Tuesday, 17 January 2012

January challenge

I am going to join in with this great idea from Floss .
But i will change it slightly and use my own calendar pictures.

This is the idea - every month I post a photo from my calendar (this year i have two calendars in use. a family one in the kitchen and a work one in the study, so i will choose my favourite each month ) and  use that photo - colour schemes, shapes, images, location, content - ANY aspect of it - to inspire me. We search through our drawers, boxes, attics, stables etc and make up a display of lovely or surprising things, and then share a photo on our blog. 

 This picture is wonderfully icy - perfect for today!!
It reminds me of an ice princess living in a beautiful castle (With geese running around in the farmyard below)

Items used - Glass candle sticks and crystal Magic Kingdom castle that belonged to my late nan, Pretty teacup on glitzy coaster, Maileg Fairy, Icy blue cushion from The Range and H&M lace tablecloth.



Elyse said...

how very pretty!

i hope that your new year is off to a bright beginning!


Callies Cottage said...

I rather like the saying of- 'the thrill of what you already have' too...
Warm Wishes,

MelMel said...

Hello my dear!

I will paint it...either blue or gloss white.....can't decide!


Country Rabbit said...

oh huni that looks like a picture from an interiors mag i love the icy colours- thats such a great idea to re-look at and love what you already have. ive been sorting through my dresser , draws , cabinets and shelflings trying to re-organise and put new things from christmas out- but the kitchens looking like a jumble sale as i speak...must get tea started too hehe x p.s can i have your addressy?- my sweet ive got a card here, i was so thankful for your one at christmas- thought id send you an early valentines one- its so pretty and soooo you ;0)x