
This week i am going to eliminate one of the hot chocolate or shortbread.

Next week: Dinners.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Notebook Monday

Welcome to the second installment of notebook Monday.
Today i give you:

-Pea Pasta:

We made it this week.
Ingredients: Fusilli pasta/250g peas/2 tbsp olive oil/a little strong vegetable stock/
3 tbsp chopped frsh sage or basil/300g mozzerella cheese/salt and pepper.
-Cook the pasta
- Cook peas for 2-3mins
-Put half the peas in a blender with oil, gradually adding the stock.
-Add the sage or basil to the cooked pasta, the rest of the cooked peas, the pea sauce and some salt and pepper.
-Add the mozzerella and serve with a tomato salad.

It was actually very yummy once you get pass the very green colour!!!

Any website with an interesting name is bound to grab my attention.
This is a good site for presents. I have a mug from here.

-Serve grapes on a cake stand:

How fab is this site!! full of...well...brollies!

Oh how i love this place.
My fave purchases from here are:

-Emily Barr Cuban Heels

One of my favourite books ever!!!

-This lovely little cottage in Scotland caught my eye - maybe one day i'll visit:


Saturday, 6 February 2010

The week....

I am pleased to report that the little one now likes Preschool..yay!!!!
This week he came home with bug inspired biscuits.
I love the simple but affective idea of the ladybird one:


I want to say the biggest thank you to this lovely lady who sent me this for being a winner in her giveaway:
Sharon...this is honestly one of the most wonderful personnal gifts that i have ever recieved.
I absolutely adore it. xx

Some buys this week:

This lovely necklace that i couldn't resist from New Look.
The most beautiful coloured braclet from Dotty Perkins. That also inspired me to buy some lovely anenomes today...i'll show you them once the buds have opened.
A box of choccies from poundland!!! (Bit worried about weightloss wednesday this week...i have not done good!!!)
Some lovely books from Oxfam bookshop.
I really am addicted to books....if i had a bigger house i would love one room to be a library!!!!
I have just ordered 5 books off Amazon tonight...i'll tell you more about them another time.

And lastly this gorgeous bag, that i spotted and my mum bought for me:
(the pic doesn't do it justice...its actually a much deeper blue)

Ta ta for now

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Hi ladies..

I am doing this post to warn you of a hacking device.
It has happened to me (some of you may have not been able to get onto this page the last to days) and ended up crashing my computer.

It appears to be the snowfall effect widget. I put this on a few months ago.
Anyone who also has this, remove it immediately and do a scan on your pc.


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Weightloss Wednesday and an award

Not done too well with weightloss wednesday this week food wise. (Although i have lost another pound. Not sure how i managed that when i've eaten like a horse this week!! But ho hum, i'm not complaining.)
There have been far too many tasty treats round the house (Because of having friends round for dinners) that i have not been able to resist.
However i have exercised  3 times this week....abit on the trusty rowing machine and some games on the Wii. The boxing is fab for your arms!!!
Plus some sit ups.
So not all bad then ;)

This week Breakfasts:

I actually always eat a healthy breakfast and so do the boys.
The eldest favours Porriage oats made with milk, a touch of honey and apple juice and the youngest mainly just eats fruit and occasionally has a piece of Burgen toast with marmite. With water or milk to drink.
Lately i have been having a natural muesli (no added sugars) from Jordans. I have it with rice milk.
Occasionally if i'm not that peckish i will have a glass of Innocent smoothie.

This week i am going to get back to eating my healthy snacks and keep up the exercise.

Next week: Lunches

On to An award:

From lovely Vintage Vicki, Thank you.

The condition of accepting the award is to pass it on to 5 people and to list 5 things I like doing;

In no particular order:
1.Blogging (Love recording my life and love reading yours even more)
2.Eating out (Italian is my favourite)
3.Shopping (Browsing or buying, i don't mind)
4.Crafting (Loving creating things i've never made before)
5.Days out (Picnics, new places, seeing friends etc)

I will pass this award onto these lovely ladies:


Monday, 1 February 2010

Notebook Monday

For years and years i have kept notebooks that i write all sorts of things in, normally from magazines.
Recipes, quotes, makes, buys, websites, places to visit etc.

I had a thought a few days ago....why not start 'Notebook Monday'?
Where everyweek i share with you the things in my notebooks.
Some of the things i have actually done/bought etc, and some i haven't but would like to.

So here is the first notebook that i have randomly picked.
Most of you will guess that it is a lovely Laura Ashley one.

VW Camper Van hire. I love Camper Vans.

They have the most wonderful teatowels and other home items.

-Recipe: Burgers (veggie or meat), melt gorgozola over the top, serve with lettuce, tomatoes and red onion 
in an olive ciabatta roll.....yum!

-Watch The bucket list....i loved this film.

-Lundy island.....i'd love to visit here.

-The adventues of Dotty and Bluebell by Jools Oliver. Set into chapters about the four seasons.
I love this beautiful book. At the start of each season, we read the relevent chapter to the's gorgeous.

-Quote....'A rising tide lifts all boats!

-Sore throats- Manuka honeysuckers lozenges from Waitrose or
I love these, i take them as soon as i feel as sore throat coming on.