Monday, 30 January 2012

Making a little boys room into a big boys room and a beautiful inheritence piece

My eldest little boy (9) is growing up. He know what he likes - football/red/white/black/cars......
It was time to make some changes in his room after having boxes and toys everywhere since me moved in back in June.
He now has a fab desk and shelves all from Ikea:
Yesterday we put up the shelves and his football magnetic board.

 I bought some black boxes to give a nice streamlined look and some red frames to put some photos in.
He still needs a red desk chair, curtains and i have some great car pictures to frame and put on the wall next to this signed Theo Wallcot picture that he recieved at Christmas from his Great Uncle who has some contacts:

 We used some wardrobes from our bedroom in here, but because they were glued to the wall we need to patch them up a little. 
It is surprising how much he has grown up this year. All his little childlike bits are being replaced with grown up things. Although he still has all his cuddlies under his bed and thankfully he still loves to play with real toys and draw- unlike a lot of kids who seem to just have electronic equipment. I love it when he gets out all his cars much more than i do seeing him on his PS3, EVEN IF I DO TREAD ON THEM!!

I love Ikea for their cheapish products - even though they never have all what i want when i go there and it takes forever to put them together. But we chose bits to last. The furniture in his room can be there literally untill he leaves home!!  Goodness, thats a scary thought!!

Take a look at this beauty:

This fab drinks cabinet belonged to my husbands Nan and late Pop. It has been in my in laws house with a cover over it for years. But yesterday we brought it to our house - it is going in our dining room and will be used with the original glasses. I love it!! It also reminds me of a drinks cabinet my nan and Grandad had.
I need to find a bulb to fit - does anyone have any idea where i could get one? it doesnt have any writing on it.

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Country Rabbit said...

twoooooo lovely postings- lucky meeee ;0)x
yes it is bloooming chilly- my heatings on full blast...usually try not to put it on when sophias not here, but today i neeed heat hehe x
school run in an hour and its pouring with rain grrrrrrr....
love your boys room, wow he's nine!!!! you've made it so lovely just right for a boy bet he loves it ;0)
the spare room too looks great can i come and stay hehe x
the drinks cabinet is a great piece- enjoy x

Callies Cottage said...

Your sons room looks great-just what he needs,a well ordered space to call his.You really are 'nesting' at the moment aren't you?Such a positive thing to do at this time of year.
Love the drinks cabinet!Wonderful..
Warm Wishes,

Bohomumma said...

ah, that room looks lovely, bet he must be really pleased. Funny how much they are growing up isn't it - but fortunately mine is like yours, the cuddlies and the toys are still there and still played with, and will be for a while. Photos scare me though - we realised the other day how much older he is looking facially - he's lost the little boy look and his face is really slimming and looking mid-boy now!

The drinks cabinet is fab - one of those pieces that manages to look vintage and ultra modern and sleek at the same time. How lucky to have it!

Kelly said...

The room looks great, we have been changing Sophies around to better suit her now and she is only one!!!

The drinks cabinet is gorgeous love it!

Poppy said...

I remember those days, one min there are toys in their bedrooms and before you know it - it's aftershave. All of it looks fab!

Lou xxx