Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dining room

Firstly, thank you for the interesting comments on my last post. I didn't want to keep it up long, thats why i've posted again now. I just felt , here was a good way to vent.


The dining room is pretty much the only room in our house that is almost complete. We were really lucky that we liked the decor in this room. Would it be my choice if we were starting from scratch? No, but i'm more than happy with it.

I have been following Flyladys 15 minute plans for a little while now and last week i completely cleaned and tidied this room.

So come, let me show you around:

This is a nice big room, that fits our 8 seater dining table, with room for a seating area looking out on to the garden as well (This is where i escape with a book when the boys are driving me mad!).
We quite like the Laura Ashley wallpaper and curtains in here, it gives the room a warm, cozy feel.
My favourite feature is the orginal french doors. This room has windows at either end, so it is always very light.

We have mostly used things from our old house in here. I lovely my comfy ikea armchair and all my cheap cushions. We also bought a sofa bed from Next, so we can have guests stay here as well as in the guest bedroom.

The fireplace isn't my favourite thing, but i don't mind it. We put the mirror from our old lounge up, and i like the big sleeper mantel.

 The Ikea dresser came from our old house too. I love it, especially at night when i switch the fairy lights on. Some of my favourite possessions are in here. (I actually still have a few things in boxes to unwrap to put back).

I love my Southend on sea print (Somewhere we go often). I put it in a cheap frame.

 I love bargain cushions. Some of the blue and cream ones we have had for years. They are a bit shabby now, but i like that. I always buy cushions that have removable covers so they can be washed regularly. I bought the round turquoise cushion in the H and M sale for £3 and the diamante cushion was about £5 from The Range.

 I have had this candle stick , from an antiques shop for a few years. The Marilyn bracelet was bought a long time ago from Liberty. I don't think i've ever worn it actually, i hung it here and thats where its always stayed:

 This side unit was actually in our bedroom, i decided to put it here. It is full of photos and fabrics. The orchid is a cheap but very good fake. I put it in the pot, infront of the real one when it isn't in flower.

My husband kept asking for a clock, so i found this lovely retro looking one. It is on my bureau at the moment. We will actually be inheriting my husbands grandparents drinks cabinet soon, so the bureau will go upstairs in the study.

My final projects for this room will be to change the net curtains to Less grey/lacey ones and to change the wall lights which are a bit old, brass and ornate for my liking.



Amanda said...

I do love noseing round peoples house :) Maybe you could change the colour of the wall lights? We did this at our old house. Car spray paint primer then chosen colour. From a naff brass look to black.

Grateful4Crochet said...

your house is lovely- I do love peeking in peoples homes this way.

Josie-Mary said...

It's very neat & tidy.... please tell me the drawers are busting??! :) x

My Beautiful World said...

You have a lovely home. So nice to meet you just found your beautiful blog and so happy I did. I have enjoyed looking around and I'm now following you, wonderful to meet new friends. Hope you find a spare minute to visit and follow me sometime if you like. Sending you special wishes for a wonderful New Year I’m looking forward to keeping in touch in 2012.
Always Wendy

Saphy said...

What a lovely room. thank you for sharing.

Gigi said...

A very lovely room! The cushions are wonderful -- especially love the turquoise one. And I do the same little trick with my orchids -- you really can't tell the blossom is fake ;).

Lace hearts said...

Oh my. So, so, so beautiful and stunning, and thank you so much for showing, and I'm now terribly embarrassed about my wobble on Friday! But I know you will have worked very hard to get it looking like this for photographing it - and you should rightly be proud of it. I wish I had a room looking this good, is all I can say! Like Saphy says, thank you for sharing. x
And thank you for your lovely comments on my wobble post! xxx

Jewel said...

What a beautiful dining room! I love the fireplace, mantle, reading corner and dresser! Such a lovely space, I can't wait until I have a dining room lol! xx

Rae said...

What a lovely room, so airy and light but welcoming and cosy at the same time