Wednesday, 17 February 2010

New shelving and weightloss Wednesday

Mmmmm finally after being in my house for nearly 6 years, we are starting to get some of the things done that i have wanted for ages. I now have lovely shelves above the tele in the living room!!

Weightloss Wednesday:
No exercise for me this week (slap my wrist!! hee hee)
And norty me did have the chocchip shortbread and hotchoc at starbucks (see last weightloss post), but i did have a pannini that wasn't cheese based. Did you know that a sandwich, hot drink and dessert at starbucks/costa is about 1000 calories!!! yummy though ;)
So i gained a pound.


Dinners in our household are often healthy but we eat quite large portions. This week i am going to really cut down. 
When we have for example pasta we will have much smaller portions and up the protein and veg instead.
Lately we have been having some very yummy salads:
May i suggest lettuce, tomato and cucumber served with couscous and bean salads with a little onion chutney to sweeten.

For lunch today i had this soup, with money going to BHF

And if shes reading today, i want to say a big Happy birthday to my most special friend (((A)))!!!!




LoloDesigns said...

I didn't lose anything this week either, too much indulgence of the pancake/chocolate kind :o) x

made with love said...

Your shelves look lovely.
Happy birthday to your friend. It's mine today too.
Rachael XX

Lyn said...

i was just about to post button hearts to you but i cant find you address! please email it to me again-sorry!

Lyn said...

oooops just found it! sorry!!!

bekimarie said...

I'm not even going to weigh this week, think I will start again properly once half term is over.
Will get parcel off to you tomorrow, apologies have a head like a sieve at the moment!

B xxx

a mermaids purse said...

looks great! all lovely an organised! hehe ;0)xx lovely when all the little jobs get done.
i need to loose some weight! ;0(
ive really cut back on my prtions and turned to pasta's n soups too...think i need to get to the gym! lovely cakeys! hope ur dear friend has a lovely birthday xx

Isobel said...

Love your shelves corner! Very elegant.

RosieP said...

Love the shelves.

Huga RosieP x

Kissed by an Angel said...

Your shelves look lovely!!! Keep up with WLW - you'll get there!!!

Sarah said...

Although I'm not on a diet, I tend to be careful during the week. As the boys are home this week, I've thrown caution to the wind and gone for it!

claire said...

I have to weigh on Friday...I don't want to, I have been rubbish!!! No exercise and lots of food :(
Hope my package gets to you today (sorry the blog post went out before it arrived....I thought I'd set it for tonight!!!)
shelves look fab btw!

made with love said...

Just popping back to say, thanks for your lovely message,
Rachael XX

roseylittlethings said...

next week will be better!

april o. said...

love the shelves. we have been in our house almost 9 years and there are so many to do's. good luck next week on wlw.

Blogger Chix Designs said...

I'm am totally on a plateau too. Its tuff! You can do it, though!


Susie's country cottage said...

I find I can't eat like I used and its a real pain having to be careful! I like your new shelves. I know that feeling of not getting things done around the house. I've been in mine four years now and we still have all our books stuffed in boxes because we have no shelves to put them on!!
I love the inspirational quote in your side bar. I shall remember that!
Susie said...

I lioke your shelves...very nice! I love couscous, we sometimes have it with stuffed peppers..yummy! Thanks for visiting me, I love the name for your car! :) suzie. xxx

Lace hearts said...

We've been in our house more than 10 years and we are still finishing off bits and pieces - some in a major way. I don't know where the time goes. The shelves look good.
Good luck with the weightloss, though the pic of the cupcakes has made me long for one now!