Saturday, 23 January 2010

Can you help me?

Lovely bloggers, i am asking for your help.

Some of you will know that i have a heart condition that requires me to have a pacemaker.
For a few years now i have helped out different charities by holding events at my home.
This year i am going to take part in Red for Heart to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, a cause very close to my heart (hee hee).

I am going to hold an event at my house for family, friends and school mums/children on that Friday. Everyone who comes must wear red, we will play games, have a raffle and all the food provided will be red.

I had an idea to have a stall where people can buy little crafty bits.....and this is where i need your help if you would be so kind.
I will not have enough time between now and then to make all the things i want, so i was wondering if you would be able to make and send me a little something to put on my stall. Something that people would pay just one up to four pounds for to help raise money.

It would need to be red and/or heart themed.

I was thinking:
Little heart decorations, Scented hearts, heart badges, bookmarks, Birthday cards or anything else you could think of.

A little of your time and the amount of money it costs to send your item to me will really help out.
If you would like to help then please let me know and i will get my details to you.
The item/s would need to reach me before Friday 26th Feb.

Thank you so much



bekimarie said...

No probs hun, can you email me your address again and i'll get something off to you.
Have a good weekend

Beki xxx

p.s have you asked over on the SCC too

made with love said...

I'd love to help out. What a great cause.
Please can you email me your address.
Good luck,
Rachael XX

Sarah said...

Great cause, and yes count me in to make something.

Lyn said...

email me your details and I will pop in a button heart or two!

Thecraftytrundler said...

i have your details Lissy, so will send a few bits with your runner up prize. You will have to allow me a few more days though!
Lovely idea!!

Sharon xx

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo you are making me blub....

As you know my little three year old has Pulmonary Stenosis, had his ballooning when he was three months old and so far so good, he is for now as fit as a fiddle but he wouldn't be if it wasn't for his fantastic consultant cardiologist who diagnosed him and performed the procedure.

I think it goes without saying I am going to be sending you something, I wish I could be there....

Hope you raise loadsa money, can I copy the photograph at the top to put on my sidebar and a link to you please.

Love and special hearty hugs



Tilly Rose said...

Hi hunny....count me in! Let me have your email address and I'll sort out some goodies...
What a lovely idea. I'm sure you'll get loads of help...
hugs Karen x x x

mad about bags said...

i'd love to help and can make a couple of heart themed items not sure what yet but will get my thinking cap on!!!
i will twitter and facebook about it too if that helps!!

TheMadHouse said...

I would love to donate something, please mail me your address. muminthemadhouse at orangehome dot co dot uk

mitmot said...

count me in, but remind me please!!!

Vicki (Beenbags) said...

Hi there, I've just read about your Red for Heart event on Twitter, courtesy of Mad about Bags. My Dad died of a heart attack several years ago so it's one of my fave charities too and I'd love to help you out. I paint mini jute bags and my heart themed one is one of my best sellers. More than happy to pop one in the post to you. Email is
Hope it goes well xx

mopppy said...

Hiya, excellent cause found on Facebook posted by mad about bags. I sew and would love to donate, so what dont you need now?? lol
Channa said...

Hello! Count me in too, I would love to help! I still have your address, so thats good! suzie. xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

I always like to help out the BHF as my Dad had heart disease so would love to help email me your address details will you It is a lovely idea.
twiggy x
PS Why don't we all give it a mention on our blogs, I will !!!

Sam said...

Me too...I can paint something if you would like and frame it?

Let me know

my email is being a bit weird at the mo my other half is on the phone right now!) Failing that message me on my blog!

Sam xx

Sal said...

Hi there!

I will send you something if you email your address!

made with love said...

Hi, I have posted your picture and added a link to your blog on mine. hope this is ok.
Rachael XX

dottycookie said...

Of course I will - drop me an email with details of where to send it.

Lululiz said...

Count me in as well. Just check up on me in a week's time or so to remind me, lolol. Oh, and email me your addy, please.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Count me in Lissylou!

What a great idea and cause, my grandad had his first heart attack when he was in his early 50's so definately a cause worth raising money for.

