Monday, 29 June 2009

Not quite right

I was going to write a different blog tonight, but something has stopped me.

I feel........strange........Do you know what i mean by that?? Theres just something not quite right. I don't feel sad, but i don't feel happy....i guess i just feel like i want to be quiet?
Last week i had some good news....Some of you will know (from previous posts) that i have a pacemaker for a congenital heart condition. After my youngest was born i suffered more damage to my heart.....infact the whole of last year was awful for me. But i recieved a letter from my cardiologist last week saying that the damage that had been caused is now all fine as the pacemaker and time has made it heal. I wish i had found this out earlier (i was ment to ring up a week after my last ehocardigram to find out the results, but i was so scared it was going to be bad news that i didn't)It took me 6 weeks of worry before i found out. The problem is, that i don't have much faith in doctors - they have got so many things wrong in the past - that i can't help but think, have they got this wrong. I still feel like i'm coming to terms with having a pacemaker for the rest of my life and I am trying desperately to believe them, that this is now ok.

Then last night i came home to find my car had been keyed the whole length!! Why are people so cruel?? It's going to cost us a fortune to fix.

I wish i could share some more things with you on here, but it's abit to 'public' for my liking.

I'll do a happy post tommorrow - after all, that is why i set up my blog in the first place

Hugs to you all xx LissyLou xx

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Tags and bits

I recieved 2 tags last week: First of all Beckimarie has asked me to list 6 unimportant things that I love:

1)Pictures on the walls (how can any house not have pictures? They are not important, but they make a home. I love artwork, black and white pictures and family snaps in my house.
2)Painting pottery. I love it and find it so relaxing. The latest thing i have painted are some spotty coasters.
4)Flowers in the house.

5)Swaps - soooooo enjoying them!!

6)Eating out - we do it alot!

Next i was asked by Little Gem to list 6 things that make me happy.

1)The 2 little boys (oh how they make me so happy!!)
And lets not forget the 'bigboy', my lovely hubby!
3)Blogging - you ladies really do cheer me up, i'm so glad i decided to do this blog.
4)Watching favourite lovely films, like You've got mail or The Holiday.
5)Seeing old couples walking hand in hand.
6)Shopping for bargains!!
(Most people seem to have done these tags, so if anyone hasn't and would like to do so then please except these tags from me. Make sure you let me know if you do it, so i can be nosey!!)
On that note, Let me show you the fab things i got today.
Some Flower fairy books for under £2, A novel for £1, 2 books for my eldest for £1 (yes, i have a book addiction!) and this gorgeous sleeping bag for the little one from H&M

I also go this great photo album and card for my eldest to give to his teacher at the end of term. (She loves Roald Dahl)
So, now to this week. My eldest has had fun making families of these:
We have had some yummy meals taken from this book.
Tommorrow i am making the white chocolate and passionfruit cheesecake - yum!!
If it's yummy enough - it will make it's way into this lovely book - given to me from my boys.

I have been wanting a set of the Malory towers books i read as a child for a while- and i finally got them this week on Ebay - they were packaged well and had this lovely postcard of the area that the lady came from.
I can't get enough of innocent smoothies - just so delicious i have them everyday.
I got these today in H&M - just iron on!! You never know - one of you ladies may get something with one of these on one day!
Also, this week, i've been sorting out.
Some of my projects this week have been to go through all my files and folders and chuck and organize.
I have sorted out my recipes and home folders which have left me with such a great feeling - isn't it just so great, that feeling you get after you chuck out or tidy up things?? or is it just me??!!


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Zippity do dah......!!

My oh my what a wonderful weekend!!
I had a wonderful Garden party to go to with Floss (see previous post) and on Friday night i had a wonderful night with my eldest little boy. My hubby went night fishing (his first time in years), so, my son and i put the little one to bed, got changed into our jimmer jammers, sat on the sofa with a big fluffy blanket and ate pizza and chips whilst watching The fox and the child (beautiful film). We then scoffed down some choccy icecream and took a hot chocolate up to bed. We read stories and it was wonderful!!
On Saturday (somewhere in between the garden party) We went to the Stock summer fair.

And the boys had fun getting soaked in the garden!

Fathers Day was great too. We took 'Daddy' for breakfast at Southend on Sea and went bowling.
We had a great big roast dinner too.
This is my eldest and his Daddy riding their bikes. Well, actually it's Daddy riding the small bike and my son riding Daddys bike!
Now for some lovely bargains!!
I found these to gorgeous books in The factory shop for £1 each!!
And this gorgeous dress that i had seen in Asdas free magazine. So this morning i scooted down there and nabbed one(It only came into the shops yesterday). They didn't have my size, but so many women were grabbing then that i picked one up a size bigger (I'll change it if i can, or alter it if not).
I hate to wear things that others have, and i know i'll probably see this everywhere, but i really loved it. Isn't it so pretty?!


Saturday, 20 June 2009

Garden party

I accepted this lovely invitation from Floss.

The idea is that, on the weekend of 20th-21st June, all the 'guests' who've accepted the invitation do a post on their blog, with lots of lovely garden party images.

Happy Birthday Floss!!

Right what to wear?
This pretty dress i think.

And some gorgeous Joules pumps (abit much??. No, i like colour!)

Now, my inspiration for my garden party comes from my sons drawing.

How to get there??
Cross the fields. Be sure to take a carrot or some mints with you to feed the horses on the way.
Now enter through the gate.

Please, take a seat and make yourselves at home.

Let me poor you a cup of tea.Please take a while to smell the roses.

Scones anyone? Or maybe i can interest you in a cake?
Theres plenty of fresh strawberries that i picked this morning. Mmmmm and cream and sugar. Or maybe you'd prefer chocolate?
Theres plenty to do today:

Swing through the trees,
Fly a kite,


Or just sit, relax and chat with good friends.

Please stay as long as you like, i'm sure there will be a beautiful sunset and if it gets chilly, make your way indoors..........
Thank you for joining Floss and i.

Do come again.

Pictures: my own, or taken from Afternoon tea parties by Susannah Blake,
Home and Gardens magazine, and previous posts.

Friday, 19 June 2009

My week..........

I was lucky enough to recieve these lovely awards from Lolodesigns.
Thank you so much.
I am going to pass them on to these lovely ladies:

Mummy Boo Bear
Mary Poppins

I bought these 2 lovely books from Rubyred. I'm really looking forward to reading them to the boys.
I love these pots, they are quick, easy and healthy.
This one was new and particulary yummy.
My sons homework last weekend included taking a small matchbox and seeing how many separate things you could fit inside. We did very well i think. 76!! Including a stretchy man, a tattoo, dollshouse bits, a coffee granule and a hairband.
I have finally packed away my big fluffy white dressing gown and got out my summer one. I bought this in the winter from TkMaxx. I love it, it's so pretty and i love that the make is called Fairy Dust!
I bought some bargain books from The Book People.
I got to read The book of idle pleasures yesterday while out in the garden with the boys (interupted of course!! When do us mums ever get a break!?!)
I have wanted the idle parent for a few months, i'm looking forward to reading it, i'm sure they'll be bits i disagree with, but it looks an interesting read.
Afternoon tea parties is gorgeous and such a bargain from The book people. Here's some lovely piccies from it:

I picked some flowers from the garden to cheer up the windowsills.

I'm enjoying adding summery salads to my meals. I love mozzerella, tomato and lettuce drizzled with a balsamic glaze.
Popped into Sainsburys this morning before Jo Jingles(where the littlest was a little monkey i have to say!) and spotted these lovely tees.
Right, must get some lunch and then carry on with the housework.
Enjoy your weekends!!