Thursday, 23 February 2012

My mug/crafty/Photo challenge

My Alice charity mug arrived yesterday - its so lovely!! I urge you to go and buy one, even if its as a gift for a friend. £10 goes to Alices charity.

A fave photo of me: I love this picture of me and my mum. It was on the wall in my late Nannas house (My Dads mum). I inherited it when she died. I took it out of the horrible frame and plan to reframe it. Isn't the house gorgeous? It belonged to a family member.

Where i work: At the moment i am between the dining room and the lounge. But hopefully i will get round to creating my craft room soon.

mmmm - lavender. I use a small vintage spoon to fill my lavender hearts :)

Mel from Country in the town introduced me to this: Very funny!! I actually think most of us crafters do a combination of all of these. I know i do!!

Todays photo: My shoes (I have so may shoes its ridiculous, especially as i mainly wear my skechers every day!!! Today i was off out for lunch so i wore my flat boots) These are so comfy as they are fur lined inside.


Todays lovely things:

1) Lunch and a girly gossip.
2) Laughing at my youngest dancing to Cher Loyd.
3) Pink bath water!!!


LissyLou said...
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Country Rabbit said...

helloooo lovely x
that mug is wonderful and a great cause...;0)
nothing like lunch and girly gossip- my twinnys over tomorrow and i look forward to that very muchly.
Though on the school run yesterday i was invited to a mummy's night out!
(...almost fainted!)...i dont get many offers like that since moving to devon.
I'm not sure about cher loyd?- i think she's gotta lotta growing up to do! hehe...but let your boy dance away hehe x
Pink bath water...well yessy pleasey! hehe
comfy boots...i have my heeled boots on today- i love that sound walking a long pavements in heels- like listening to a horse on a trot . not that im a horse hehehe...
oh im rambling...i loved the 'what people think i do' and 'what i really do' i did giggle xx

have a happy weekend lovely x

Country Rabbit said...

....p.s do you know i thought that was a dreamy pinterest image with 'you' the little girl with the beautiful white cottage behind- how wonderful...we had a great aunt that owned the vicarage house amongst woodland and a church at the bottom- it reminds me of that when i was little...;0)

Amanda said...

Love the craft 'message'. hardly anyone in 'real' life knows I make bears apart from family, no one gets it. Yes they cost a lot of money but mohair is a minimum £40 a metre and then time, minimum wage? Nope.

Josie-Mary said...

The mug is lovely & what a beautiful photo :) x

♥ Miss Tea said...

I absolutely love the photo of you and your mom outside the gorgeous house! the photo is so dreamy and beautiful! i love love love it!!
i love the mug and your boots looks comfy!

x susan