Thursday, 5 January 2012


Today is mine and my hubbies 8th wedding anniversary. This is the first year that he has taken the day off work. We are both actually feeling ill (i even have a doctors appointment later) but we are determined that illness will not spoil our day. We took the boys to school and then went to Costa for a hot drink and a read of some Magazines - Home ones for me and fishing for him.
We are off later for Lunch and will be spending the evening infront of a film eating cheesy nachos from the same pot like we did when we were teens.

We recieved some lovely cards and as always we get each other presents in the theme of the anniversary year. This year is Bronze. Depending on what we find we can spend a little or alot. This year i made him a bronze certificate for a car driving day and he got me and him a pamper weekend and this gorgeous bronze fairy:

 Yesterday i flitted around the house with my camera and took some pictures of things that remind me of 'us' to share with you.

The book my Mum bought us on our first Anniversary and my rings - engagement, wedding, i love you ring from Tiffanys in New York and My 30th/eternity ring:

 Cushions that are still on our bed - a wedding present:

 A picture i made once - this will go above our bed, along with others, when the bedroom is decorated:

 The bag i used at our evening reception:

 A photo on my dressing table taken at our civil ceremony:

 My tiara, also on my dressing table:

There are lots of bits in these printer trays, like, a pink heart bought when we got engaged, a small envelope and card that i gave to him when we were about 18, and a little angel pill box that we got at The Vatican with a chocolate wrapper ring in it:

This post is dedicated to my husband and best friend.

I love you 



Florence and Mary said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Victoria xx

Gem said...

How sweet. Happy Anniversary. I hope you are both feeling better soon x x x x

Jewel said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a fantastic day and both feel better soon! xxx

Kandi said...

That's all so romantic, happy anniversary to you both xx

Country Rabbit said...

many more happy years ;0)x so romantic, a true fairy tale, love the 'words' frame and the fairy...and the sweet pic of you at the cival ceremony x

Christals Creations said...

What a lovely post. Happy Anniversary. We hit 4 years this year. Our anniversaries have been hit and miss. The first one he was in Afghanistan, the second we did go out for a meal the weekend after as he had a course at work and last year he was in Afghanistan but he came home just after and we went away for a weekend to celebrate in June when he had some time off. No idea what will happen this year yet though. . . Have a great day. :o)

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a lovely, heart warming post!!
I hope you have a lovely day, and evening : )

Sharon xx

Catherine said...

Happy Anniversary! i loved this post! Cx

Jackie said...

What a beautiful post ~ so many lovely things. Happy Anniversary to you both ~ I hope you both feel better soon too :O)xx

LaaLaa said...

Oooh gorgeous post, lovely! I love all of your little reminders of your love. As you know, I only tied the knot in December so I'm loving the 'love' vibe. Have a great day and I hope you feel better soon. xxx

Bee happy said...

Happy anniversary!! hope you are both feeling better soon, your evening sounds just wonderful :) enjoy

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Pretty at Heart said...

Happy Anniversary and many more to come!!

Have a lovely evening.

Claire said...

Such a sweet post, and happy anniversary to you both x

Amanda said...

Hope you're both feeling a bit better. A belated happy Anniversary.

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary, I know I told you in FB but reading this post its just so lovely to see how happy you are xxxx