Thursday, 30 July 2009

Snapping away!!

New things:
Ok, this isn't new, but i really want a lovely dressing table - i've had a little look around but haven't found the perfect one yet. I'd like to buy something secondhand that i can paint white.
At the moment i have an mdf desk made by my dad that has a pretty piece of fabric draped over to hide it.
I love sitting at my dressing table - putting my make up on with my lovely things to look at. I love seeing my boys sitting here too, going through my bits or standing on the chair to look out of the window.
My new dollshouse:

I have placed everything in so that i can see what colour schemes i want for the wallpaper/floors.
I think i'm going to go for dark wood effect floors throughout except for the kitchen which will have slate effect floors.

I went to The Range and picked up some of these jars - this one now holds the boys crayons and i have a new one for spare change (remember my youngest smashed our other one a few weeks ago?)
I love this. I change it with my mood.
My eldest decided to make a rain catcher the other day after seeing one on t.v. He asked if he could use a wooden spoon. I said of course. Next i found he had drawn on it and put hair on it to use it as a measurer!! Now this is no ordinary wooden spoon, this is a bamboo Pampered chef spoon!! He said 'but you said i could use it'. I couldn't really argue, i just said he was lucky that i was in a good mood!
My mum went to Brighton and had her colours done (not the clothes this time but using dates and other info to find out your colour personality) She did me and the hubby too and we both came out as blue which means we are a perfect match (always nice to know!)
New mags that have come through the door. I thought i'd share some lovely pages with you:
I love these cushions and coasters.
Look at this lovely studio.
Essentials mag: had some great tips in it, that i will share with you soon.
I liked this idea for a pretty, thrifty sewing box. Great for a childs first sewing kit, i thought.
I love this door stop for a kids room.
I am gradually building up a rather large teatowel collection! I like this one.
Great deck chair, great price - i may have to get a couple.
New movies i want to see:

Easy Living: Such a pretty room
Isn't this necklace sooo pretty - such a good price for such an ornate piece.
Great idea - i'll do this!!

Have a great weekend ladies. I have a busy one planned.
London tommorrow to see We're going on a bear hunt and then a browse around Covent Garden, Bluewater shopping on Sat and the seaside on Sun (hoping for good weather!)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Peter Pan

It was my Mum's birthday on Sunday. I made her this smelly hanging heart and got her a large baby powder yankie candle (her fave), a poppy flower fairy bookmark, some malteasers and a keyring with the boys pictures. (Can you spy the lovely tag given to me by Lobster and Swan?)

And then her main gift was tickets to see Peter Pan in Kensington gardens. What a fabulous and magical show it was.
Beforehand we went to the Diana Princess of Wales memorial playground which is lovely. We also rode on the carousel.
My new bag came out for its first trip and it didn't disapoint.

We had a great day and finished off with dinner at Giraffe. We toasted the day with a fab cocktail called Silk Stocking - yummy!!!!


Friday, 24 July 2009

Creative space blog party

Today i am taking part in this My creative room isn't very nice - the carpet is old, fluffy, and red and the walls have horrible paper on them painted in a dirty pale pink and theres great big cupboards with yellowy louvre doors. Its the only room in the house that hasn't been touched. But that will hopefully all change in the next few months as we will be starting Project Work Room to make it beautiful.

So today i will show you some things in the room but not the actual room itself.

Please come in. I hope you enjoy!!!!

My room is filled with lovely little bags containing notebooks and collaged folders for bills, ideas, recipies etc.

I have tins and tins of stationary.

And lots of Marilyn pictures.

I have boxes and drawers of cards.

And lovely wrapping papers and gift bags.

I am addicted to notebooks!!

There is plenty of Tinkerbell stationary.

Lovely crafty bits, some given by other lovely bloggers. This gorgeous tag was from Lobster and Swan.

These wonderful buttons are from The world of Twiggypeasticks.

My journals are in this room too.

I keep my boys school letters in this file.

I used to be very interested in Feng Shui, i still follow some of the principles. This is a Feng shui compass.

My horrible louvre doors are covered with photos - it's quite a talking point!!!!

Here is my littlest at a few days old.

And the eldest.

I keep funny or inspirational things on pinboards or hanging above the desk.

Papers are kept in dusty baskets!!

And thousands of photos are waiting to be organised.

I like to keep things that make me smile in this room as i spend a lot of time here. Like this M for Mummy.

I hope you can read this by clicking on the picture: It's what i often do. My hubby found it and gave it to me because it made him chuckle.

More notebooks!!

This bear called Billy was one of the first purchase me and the hubby made for our first home together 10 years ago.

My dusty Money plant - it has got huge over the years (Lucky for us!). But it has just started to drop and the littlest one keeps bashing the leaves off. I really should start looking after it a bit more before our cash flow drops!!!!!

Cards and notepapers.

Crafty drawers:

I love these drawers - they belonged to my mum long before i was born.

Posters to remind us to do our bit for the planet.

Before my kids came along, i used to work with children. I kept this lovely poster.

I keep a selection of bags in here, some are ready to grab if i need a shopping bag, some are filled with toys for when we go to grandparents houses and some have crafty bits that don't fit in the drawers.

I love these file boxes - i'd like to get some more once the room is all decorated.

My lovely sewing machine - that i am now becoming very fond of, since i have had more practise.

My lovely Tiffany bag hangs proudly on the doors.

As does Marilyn.

There, I've tried to put pictures into this post that you haven't seen before. Theres lots of others throughout my blog.

Ihope you have enjoyed my cluttered but homely work room. I hope to show you a lovely, cluttered but organised one in a few months.