Saturday, 7 January 2012

Rant, Rant, Rant

One of my biggest pet peeves is people (especially children) who use mobiles/ipods/ipads/hand held consoles at the dinner table. It is just downright rude in my opinion.

So i was DISGUSTED last night when we took the boys out for dinner to see a little girl of about 2 years old in a highchair watching The Simpsons (Why was she watching the simpsons? shes 2?!!) on an Ipad on a stand, all the way through dinner, even while she was eating. 

My hubbie had to almost glue me to the seat to stop me going over and saying ' What are you doing to your child???'

I really worry what this generation of children is going to grow up like.

Are we going to have a generation of zombie children, who don't know how to socialize, don't know how to entertain themselves, all need glasses, have no manners, get all sorts of cancers/illnesses that we don't even probably know about yet from using so much technology, can't write, don't talk to their families, have hearing problems, are overweight, have no concentration, are more violent, don't know who to talk about their problems, are robbed of real life experiences?

I don't agree with any age using technology like this is social situations, but a 2 year old?? A 2 year old does not even need to know what an ipad or The simpsons even is. She should be at a table talking with her parents, learning how to use cutlery and to say please and thank you to the waiting staff. Why come out to a restaurant if your not going to talk to each other?
Dinner is a perfect time for families to interact. Keep your child busy with small toys or colouring if you want to keep them at the table.

How it should be

N.B I don't have a problem with kids using these things from a certain age and in moderation at appropriate times.

Thanks for listening


Homebird said...

I know what you mean, I don't agree with not trying to engage your children but on the other side....My son is 2 and he has development delay. Try as we do ( & we do, we really do to the point of exhaustion), we cannot open up the doors of communication and this results in him screaming very loud and creating a fuss particularly when we are out in public- which I can cope with most of the time. However, he responds very well to anything visual like books and tv (although we limit the latter of course). We have stoppped going to eat to be honest as it was not a pleasurable experience but if I were to attempt it again at the moment I think I might play a cartoon on my iphone at some point - books would work for a short while. It's very hard when your child isn't quite doing what others his age are doing - my son turned 2 yesterday and he has no words as yet. Perhaps they were just trying to have a breather - I sure need one. Sam x

LissyLou said...

Thanks for your comment. I do understand that some children with learning difficulties will be on devices like these. My cousin is autistic and is on his games console to help calm him whilst out. However I have to say I don't really agree with the very violent games he plays on them. I was not aware that the little girl had any difficulties, if she did then fair play, although I would have thought an age appropriate cartoon would have been better. My main point is the amount of children and adults who use these devices at the dinner table when they really don't need to. X

faith76 said...

First of all I like your new title photo of the boats - reminds me of lovely holidays :)

And I have to agree technology is too much for little ones and they should learn the interaction with real people/kids.

Have a great weekend.
Leah x

Twiggy said...

Oooo I hear you, I also take issue with memebers of my family who take phone calls at the dinner table and carry on chatting to the person on the phone while visitors just sit there and another gathering at Christmas where 4 members of the same family sat on the sofa, texting and reading their mobiles while everyone else, ACTUALLY HAD A CONVERSATIONN IN PERSON !! Sorry about the shouting, it just really makes me cross !!!
Honestly, how can we expect children to grow up to be sociable if the art of conversation is not encouraged.
Better go off and calm down :)
Twiggy x

Kandi said...

Yeah I'm with you on this one, our kids walk everywhere looking at their phones, it's difficult to get their attention at the best of times. I don't allow technology of any description at the dinner table, and even if the phone rings, it can wait until we've eaten! The world is changing I do understand that but basic common courtesy and human interaction is still needed!
Kandi x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hey Lissylou,

I agree with the whole technolgy thing can get out of hand. I have very defined rules in our house as to as when games can be played and t.v. watched etc. Evening meals are always taken at the dinning room table and conversation is encouraged although we our fussy eater nearly eight year old we do have to curb it a little at times as she tends to use conversation as an excuse not to eat anything!

We have always taken our girls out for meals ever since they were small. Maybe we have been lucky as they have always been well behaved and we have not ever had distract them too much. Conversation is always encourage as that is why we are out with them. Of course they going to places where little papers and pencils are dished out so they can draw and colour in. But mainly they are happy to sit and join in with my and my DH. I think its been important to get them used to eat in public. Personally I cant stand it when parent go out to eat with their kids and then let them run amock in the resturant. That drives me nuts!

As for technology I do find it hard sometimes as my other half is a real techie and works in that field and activley encourages games etc to be played. Mind you that said our five year announced she wanted a real computer and mobile for christmas. Needless to say she was left rather wanting in that department! lol.


MelMel said...

I'm with you!

My parents did long journeys, school hols and all the other old style "normal" family stuff and coped with 4 of us...and we were mighty spirited!
We had no T.V and did not get one until I was 10 years old!
Sadly the concept of family is destroyed now due to working hours and what have you....we are all expected to be robots and get on with it.....
"Life" has to be squashed into two rather manic days at the weekend....and all the while families struggle to enjoy it all....parents are shattered and worn's a vicious circle...and I can see why it happens!
It's a shame it's come to this really...but until the government ease up on parents there will never be enough time to be a family in the true sense.....some ppl manage to have it all and do it's such a hard job being responsible for little lives...I take my hat off to you guys!


Tinyholder said...

I totally agree - I'd even go one step further. When we were children we were only allowed to watch TV for a certain period of time. Outside of that time we could draw, play with friends, read etc. I used to spend hours reading encyclopaedias. I recently visited a friend and her children spent the whole time glued (about 3 feet away) from the TV. They hardly said a word. I was shocked! I know I don't really want children (my choice) and never have done, but I'd at least want them active, socialising and living an all round better life than one in front of the TV!

simplyvintage said...

I am with you on this one. I would consider it very manners if I was dining with someone who used technology during the meal. I am lucky enough that I have never been put in that situation. I have always stressed the importance of a social family mealtime and now my daughter's have grown up it does seem to have rubbed off on them. I do find it off-putting when I am having a conversation with someone and they get a text message which they seem to feel the need to not only read, but also reply to while still continuing the conversation with me!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. You are not alone in your concerns....

Diane Mars said...

You know I totally agree with you, I hate when I see kids so obsessed with the electronic gadgets! Hugs, Diane I am your newest follower

Lydia @ Twelve said...

Say it loud!
We went out christmas Eve as a real treat for a meal. I was horrified to see a child about 4? sliding flat around on a cleared down table, & his family let him - and they looked like they should have known better. The waitress looked hacked off.
We were not botherd in the slightest by the baby on the table next to us who kept smiling & offering us her chip, as that is what they do.....
Crayon & paper worked for me (& a stern pointy finger!)