Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My handbag....whats in yours?

I got tagged by Bekimarie to show what is in my handbag:

I am always carrying around two bags, one for me and one for the littlest boy, that has wipes, drinks, toys etc in.
I think my bag will be the most interesting, its actually quite jam packed at the moment compared to normal.

When out with the boys doing mummy things, i favour an over the body bag so that my hands are free...this one is from NewLook.
My keys, fingerless gloves, CK diary, Marilyn Monroe pen, mobile, Tinkerbell purse..and a couple of cards that are inside from my hubbie, tissues, Max factor lipgloss, maybelline blush...i am so pale!!, L'occitane solid perfume and hand cream, Body shop vitamin lipbalm, chewing gum, paracetomol, a little bow that came of my sons chocolate heart lolly from Starbucks, a couple of sainsburys vouchers and a hospital appointment card.

So whats in your bag??



PaperFish! said...

i will attempt the bag challenge - but seriously, you'll be very disappointed..

MelMel said...

Amazing what we ladies carry about....xxx

Lalabibaby said...

I've posted Lissy but it's thoroughly boring x

a mermaids purse said...

isnt it grand all this snoopy snooping!! hehehe i love the organised contents lissy!!
i must take some piccys of mine and upload!...oh such fun!! ;0)xx
....i know how u feel about pale skin! i have a 'touch up' stick with a tintyness just to give me abit of colour!...and the lippy glossy always makes me feel human and pretty even if its just the lips!...before i had my little one id carry my make up bag with everything!! everywhere i went- i think as ive got older ive realised to cut back to 3 items only!! hehehehe x

bekimarie said...

Love your purse and i'm a big fan of New Look bags there's one in there at the moment I have my eye on and another for J. Can see me spending some pennies soon ;)

Beki xxx

TheMadHouse said...

I love being nosy in other peoples bags

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

I've got the L'Occitane lavender hand cream in my hand bag!!

Florence and Mary said...

Such a cute post!

Victoria xx

Kelly said...

I'm loving these posts! I have done one for later in the week too! I think what is in a person's bag can tell you a lot about them :)

julietk said...

Its a bit late to post, but I carry way too much in my bag :-D