Monday, 28 June 2010

A perfectly wonderful Saturday

I had a lovely day. I took my Mum out for the day (it was her Christmas present 2009)

We set off early and went to a chocolate delight workshop in Kensington. It was fun and messy!!!

We went for lunch and had a little browse around Harrods. We stopped off at the chocolate bar for dessert!!

I had booked to go to the Grace Kelly exhibition. It was wonderful!!

Here are some of the clothes we saw:

This dress from High Society  (above) was gorgeous and so so tiny.

As was this one: i think she must have been at her smallest whilst filming Hig Society.

 This beautiful dress on the left was probably my was gorgeous, this pic doesn't do it justice.

 We even got to see her 'Kelly' bag and the outfit in this photo:

The beautiful book that accompanies the exhibiton:

One dress that i would still love to see of hers has to be her gorgeous wedding dress:

I have been to the V&A museum before but never discovered the gorgeous garden.
It was such a beautiful day, it was full of people dipping their toes in and paddling.


Notebook Monday


-Use Wallpaper or wrapping paper as drawer liners: Much cheaper!!

Pick your jar, sweets, ribbons and a personal message!!!

-Mmmmm afternoon tea here please!!!

-Dr Bronner Magic lavender and coconut lotion.

I took a sample of this to NY with me and it was amazing!! i felt so silky soft. I am going to use all my other moisturisers up first and then find out where i can buy this.

Mmmm i would love to recieve a huge hamper of goodies...F&M would be my hamper of choice, here are some of the goodies that i'd love to find inside:

-The everyday handbook for magical mothers

I love this picnic rug:


Friday, 25 June 2010

Feeling hot, hot, hot!!

I've been really busy this week and last making things for Poppy and Daisy. But now the heat is really getting to me (Yes, i am one of those people who moans when it's too hot or too cold!) I feel lethargic now, and really can't be bothered to do anything, even though i have a ton of jobs to do, i am working at a snails pace.


I have already added some items to the shop. These hearts, pictures and Poppy and Daisy brooches will be going into my shop at the end of July. I have been making them for my first little stall sale, nothing big just at my home for friends, family etc. 
However if you would like anything on this post then please get in contact with me. 
The hearts are filled with lavender and are £3.50, the pictures are £3.00 and come in all different designs and colours and the brooches are £1.00. (All come with a small p&p cost too)


Yesterday was a very dear friend of ours 8th birthday. We went to one of our favourite restaurants to celebrate

I had to show you one of the presents i got her as it is so lovely.

It has a story and beautiful pictures and recipes. It can be purchased here.


Tommorrow i am off to London for a lovely day with my mum. At christmas i got her a chocolate making experience and tommorrow is the day (yum!) We are then off to lunch and taking a visit to the Grace Kelly exhibition......So excited.
I have been re reading this lovely book:

Have a lovely weekend


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New items added to my shop

There are some new items in Poppy and Daisy



Scented Sachets: (Lovely gift idea....2 or 3 tied together with ribbon)



Monday, 21 June 2010

Notebook Monday

-The Amarula sunset cocktail

A generous measure of Amarula, a scoop of vanilla icecream, a handful of strawberries.
Blend together
Serve in a martini glass 
Garnish with a fresh strawberry.

-Yummy spring/summer meals

1) Mix feta with a spicy herb dressing, some garlic and stuffed olives.
Add to a salad of: couscous, diced cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil.

2) Cheesy mash, sausages, watercress and ketchup.

3) Sausage and red peppers in a spicy tomato sauce with olive oil mash.

4) Chicken (or veggie style pieces) with pasta in a tomato, courgette and broad bean sauce, serve with rocket and pumpkin seeds.

5) Stuff a fillet with goats cheese and chives, serve with roast tomatoes and new potatoes.

6) Make a mustard and onion relish - serve hot or cold with sausages or burgers or put into a sausage and rocket sandwich:

2 tbsp oil/ 3 peeled and sliced onions/ 1 crushed garlic clove/ 3 tbsp muscovado sugar/ 4 tbsp red wine vinegar/ 2 tsp wholegrain mustard/ salt and pepper.

Heat oil in frying pan...add onions, garlic cook 1 min. Add sugar, vinegar and mustard...bring to boil and cook for 3 mins...season.

7) Serve chocolate brownie with raspberries and chantilly cream.

-Going on holiday soon?

Heres what to take on a plane:

)Thick socks
) A lightweight soft blanket...a pashmina or shawl is perfect
) Foam ear plugs
) Food Doctor unwind fruit and seed bar
) Bottled water

- Tip

To stop water boiling over in a pan: place a wooden spoon over the pan...simple!


Saturday, 19 June 2010


I've posted lots in the past about the things i love/make me happy. Heres a few more:

Fields of flowers:

The cutest puppies: 

Writing in the sand:

Rows of coloured pens: 

Traditional fair grounds:


Baskets on bicycles:

Carrying a bag in the crook of my arm:

Flowers in the hair:

Johnny Depp:

Swings...if theres a swing around, i'll be on it:

Starbucks: I love all the veggie sandwiches, hot chocolate and the chocolate chunk shortbread:

The sound of a piano:

Dandelions...blowing them..:

Stone steps:

Pretty pinnys:

Sheer curtains:

Letting a ballon go, and making a wish:

Still occasionally smelling my nans chanel No.5 that sits on my dressing table:

Paris in the springtime:

Jewels and gems:

Flower covered walkways and arches:

Beautiful pink flowers:

Mountains surrounded by water:

Babies learning to walk: