Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Look what i found while sorting out the loft room:

My old lunch box from Infant school -

 And inside - my rubber collection:

I have ones still in the packets:

Cute ones in cases:

Hhere are some of my favourites:

And some from places i went to:

I'm not sure when i stopped collecting, but i am so glad i kept them. I had some other collections as a child, a badge collection, which i sold (wish i hadn't now), and a china rabbit collection that have been wrapped up in a bag for years, that somehow i have lost, but thankfully i kept a couple of my favourites out on my dresser

I was wondering whether i should start using them or just keep them? What do you think?

What did you collect as a child? Do you still have the collection?



Twinkle Star said...

OMG - that is spooky! I have a rubber collection too lol! I still have them in an old ice cream tub that I covered with pretty paper. Your collection is fab, I would defo just keep them - my kids love looking at them and 'playing' with them x

Lyn said...

Thats great!
I dont remember collecting things as a child, except Pippa Dolls!

MelMel said...

I've just done a thank you post for the choccie drink.....thank you again!

I'm on my way to bed....but saqw that you had updated...

I'd be tempted to get some shadow boxes and stick the rubbers on the back of them......they would make cool pictures in childrens rooms!xxx

Peonies and Pennies said...

Oh lovely, I also have a rubber collection. I've combined it with my sisters and now my daughter is adding to it.

Lydia @ Twelve said...

I still have my tin of crayola crayons, one sniff and I'm back at junior school.....

Love all the rubber - & you lunch box. What a fab thing to look back on. Put in a big jar - then you wont have to dust!


B............... said...

KEEP KEEP KEEP, my mum got rid of all my little collections and I've never forgiven her.
As I said just now it was keyrings for me and soaps, I had some amaing fancy soaps and dolls, every time my Nan travelled she'd bring me back a doll. You know the sort the tacky little collector ones but I loved them, I had shelves in my bedroom full of these dolls and nails all around the shelves holding my keyrings.
Can you remeber the little tiny beanbag type dolls in matchboxes, I collected them for a while too, actually you probably can't you're younger than me.
Oh and postcards too, oh my how many collections?

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

You and I must be about the same age, because I feel like I just looked at my own collection, except mine's US style!! :) My daughter now collects erasers and I gave her my collection to keep in a big candy jar with hers.

Saphy said...

I can smell them (in my mind) had a small collection myself. I love the thorpe park one.

Josie-Mary said...

I used to collect these.... I had a big cigar box that was full. Wonder what happened to them? I use to collect keyrings too :) xx

Florence and Mary said...

I always used to get a rubber from wherever my mum would take us on sightseeing visits! And oh the rubbers in their little cases... I wish I'd kept mine!!

I used to collect Pigs too and until recently believed my collection was in the loft but when I went looking for it all we found were my brothers WWF wrestling figures!!!

Victoria xxx

♥ Miss Tea said...

Oh wow! you have a huge collections of those cuties! love each and everyone of them especially the london bus and the typewriter shapes! what a treasure!

I'm so glad you're going to join the february photo a day challenge, it's gonna be fun taking pics, i know i do! hehe

x susan

Linda said...

What a great thing to find. I collected fans when I was little. Havn't got them now though.

Crafted by Carly said...

I love this post! I even called the Mister over to show him your rubber collection! It's fabulous - and brought back lots of memories! I had a rubber collection too, along with LOADS of other collections (bookmarks, badges, pencils, stickers.....). I didn't keep any of them, but wish I had now. :-)

Annie said...

What a fab collection, they brought back some memories for me. I collected keyrings and used to have them all displayed on a board hanging on hooks my granddad made for me. I haven't got a clue what happened to them all.
Ann x

Homebird said...

I totally had a rubber collection too. It was fab. I used to buy one with pocket money every week. Wow, this brings back many memories.
Sam x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Oh wow, that is fantastic! I had a rubber collection too and your little umbrella one in a box gave me a lovely flash back - thank you x