My e-mail is
If you can e-mail me your address I will send something through to you.


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

I would love to send you something for your event. email/message me your address details & I will star making.
Luv Sophie xxxx

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

PS. I've added a link to your post on my blog. Hope thats ok?
Luv Sophie xxx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Lissy Lou
what a great idea! Yes definitely I will help you out by making something :-)
I don't think my email is available via the blog, but if you send me yours via a comment then I will make a note and get back to you - I won't publish the comment if you want to keep your email address private.
Good luck with this - I'm sure you'll get lots of offers!
Denise x

Josie-Mary said...

Count me in, send me your address & I'll pop it in the post. :)

CraftyHelen said...

I would like to send you something too! Just let me me have your details.xx

Andi's English Attic said...

My mum had a triple bypass eighteen months ago so I am more than eager to help you raise money. However, I'm not fully into this crafting lark yet and my efforts may fall a little short of 'selling' standard. The willingness is there though, so I will email for your address if I manage to make anything I feel worthy of your stall. Good luck. Nice idea. xx

madmummy said...

Count me in too...
x Steph

Rachel said...

I'd be very happy to send you something for such a good cause - I've mislaid your address though so could you let me have it again and I'll pop something in the post.
Rachel x

kirsty said...

I'm in too, just let me have your details. Good luck with it all! Kirsty x

claire said...

Hi Lissy
What a lovely idea..I have your address....leave it with me xxxx

Dianna said...

What a fantastic idea for such an excellent cause. I'd be happy to donate something.

Florence and Mary said...

Hi hun,

I won't be able to make anything at the moment as I'm all tied up with my move but if I send you some money maybe you can be my personal shopper and pick out a little heart of something for me?

Victoria x

All things bright and beautiful... said...

Lovely - count me in!
Leave your deatails as a comment - I promise not to publish them :)

Kissed by an Angel said...

I'll send you something!! I think I still have your address!!

ReeBeeBaby said...

I read this on facebook, I'd love to send a couple of embroidered heart things. If you can send me your address will pop it in the post. BHF is one of my favourite charities too after my nan died early of a heart attack. Rhi xx

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Hi, me and Humphrey would love to help... just let me know your address and we'll sort something out - gladly :-)

Love Charlotte

Gina said...

Hi, I've popped over from Twiggypeasticks. Would love to send you something as my Dad has had a triple bypass so I know what a good cause the BHF is. Good luck with your fund raising day.

Carmen said...

Just found you via Twiggypeasticks. Would you like a heart themed altered duckie? I can get one made and sent off to you next week? Please email me your addy if you would like one or two. Gives me an excuse to replenish my stock of duckies *g*

Mrs B said...

i would love to, too!!! xxx

Hen said...

Dear LissyLou,
I would like to help you/this worthy cause please.
Hen xxx

Michela said...

Hello LissyLou!
Could I have your address and send you a little something, please?
My e-mail is

swedishouse said...


Just discovered your lovely blog via Chez I would love to make something to send to you or failing that my house is filled with 'swedish' hearts that I am sure I'll find something to head your way. Please comment me with your address of where to post or email
me it confidentially if you prefer to OR
Good Luck with your day
Julie x

LoloDesigns said...

Hi I would love to help out, very worthy cause, a few in my family affected by it and 20 year old niece just going through some tests for hers! Email me details and will post out to you. xx

Felted House said...

Hi there, I've just popped over from Lyn's everyday life blog - I'm half way though making you a little something, e-mail me your address at and I'll get it in the post to you! Hope your event goes really well x

Twiglet said...

Hi there Lissylou- check out our blog shop below and email us with your details and we will see what we can do. Hope you raise loads. Jo

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

I would be very happy to send you something nice, send me a messge at or message me at my blog.
we have a few heart problems in the family, I think what you are doing is a lovely idea.

Lousie xx

julietk said...

I was guided here by Whoopidoings If you send me your address I will send you a couple of Heart themed items for your event. My husband has a couple of Heart Health problems and I am happy to support the cause.
regards Juliet.