Friday, 27 January 2012

This weeks organizing efforts

This week i have been busy organizing the house. Here are my efforts so far - come and have a nosey:
Not sure why i keep taking pics on my mobile when i have a lovely new camera - i think its because my mobile has been with me while i've been going around the house - so they are a little bit dark at times.

The dresser in the dining room - i had a chuck out and a general tidy. This is where i keep table cloths, serviettes, vases and candles:

 Two kitchen drawers which were full of EVERYTHING!!. Now have just a few essentials. I want to get a nice hook at the back of the kitchen door to hang up my aprons, for now, they are here:

The boys cupboard - again i had a clear out and a tidy:

My youngest now has a nice new wardrobe - i had a huge clear out of clothes that are old or don't fit. All his clothes are on just one rail now (Children don't need many clothes, especially when they wear a uniform all week and grow out of things so quickly)  The rest of the wardrobe is full of toys.

My eldest now has a nice new desk. I organised his magazines into files, bought a cheap cutlery tray from Ikea for stationary, and had a chuck out of colouring books:

All his pens are in favourite mugs:

I organised my dresser: Can you see behind the pink sign, there are some pictures? I am going to put them under the glass. It will be a nice way to see my favourite pictures/postcards and i can change theM when i get bored. This room will be all white once its decorated so this and wall pictures will bring some colour in:

 Again i used a cutlery tray for my hairbrushes etc:

I have so many mugs, far too many just for tea, so i now use favourites to store pens, paintbrushes and jewelry:

I took the labels off my antibacterial spray and washing up liquid, that are always on show for a tider finish:

I have just finished (for now) the loft/guest room - i love this bedding!!!
Ikea Rosali, my bargain blanket, and cushions - most bought from bloggers:

As you can see, the room is still not clear, but it is now organised into the right boxes and ready to put in the right places:

For now i have put photo albums, c.ds (I had a huge clear out as we mainly listen to music on the radio or ipod. But i kept a few), and books that aren't quite lounge worthy on the shelves that were already here. I am actually going to remove these shelves and put an old drawer unit here for the tele to go on. And i want to paint the little chest of drawers white and put glitzy handles on as a bed side cabinet in this room:

I quite like the pink wall now, it works quite well with the bedding. There are still mirros leaning against the wall. One is going in my ensuite and one will go on the wall in this room:

The other side of this room. The fitted wardrobes are great, they store our coats, going out shoes and my bags. The handles are all falling off, so again i am thinking of pretty coloured glass handles on there. Once the boxes are cleared i am going to put my dollshouse down the end on a low table:

Thank you for your suggestions for making this room a nice guest room. Added to my list are - pictures/lavender/candles/mini toiletries and i thought about adding a hairdryer and some mints.
One lovely blogger suggested tea and coffee area, which would be great if there was access to water up here, but it did make me think about adding glasses and water in pretty glass bottles.

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faith76 said...

Wow very busy and organised - you have inspired me to try and sort things out in my house that I keep putting off! I have at least three junk drawers :/

Have a lovely weekend
Leah x
P.s looking forward to the Easter Swap.

Booty-licious! said...

My oh my, You've had a busy week. i like to see what everyone is up to. Keep up the good work xx

MelMel said...

It's all coming together, looking very organised indeed!

My treat came today....oh boy, I'm SO looking forward to indulging myself later!
I got a blimming soaked on the way home (so whats new?)

Thank you for such a fab give away!

Happy weekend!

Lydia @ Twelve said...

Flip you have been busy... perhaps you could pop over to mine.....


Callies Cottage said...

You have been busy!Doesn't it feel great to get your home organised-I always find it has a wonderful effect on the mind!The loft room is coming on brilliantly...
Enjoy your lovely home this weekend.
Warm Wishes,

Lace hearts said...

Wow, you've been busy. I'm very envious, and you're inspiring me to try and get my own house organised. xx

Saphy said...

I am very very jealous!!! I want to get back to being very organised. I am sure it will happen again soon. x

magie said...

Wow, you have been on a organising spree around your looks great! I like your idea of using a cutlery tray to store hairbrushes etc.
I love the pink colour in the guest room and the bedding is so pretty. The little deer cushion cover is just adorable, and such a pretty granny square blanket as well. It's looking great so far :)
Have a good weekend...

MelMel said...

Hi Lissy!

I'm saving the treat you sent me till tomorrow, for Call the midwife!
I'll do a thank you post when I've taken a picture of myself enjoying looks soooooo good!

Imagine a whole printers tray FULL of there's a thought!


Florence and Mary said...

You have been busy. I finally got my kitchen back to normal after all the trouble with the ceiling and gave it a reorganisation! It felt so good.

Victoria xx

Lisa said...

You have been busy. Looking very orgainsed. We have the wardrobes in our bedroom that your son has!
Hope you are having a good weekend.
Lisa x

Jazz said...

That is such a good idea to use a cutlery tray to put bits and pieces in! Thanks for sharing the idea!
The guest room looks great too :)