Thursday, 11 February 2010

Red hearts for BHF reminder

This is a reminder for the ladies that asked.
I would like your items before the 26th Feb (The day of the event)
The items can be red and /or heart themed in some way.

I have already recieved lots of wonderful items.

Thank you all so much.



Mary Poppins said...

Ohoo well done and thanks for the reminder, I have my little package all packed up here ready for you, apologies on the wait.

Have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing some of your pretty makes from Sew Darn Cute :)



Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Best of luck with your event!!

LoloDesigns said...

thanks for the reminder :o) can't get to post office now until Monday, hope that is okay. x

Mrs B said...

lovely lissy!!!!

a) thankyou, what a joyous surprise! I am so glad it is going to live with you!
b) I am on it....completed but not in post....rubbish me!


LittleGem said...

My parcel to you was posted yesterday Lissy - hope it gets to you soon. I hope you will be showing us all the lovely things you have received :) xx

Sam said...

Hey Lissy...sent my little pic last friday..hope you received itxx

Sam xx said...

Hello Lissy, I sent my parcel the day before yesterday. I hope it gets there ok, and that you are happy with it! suzie xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

I know you have received my stuff!! Hope it goes well!! I'll try to come!!

Sam said...

Hey Lissy...thanks for letting me know!
My email gets a bit 'constipated' from time to time and emails just vanish!!

Bye for now

Sam x

Lululiz said...

I have a big note on my desk to make sure I post it beginning of next week!

Cally's Cottage said...

Will get mine off before then...
Happy Valentines..
Cally x

Michela said...

Happy Valentine's Day! xxx

Kelly said...

Glad you have some bits already xx Know you have mine, I won't be able to make it on friday because I'm on a training course, bit gutted really I would have likes to have met you at last xx