Monday, 17 May 2010

Notebook Monday

-Update cauliflower cheese, by adding broccoli and spicy sausage!! yum!!

-Food facts that may surprise you:

-Your sink has more bacteria than your toilet...never eat food thats fallen in the sink.
-Some salami legally has horse/donkey meat in it.
-Too much milk and dairy can actually give you osteporosis when you hit the menopause.
-Kellogs all bran and golden grahams has more salt in 1 bowlful than 4 packs of salted roasted peanuts.
-Spinach can give you strength (iron), but only if obsorbed properly by having it with vit c (juice etc)
-A macdonalds salad has more salt than a burger and 2 portions of fries.
-Don't drink the water on can be contaminated with ....poo!!.....always use bottled water to drink/brush your teeth.
-Unhealthy food is twice as likely to be in the buy 1 get 1 free.
-Sugar can be as addictive as heroin.
-Pork sausages can legally have 25% connective tissue (links the muscles and tendons)
and 30% fat from the head of the pig, to make up the 100% pork.
-Fois gras, the fatty liver of ducks and geese. They are given bleach to drink to swell the liver for pate.
-Kids....most kids are constipated because of their bad diets.


'To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all'...Oscar Wilde

'The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw'...Havelock Ellis



....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Eh thanks for those food facts...I think!

Sarah said...

Love the facts, makes you think xx

Pink Milk said...

Bleurgh - now there's some food for thought!

Apparently sales of cauliflower are at an all time low at present. What a shame, cauliflower cheese is one of the best comfort foods ever. Another fact for you ... cauliflower is the only vegetable whose nutrition values increase with cooking!


Lisa said...

So glad I don't eat salami!
Cauliflower and broccoli cheese with vegetarian hot dogs is a favourite in our house.
Lisa x

Crafting in the beach hut said...

I love your notebook posts! This one's quite scary though - glad to hear sugar is as addictive as heroine though as now I have an excuse why I can eat my way through a whole packet of biscuits in one go... Lucy xx PS I must remember to try and live and not just exist.... great quote from Oscar xox

Victoria said...

ugh! ... but good to know!

Lululiz said...

Not sure I ever want to eat again!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Thanks for the info!! What can I eat???

Little Bear Stories said...

ick! lucky i don't eat meats or dairy but the other things...ick!
i think my present arrived this morning, thank you!!! xxxx looking forward to opening it when i get home ♥

Thecraftytrundler said...

Certainly worth knowing!! Yeeeuuukk!!
love the sound of that Cauliflower cheese though : )

Sharon xx said...

Ewghhh! but very interesting nonetheless! Oh, and I agree completely with Oscar! SO true! suzie xxx

periwinkle said...

oh my --- those facts are a bit scary ..

Andi's English Attic said...

The only fact I already knew was that sugar is addictive. I gave up eating sugar a few years ago (except for special occasions!) and it was SO difficult.
Oscar's right I guess, but most people in his day were working all the hours God sends in order to get food on the table. What time did they have to do anything else BUT exist? xx

Rebecca said...

Wowee! I have to say reading through those (interesting) facts made me glad I am a veggie! Haha!