Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Goodbye Christmas, Hello January

New Years Day

I spent New Years day taking down the decorations like i do every year. Goodness me its borring!! I much prefer putting them up. It looked very bare when they were all down. But once i had tided i actually liked my new clean canvas, ready for decorating this year.

I did keep a few Christmassy things out. Like Candy canes from the tree in my lovely blue second hand vase.

And the pine cones went in a bowl as a centre piece for the table.

Our front door is original, its painted a lovely bright blue with gorgeous stained glass. It is very very drafty in the winter though, so we bought a big thick curtain from Ikea to keep out the cold just before Christmas. I was going to buy a big tassel tie back from Laura Ashley but instead I found a nice piece of lace to use.

 We had a Christmas dinner (using leftovers) including cranberry sauce and crackers. It was lovely.

My calendar is up. This is the one i am using for the kitchen. I also have one for my study. The other free calendars (from magazines) are going to be cut up and put in my inspiration scrapbooks.

More about that later.


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Amanda said...

I took everything down yesterday, it took ages.

Mum said...

I, too, like to keep a little bit of Christmas out for the rest of the year. I always take my decorations down bit by bit so that it isn't a chore.
Love from Mum

Saphy said...

I took everything down yesterday as I had a day off work. i use lace for tiebacks, looks great and is cheap.

Primchick said...

Happy new year to you & yours too... :o)

Country Rabbit said...

hello lovely- ive kept most of my decors up- mainly cos sophia got a little teary when i started taking things down...thought the best idea is to do it when she returns to school thurs.
i love the idea of lace ribbons on the curtains- my living room curtains are full length in the bay windows- similar, satin chocolate colour.
we've been making biscuits this morning- think i'll miss sophs tomorrow- the end of the holidays ;0(

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Hi Lissy Lou

I have read your blog for yonks before I started my own blog, then Rosie our Jack Russell broke my laptop, and it came back from the menders with all my favourite blogs gone,
so I have found your lovely blog again!

I am going to have a cup of tea and have a noesy at what I have missed!

Best wishes


Lisa said...

Happy new year to you.
Our decorations are still up, I've hurt my back so it's going to be a long task getting it all down and packed away!
You are so right about it looking bare afterwards though.
Lisa x

Crafted by Carly said...

Happy new year!!!
I took our decorations down today. You're right - it's much more fun putting them up than taking them down! Everywhere looks so bare now. My plan if to get a plant (or some willow branches) to keep out all year, and decorate differently for every season.