Monday, 8 February 2010

Notebook Monday

Welcome to the second installment of notebook Monday.
Today i give you:

-Pea Pasta:

We made it this week.
Ingredients: Fusilli pasta/250g peas/2 tbsp olive oil/a little strong vegetable stock/
3 tbsp chopped frsh sage or basil/300g mozzerella cheese/salt and pepper.
-Cook the pasta
- Cook peas for 2-3mins
-Put half the peas in a blender with oil, gradually adding the stock.
-Add the sage or basil to the cooked pasta, the rest of the cooked peas, the pea sauce and some salt and pepper.
-Add the mozzerella and serve with a tomato salad.

It was actually very yummy once you get pass the very green colour!!!

Any website with an interesting name is bound to grab my attention.
This is a good site for presents. I have a mug from here.

-Serve grapes on a cake stand:

How fab is this site!! full of...well...brollies!

Oh how i love this place.
My fave purchases from here are:

-Emily Barr Cuban Heels

One of my favourite books ever!!!

-This lovely little cottage in Scotland caught my eye - maybe one day i'll visit:



coco rose said...

oooh some lovely pics! The pasta looks very yummy, will have to try that and I adore that brolly....very very cute. Cox and Cox is one of my favourite sites too along with Have a fab day! xxx

claire said...

I love Emily Barr...baggage is my fave, have read that again and again..also love plan b...
love these snippets from your notebooks....I'm a rubbish notebook keeper!! I start then lose the momentum!!

bekimarie said...

I loved Cuban heels too and those candles look yummy, can a candle look yummy or should I say sounds yummy?
Will have to try the pasta, thanks for the recipe.
Hope you had a good weekend

Beki xxx

Sarah said...

Great recipe - I'll have to try that!
Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

I would love that pasta - but not sure that OH & little darlings would be keen. To say that they are fussy is a huge understatement. may have to make a smaller portion just for me?xx

Andi's English Attic said...

Great pics. I love brollies. Will have to pay a visit. :) xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

The pasta looks scrummy!!

Lululiz said...

Any pasta dish with lots of chunks of mozarella gets my thumbs up!

made with love said...

Mmmmm, I love the look of your pasta. Those candles looks really nice too. Thanks for the recommendation on the book. I am looking for a good book to read.
Have a fun week,
Rachael XX

A Country Girl said...

Sort of pea pesto, I guess.
Love Emily Barr's books too and really enjoying these Monday posts of yours, a great idea! said...

What a lovely pasta recipe, I must try it! I would like to visit that cottage to, it looks perfect! Suzie xxx

Shabby Chick said...

I love Cox & Cox too! I have a pair of angel wings from there but I love seeing what they have on their site.

The pasta looks good, I always add peas to pasta and pesto :)

Mel xxx

silk purse said...

I love it all,but especially thre heart as I am celebrating my 50th birthday this Valentines day!..,

On that note, you are most warmly invited to partake in this weeks,Tuesday Tea For Two, where the special feature of this week is a special Valentines theme..,

Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

The Hausfrau said...

Oh, I want to visit that cottage in Scotland as well!

madmummy said...

Hi there! Not sure if I'm having email problems, could you send me ur address again for the red heart day goodies to be sent to...
Many thanks x Steph (

Kissed by an Angel said...

I've read the book Cuban Heels - funnily enough when I went to Cuba!! It was really good!!
There is a parcel on it's way to you for your Heart Foundation sale. Expect it in the next couple of days!!

Cally's Cottage said...

Mmm reading suggestions and recipes- two of my favourite pastimes catered to- thank you!!
Have a happy week,
Cally x

louise said...

I really like that brolly, and could eat pasta everyday, if only my OH liked it! x