Thursday, 29 October 2009

Half term...

This half term hasn't been that busy for us. I planned it that way on purpose as normally thay are packed to the brim. I really wanted some slobby mornings in our pj's and i've had lots of cleaning and sorting to do. (By the way, i love my new duster!! so pretty - from Homebase)

It's a good job not much has been planned as i've had a terrible sore throat the last few days :(

Luckily two wonderful, beautifully packaged parcels have cheered me up.
Thank you Mary... I love this gorgeous heart, it's hanging on the drawers in my bedroom. And thank you for the two lovely postcards too. xx
You can visit Marys lovely shop, Vintage Daisy, here.
Thank you Beckimarie for sending me this gorgeous christmassy heart smelling all lovely a spicy. It's hanging on the dining room door. Everytime i open it and walk past i get a gorgeous whiff!!
Becki also included a lovely scented pink candle - in my fave shade of pink and some lovely notecards. xx
You can visit Beckis lovely shop, Beckimaries, here.

For a while now i have been searching for an old Twinkle annual on ebay. They have either been too pricy or i have lost out on them. In particular this one as it's the one i most remember. I used to get these every year at Christmas from my Nan and Grandad. So this week after visiting the dentist, i walked into a charity shop i have never been to before and spotted it!!!! I actually squealed!!! I inwardly squealed to myself again when i found out it was only 20p!!!!!

I was amazaed at how much of the stories and pics i rememberd.

Aren't they so lovely? If only these types of Annuals were still around, rather than..say..Bratz!!!!


Monday, 26 October 2009

An award and christmas

Happy new week bloggers!!!

The i showed my Cath award from LissyLou.
Firstly i would like to thank all the ladies that joined in with the Show us your Cath Party. What Fun!!!!
I have created the above award for you all, so please take it and show it proudly on your blogs.

Christmas is getting closer!! i feel quite organised already, but this year is going to be quite a simple one for us as theres lots of other stuff on the go.
I saw this mag last week and decided to walk by, but then some of your naughty bloggers showed it in posts, so then i had to go get it didn't i??? ;)

Thera are some great ideas in it. Its certainly one to keep for future reference.
I loved making lanterns as a girl. I'll be making lots this year with the boys.

These are so gorgeous - makes me wish we had a pet!!!

I'll be trying this yummy stuffing!!

An Essentials magazine subscription was given to me on my birthday in May. I have to say it's becoming one of my fave magazines!!! Look at these wonderful christmas goodies:

Very Cath, don't ya think??

This is one of my fave perfumes, so this winter inspired one is definately on my list.

These are so cute - although i love my red one more.

This heart is so cute!!!


Monday, 19 October 2009

Your invited to a party.....Come on in!!!!!

(a Cath inspired party)

Please come in for a hot drink and biscuits. It's chilly outside.

Hang up your coats.......

.....Put down your bags and purses.....

.....My youngest will show you into the lounge - he has dressed up for the occasion.

Meet Stanley.

Feel free to look around.

Can i get you drink?

Come into the kitchen......

......Please sit for a while and lets chat.

Ooooo i must show you my new purchase!! With my new shopping trolley, i'm all ready for the Country Living fair next month.

Now time for something to eat.

Would you like to relax with a book?

The children would love to show you their rooms now.

You may freshen up in the bathroom if you would like......

.....If your chilly a pair of cozy socks may warm you up.

It's getting late, maybe you should stay.....

.....Lay down and dream....

....Tommorrow we will head off out...

...And fly a kite or throw a frisbee.

I have so enjoyed your visit...please come again.