Monday, 15 February 2010

Notebook Monday and new things

This week i have chosen this notebook to take some ideas out of:

My favourite chocolate shop!!
I love these:

This is a lovely place to visit on a sunny day. It has a very traditional feel.
And some lovely little shoppies.
I liked the clean beach with the small traditional fairground rides.
And stop for a knickerbocker glory on the front.

-Kids present ideas:
Stuck what to buy for the kiddies??
Here are some ideas:
-A personalised book with the childs name in the story,
Wooden noahs ark, wooden trike, teddies, artcases, micro flyers, wooden guitar, china teaset, 
charm braclet, scarf, glove and hat set, diary, slippers, wooden train set, stickers, named cutlery, 
paint your own mug and plate set, an apron and cooking set.

Great for some unusual gifts.
I am liking:

-Natural cleaning:
Descale the kettle: 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water, leave for half an hour, boil and then boil again with fresh water.
Freshen up the dishwasher: put half a lemon in and put on the longest wash.

My husband loves this shop, so i guess its a good place to shop for the men. Cool gadgets and stationary.
My boys like the wooden toys too.

I really like the tasty and healthy food and smoothies here.

New things

The lovely anenomes i said i'd show you in their full glory:

My new books from amazon, (still waiting on one)
I got sew darn cute after seeing it on Mary Poppins blog and last week i watched Coco before Chanel, which was just so wonderful that i had to get a book on her. And of course, Audrey is my idol, so i can never have too many books on her:

And new most favourite thing!!!! still so excited about this!!!! My lovely new sideboard to put my dollshouse on and my fabrics in. My lovely hubbie put it up yesterday. I am so in love with it!! and with the gorgeous baskets that i got for a bargain at QS. I'm going to put some fabric behind the glass so i can hide fabrics behind it.



a mermaids purse said...

absolutely adore your vintage notebook!!! lots to write and doodle in there ;0)
what a fabulous idea those wooden play set for kids- i have the idea of painting them up- so they are one off's- and personalised- lovely treat for boys- i loved my brothers wars was very in fashion during 80's and i remember my brothers being very protective over their toys- didnt want us girlies to touch them,so id sneak in when they were out playing footie hehe.
loving the fabric cabinet!!WOW!!
what a beauty- perfect for fabrics and those lovely baskets- i have many of them too-handy for day to day bits n bobs. The dolls house is so beeeeeeaaauuuutiful!!!!
i bet you have the most gorrrgeous cozy home!!
such a lovely posting to make this rather grey devon so much brighter especially the look of those chocies and flowers ;0)xxxx

have a lovely day x

Sarah said...

Great suggestions! Love you sideboard - where did you get that if you don't mind me asking?

Florence and Mary said...

I have one of those personalised books, Alice in Wonderland! My nephew brought it for me for Christmas.

My cousin works for Hotel Chocolat, I'll have to see if I can get you some freebies!

Victoria xx

PS Love the sideboard

Rubys mamma x said...

Oh what lovely ideas-nice to have a man show interest in something so nice too! Oh and how fab is your sideboard-really lovel-where is it from?
Hope you have a good day whatever half term brings you! x said...

I love your sideboard and the lovely notebook! Great ideas too! suzie xxx

sparkle bug said...

gorgeous dresser and dolls house, oh hang on i've got to get a tissue for me dribbling and drooling lol.


Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Love the sideboard and doll's house - and I am a huge fan of Lapin and me too!
Love Charlotte

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Lovely shopping ideas- as if I needed any more (!) . I really like the whole notebook idea. I have scrap books that i stick and write things in too.
love Louise x

Kissed by an Angel said...

Some great ideas there!!! I love the Anemonies and I definitely love your sideboard!!!

A Country Girl said...

I'm really enjoying your Monday Notebook posts - please keep them coming!
Lovely sideboard, by the way.

Country Bliss said...

Love the sideboard & the Topsy & Tim things are so cute! I've sent a red heart thing to you today so should be there tomorrow.
Yvonne x

LoloDesigns said...

Your dollshouse looks lovely on that sideboard, is it an Ikea sideboard?

I love dollshouses, my nan and aunt used to make bespoke porcelain 1/12th dolls and wicker furniture. They travelled all over doing the shows and stuff. Some people have some very grand houses indeed! xx

Lululiz said...

The sideboard looks terrific there under the stairs with the gorgeous dolls house on it. Bet you will have fun filling it with goodies.

bellaboo said...

Love the sideboard... and the dolls house is just right on top!I'm fed up with all my pine furniture looks so dated.I'll have to get busy with the paintbrush!
I used to go to school in Broadstairs and havn't been back since.I think I'll make a trip now,it sounds lovely and sort of old fashioned.

Bellaboo :)

A Bun Can Dance said...

Your sideboard is gorgeous - I am full of envy!
And I adore Topsy and Tim!!!
D x

Torie Jayne said...

Such a great post!Loving the notebook! Have a sweet day!

Caroline Cakewise said...

So much loveliness - have you tried the Hotel Chocolate caramel sweethearts, they're heaven!! Also the pea pasta looks soooo good! Have to try this!! xx

Kelly said...

What lovely ideas! I was admiring that sideboard last week, It looks gorgeous, I want one now!!!