Saturday, 18 February 2012

Emma bridgewater charity mug

Yesterday when i was writing a bucket list for myself i stumbled upon the blog of Alice Pyne.
Please go and visit Alice Courageous blog and buy this gorgeous mug:

Words from Emma Bridgewater site:

Last year we were really pleased to work with 15 year old Alice Pyne, who contacted us about designing a mug as part of the “bucket list” of wishes she’d drawn up following her diagnosis of terminal cancer. The lovely mug she created featured a beach hut in Torquay where Alice had spent some happy holidays thanks to the help of the charity Torbay Holiday Helpers Network (THHN), along with her Labrador Mabel. £10 from the price of each mug was donated to this charity, and Alice has now set up a charity of her own, Alice’s Escapes, which will do work similar to THHN, providing free, relaxing holidays for seriously ill children. To celebrate this new charity, Alice has designed a sweet new mug, which has the same summery theme to her last mug, and features lots of sunshine and a sailing boat in the Cumbrian Lakes and the mountains. We will continue to donate £10 from the sale of each mug to Alice’s Escapes.

Buy yours here



Pom Pom said...

Oh, how wonderful! I'll pop over.
Praying for Alice.

Pom Pom said...

Hi LL!
Back to tell you that I ordered a mug! Thank you for telling me about Alice.

♥ Miss Tea said...

Cute mug! going to see the link!

thanks for sharing!

x susan

Romi and Bob said...

Alice is ace. she mentioned something on her blog a while ago about other children who are poorly, who you can send little note and gifts to. It is anonymous and I think the idea is that you send something that brightens their day. It is a good idea.
Ta for my blog award lovely. It is nice to be appreciated. xxx