Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Three years of blogging

Wow!! 3 years today that i started my blog!!

I am going to have a tiny giveaway to say thank you for reading. You can win one of these yummy chocolate sticks to make hot chocolate. I will pick a winner this time next week.

Anyone can enter, just leave me a comment on this post.

I have to show you what my darling husband left me this morning. I found it as i opened up the laptop.

It said 'To LissyLou, Happy 3rd bloggery'

The bloggery bit made me chuckle. But the card did make me smile. How lovely is that, great card choice too, my hubbie knows me well. It was a lovely unexpected surprise.



Country Rabbit said...

***** happy bloggy-birthday beautiful *****
think i started blogging in 2006 but under different names ;0)...your husband is so sweet to leave you such a lovely vintage looking card.
pleasey enter old meeee xx

Bee happy said...

Happy anniversary!! what a sweet husband the card is gorgeous :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Callies Cottage said...

Happy Birthday To You!
What a lovely card..and a lovely Hubby to treasure too..
Warm Wishes,

Isobel said...

Happy Blogsversary!!! :D

Kandi said...

Aww bless him what a lovely hubbie.
Happy Bloggery! ;0)
Kandi x

jackanne said...

aww how sweet of your hubby! mine got me a lovely xmas card when i opened it he hadnt wrote anything in it said he didnt need to as i knew it was from him! how bad is that!! please can i enter your giveaway as i havent seen this before! have a super b/day xx

Gem said...

Ahhh bless him how sweet is that :)

Them choclate sticks look great. Thanks for arranging the giveaway and happy blogiversary x x x x x

Amanda said...

Thats such a nice thought, happy 3rd bloggery.

gill said...

Happy Bloggery!! and many more of them!

MelMel said...

That is so sweet!

Husbands can be so lovely...sometimes!
Having met your OH I can vouch for niceness!

Happy blog birthday!xxx

Pretty at Heart said...

How sweet is that card!?!!

Hot chocolate is the only hot drink I have!! Have never liked tea or coffee - only time I drank tea is when I was too polite at peoples houses when they made me one when i was younger!!

Hot choccie for breakfast, before bed and 1 or 2 in between!! So the choc stick couldn't go to a better home! lol!

B.................. said...

That's so sweet and what a gorgeous card xx

Jewel said...

Awe that is so thoughtful of him! And such a beautiful card! I would love to enter your lovely giveaway please! x

simplyvintage said...

Happy Bloggery!! What a lovely card, just beautiful. xxx

Marina said...

Hey! Happy 3rd bloggery! Love the card that really is so sweet! I can also see from the books behind the card that you're a fellow Enid Blyton fan? I have a great collection of vintage EB books and my 7 year old daughter loves them - we have a chapter each night :), anyway getting sidetracked there, just wanted to say hi and what a great blog! I only stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago and it's already a firm fav, I finally have a bit of spare time now that i'm on maternity leave (i've just had a gorgeous little boy) to read them and hopefully start a blog of my own...at the moment it only has a name, finding it hard to know where to start! But watch this space i'm sure i'll get there eventually! Marina xx

Starryeyed said...

Just found your blog - well done for keeping at it for 3 years. That's dedication! Happy Bloggiversary! Lovely photos.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Happy bloggy birthday, ahh your hubby is so sweet, what a lovely thing to do :-)

koralee said...

What a sweet husband you have!!! Happy blog Birthday to you.
Thank you for visiting me the other day...your blog is lovely!
I have made these hot chocolate sticks before...but this one looks yummy...would love to give them a try.
Off to peek around at some of your past posts and see what I have been missing....hugs for a great day. xoxxo

MelMel said...

Hi Lissy, I'll get (soon) a 20% staff discount card to use in all NT shops and restaurants.
AND free membership too!

I'm thrilled to have something go my way for once Lissy.....I've had a tough few years......so this is a nice treat...xxx

Claire said...

How lovely is your husband. And happy 3 year bloggiversary too. Although I would love to enter your giveaway...as I commented on your last post I am very partial to these hot choc sticks....I am going to ask you not to enter me please as I am trying to be very good and lose a few pounds so am trying to remove all choc temptation at the mo...and very proud of myself that I actually managed to say this...hitting publish before I change my mind...will power is waining!!!! x

Tina said...

Hi happy belated 3rd bloggiversary, I have just found your blog which is lovely by the way, I'm now going to have a good look round. Tina x