Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What i've been up to

  • Sewing costumes
  • Baking tons of cakes for teachers gifts and for my Brother in Laws animal themed fancy dress pub crawl.
  • Finding a one with my hubbies initials.
  • Watching my son in his school play.
  • Loving getting my sons work at the end of the year.
  • Last day of term - can't believe my youngest has done one whole fulltime year at school and is still only 4.
  • Fantastic report from my eldest.
  • Funny report from the youngest 'Needs to learn to sit still, concentrate and listen!!'
  • Playing 'ice hockey'
  • Eating veggie hotdogs.
  • Toasting (but not eating as we are veggies) marshmallows around a camp fire.
  • Dinner here - their cinnamon ice cream is so yummy!!
  • Buying my youngest a teeny tiny pull along suitcase to take to the airport when we go on  our hols soon. Bargain price of about £6!
  • Laughing at my eldest putting toys in his bed so his little brother thinks he is asleep when actually he is downstairs getting some peace in the mornings.
  • Making my brother in Law a funny little gift - 30 lollies because '30 sucks'!!
  • Collecting dollars to put in Bro in laws birthday card to go towards his disney hols. '30' dollars from each of the people that put in.
  • Bro in laws birthday BBQ. Kids loved the bouncy castle!! Some of us adults were gutted we weren't allowed to go on. Its prompted me to hire one for an adult only party!!!!
  • Heading down to a very hot and sunny Brighton for dinner here and rides on the pier.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Home and other things

I love my home!!
I can't believe we have been here a year now, it has gone so quick.
There is so much i want to do to put our stamp on it. But we are doing it gradually as to be honest going out and being with family is more important. Here are some pics from the last few weeks that have been on instagram - follow me at lissylou123

Instagram - pink challenge:

Instagram blue challenge:

Wrapping paper - framed for the dining room:

I got these mints in Brighton - aren't they just soooo cute??!!

Couldn't resist these pj bottoms. Perfect for me - Happy at night, Grumpy in the morning:

This purse has been lying around the house for a few days. My youngest won it in a lucky dip. Its clearly second hand (and the zips broke) but he loves it! I remember having a purse like this as a kid. Did you?

My house was a state after a busy week and heavy weekend - all tidy now though.
I took 4 pairs of shoes just for a weekend away!!!!


Lovely things:

- Making cakes for teachers gifts and for my brother in laws birthday at the weekend - best bit about making cakes? getting to try if they taste good!!
-Paracetamol - easing my headache slightly. I have a banger today!!
- I bought my son a cute little pull along suitcase for our hols - its an early birthday present, i know he's going to love it.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Photo challenge


On my mind - Getting everyone up and dressed to get out of the house:

Cute - friends puppy:

Where i shopped - today i did the food shop at Sainsburys and picked up a basket in the sale and some notebooks for gifts:


On the shelf:

Soft - a little ones skin:

Self portrait - tired eyes:

Busy - making:

Best part of my day - Fajitas and disaronno with my man:

Fun: today i went shopping in Primark - hadn't been shopping in so long. I came away with a few bits including this waffle dressing gown:

On the floor - little one had been entertaining us before school:

Seat - my side of the sofa:


Lunch : i forgot to take a pic of lunch, so here is the cake i had after:

Big: my big chunky knit cardi hanging in the hall:

Favourite colour:


Lovely things:

- Watching my son in his school play
- 250 followers on Instagram
- Lindt dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt dipped in tea - mmmmmmm