Monday, 30 November 2009

New things

I would like to make you aware of 2 lovely websites:

Liz at makes and sells beautiful items made from swarovski crystals - my pics do not do these pretty pieces justice. I recently bought a beautiful braclet and bookmark, under £30 for the two.

And Sue at the most wonderful looking cakes.
I love her Peppa pig and Fifi ones!!

Next i would like to thank nattyj who was my secret santa in Victoria and kellys fab secret santa swap. What was great is that i had never seen nattys blog before, and i love it!!
Thanks for organising this girls, i sent my parcel off today for one lovely lady - hope you will be surprised soon, whoever you may be??!!!!! :)
A special thank you to Victoria who sent me two lovely Twinkle annuals, thanks honey, i love them


Friday, 27 November 2009

NY purchases

I didn't go to NY for the shopping, so not too much to show:

Above are some gifts i bought the boys. Little bags of chocolates from Dylans candy store. Plane and train decorations from Pottery Barn and a Curious George car from FAO Schwartz for the littlest. I also got the eldest some funky magnets that make weird shapes and pictures.

And i loved this mint tin from Dylans candy store.

More magnets for the fridge from Serendipity 3.

From Anthropology - love that store!! Magnetic shopping list and timer (I keep losing my old one, but this is a magnet!)

Tee from Bloomies!!

2 Tees from Urban outfitters - hmmmmm....London and Paris!!!
Don't get me wrong, we had a fab time in NY, but it certainly wasn't my fave city to visit. My faves are still Paris, Venice and London.

And lastly..............I just had to walk out of the 5th Avenue Tiffanys with a little blue bag.......thank you my lovely hubby.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New York Baby!!!

The hubby and i have recently returned from our first trip to NY.
We stayed at a small boutique hotel on Park Avenue.
On our first night we returned to the hotel to be greeted by champers, huge chocolate dipped strawberries and rose petals on the bed....very romantic!

Here are a few photos of some of the things we did:

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at Peanut butter and Co.

The Cosby house!!

The 'Friends' building.

And 'Carries' apartment (Sex and The City).

Our hotel has a lovely little rooftop area - it would be great in the summer.

We visited Wall street - for the hubbys amusement!!

And took the free boat to Staten Island. Everything including the Statue of Liberty was sooo much smaller than i expected!!

The NY Public Library: Does anyone else recognize this pic from Sex and The City?? Or is it just me, the sad English tourist taking all the tele/film snaps!!!!

Cartier wrapped up in a bow - maybe it should have been a little less tightly wrapped as only serious shoppers were welcome.

I can never pass a Disney store without going in.

Ahhh Tiffanys - such a friendly store!!!!! (Take note Cartier!!!)

We took a ride around Central Park.

Not nearly as many pigeons in Ny as there are in London. Infact these are the only ones we really saw!! Urgh!! i hate the dirty rats with wings!!


My Idol is Audrey Hepburn - so it was a real treat to visit Tiffanys and stand outside Holly Golightlys apartment.

The lovely outside of Terrace on the green.

We really should have skated on the first day - our feet hurt so much by the end of the trip that we found it very difficult to get around this rink.

This was the most gorgeous place (as seen in the film, Serendipity)

Yummy fffrrrozen Hot chocolates (huge!)

My pictures do not do this beautiful cafe justice.

Times Square - on our first night we went to Ellens Stardust diner - it was so much fun. The wait staff sing and they serve fantastic alcoholic milkshakes!!

Toys r us - i really wanted a go, but the wait was over an hour and we were due to leave for the airport.

Oh....and i have to say...i am very proud of myself - i am scared of lifts and heights, but i went up The Empire state building!!!!!!!! (I took CBT last year to help with a few issues - this was one of them) I was terrified, i felt sick, thought i was gonna faint, but i did it and survived to live the tale :)

Next time i will show you my purchases

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Have you bought yours?

For every behatted smoothie sold from Wednesday 4th November, innocent and Sainsbury’s will give 35p to Age Concern and Help the Aged.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Country Living fair

I'm going to start this post with a thank you for Beckimarie who sent me this great Twinkle book after hearing how much i love them. xxxxx

Now on to the fair:
I was all ready Saturday morning with LittleGems brooch and my gorgeous pull along shopping bag.

Me and my Mum arrived, very windswept but excited and headed into the buisness and design centre, Islington.
I have never been before, as we entered we both gave out little squeals of delight!!

It was so so busy, so no photos i'm afraid.

We went and had a drink and cake and i sent a text to Sharon and Ellieweb (from Theshabbychic forum) to come and meet us. We had all worn similar brooches, so i was able to spot them. What lovely ladies - it was a shame we couldn't talk longer, we will have to meet again!!

So, would you like to see what i got??
Of course you would!!

A bag of buttons for £3:

My mum got me this lovely smellie hanging sachet, i wish you had smellivision!! It is fig and .....oh i can't remember but its gorgeous:

This actually came from a shop in Islington that we visited after, it reminds me of the 2 little boys tucked up in bed:

These little friends were so cute, i had to get them. From dotcomgiftshop:

This little thimble fairy will have pride of place above my sewing table when my work room is finished.

I love little pin badges, i pin them on my casual bags. From Made in Hastings:

I subscribed to Country Living magazine and got this lovely stocking free.

The best purchase came at the end of the day. We were walking through Islington and came along some antique market stalls. I instantly spotted this:

Oh my goodness, i am in love!!! I had been searching for a silver mesh Whiting and Davis bag with diamantes for almost a year with no luck. So i was so excited to spot this one. Its going to have its own special hook in my ensuite/dressing room.
I'm a happy lady :)