Monday, 1 February 2010

Notebook Monday

For years and years i have kept notebooks that i write all sorts of things in, normally from magazines.
Recipes, quotes, makes, buys, websites, places to visit etc.

I had a thought a few days ago....why not start 'Notebook Monday'?
Where everyweek i share with you the things in my notebooks.
Some of the things i have actually done/bought etc, and some i haven't but would like to.

So here is the first notebook that i have randomly picked.
Most of you will guess that it is a lovely Laura Ashley one.

VW Camper Van hire. I love Camper Vans.

They have the most wonderful teatowels and other home items.

-Recipe: Burgers (veggie or meat), melt gorgozola over the top, serve with lettuce, tomatoes and red onion 
in an olive ciabatta roll.....yum!

-Watch The bucket list....i loved this film.

-Lundy island.....i'd love to visit here.

-The adventues of Dotty and Bluebell by Jools Oliver. Set into chapters about the four seasons.
I love this beautiful book. At the start of each season, we read the relevent chapter to the's gorgeous.

-Quote....'A rising tide lifts all boats!

-Sore throats- Manuka honeysuckers lozenges from Waitrose or
I love these, i take them as soon as i feel as sore throat coming on.



Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Wow what a lovely thing... to assemble bits and bobs like that in pretty notebooks.

I love the idea of that, but am such a 'clutter free' person that I keep having clear outs and throwing things away.

I am trying to think if I have any Notebook Monday type things to share?

I suppose I have my little misc intray on the desk - that has bits and bobs in... Not the same though!

Love Charlotte

Andi's English Attic said...

I love camper vans too. If they make any automatic I will certainly look into hiring one. Never did get my notebook for web notes. Going to now you've reminded me. Thanks. xx

Susie's country cottage said...

Thank you for letting us see what's in your notebook, it is a really nice idea! You have some really interesting things in there. I'm looking forward to seeing your next one.

bekimarie said...

I also keep everything in notebooks but never thought of sharing, lovely idea.
The book by Jools Oliver looks good will have to look out for it.

Take care
Beki xxx

a mermaids purse said...

i so love looking at the snippets of someone else's life from interests to art to everyday ramblings...i love the idea of note book monday! and i love that laura ashley book.
camper vans are what i dream about!
(even more than choc's...think thats a porky-well choc's are cheaper hehe)
you always have the most heavenly posts that make me day dream of the lovelies in life! ;0)xxxx

All things bright and beautiful... said...

What a lovely idea - thanks for sharing - I loved The Bucket List too!

A Country Girl said...

Great idea - have made a note of those Manuka throat sweets!

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a great idea!!! We used to have a camper when the children were small! We had some brilliant holidays too!!! I love the look of that book by Jools Oliver!!!

Shabby Chick said...

Wow, you have some gorgeous notebooks! Love the things inside. We WILL be getting a campervan one day (we have to... I have campervan themed fabric for the cushions already heehee). Dotty and Bluebell looks great, I've not seen that before.


Kelly said...

I love notebooks but always get upset if i make a mistake!! Wierd I know!!!!!!

VintageVicki said...

A good idea :) Do I spy a ladybird notebook in the pile?

BTW - There's something for you on my blog ;)

Vicki xx

Florence and Mary said...

Oh I do love a notebook!

My scribblings today are all about Sky services and hopefully I'll have a connection tomorrow installed in the flat!

Victoria xx

Rhiannon said...

I have far more notebooks than I use, but I do love them all so dearly :)
There's something so nice about finding them an amount of time later and looking at the random thoughts you had many many moons ago

Lyn said...

I keep note books just like you. I love looking back through them to see what I have done, achieved or forgot to do/buy/see/go to!

CraftyHelen said...

What a great idea - I tend to have lots of lists, but on scraps of paper which then get lost!xx