Monday, 22 February 2010

Notebook Monday

Welcome to Notebook Monday!!

I have had the pleasure of visiting this lovely place, the shop, the tearoom, 100 acre wood....its well worth a visit.

Try penne pasta with asparagus and mushrooms in a sauce made up of garlic, butter and creme fraiche.

-Wonderful treats for a lovely day
Open the windows/plenty of flowers/candles and low dimmed lights/
relaxing music....i like Katie Melua, Jack Johnson and Jazz/ a good book/DVDs like Chocolat or old musicals/
Teapots with cups and saucers/ yummy organic food....cheese and breads, dark chocolate, strawberries and cream. Perfect for getting ready for Spring.

-Chocolate beauty
Don't just eat chocolate.....surround yourself....

Crabtree and Evelyn cocoa butter, nutmeg and cardamom body butter:

Naked cocoa butter revealed body butter:

or Philosophy chocolate chip cookies bath and shower gel

I love this site for childrens toys.
We like sophie the giraffe and the peg doll kits.

-A really yummy sauce to dip potato wedges into
Buy a sweet chilli sauce (we like blue dragon) and mix into a tiny bowl with your fave mayo.

Now onto some things from the week:

I have been enjoying hot chocolate with rasin and cinnamon bread in the kitchen

Whilst unwrapping gorgeous packages

Thank you Mrs B. I love my new pinny.
You can visit Mrs B here and then browse her lovely goodies to buy.

I have also been creating folders to keep my puttery posts and other things from this lady.
You can purchase your own puttery treats from her site.

Have a good week all
I am going to have a busy one preparing for my red hearts for BHF event on Friday!!!!!!!


(some pictures taken from the advertised websites)

15 comments: said...

I love cinnamin bread, I think I will go and make some. See what you have done now! :) Have a lovely week! suzie. xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Aren't the puttery posts fabulous! So many great ideas.

I love the sound of the dip!

Victoria xx

dottycookie said...

Pooh Corner is very near my parents - we love it!

I have some hearts ready or you and i it stops snowing I shall go the post office - otherwise tomorrow.

Kissed by an Angel said...

Wow!! there are some fabulout things there!! Some great ideas, thank you!!! Good luck for the coming weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck for Friday - i'm sure it will go well for you.xx

bellaboo said...

Love that pinny, and the pasta sounds good.Just off to have a chocolate bath!

Andi's English Attic said...

Hope you have an enjoyable and successful day on Friday. xx

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Lovely ideas and lovely pictures, have posted heart things, hope they arrive in time
Louise xx

Kelly said...

Great chocolate treats that won't sit on the hips!
Good luck with the red heart event! can't wait to see how you do xxx

Carmen said...

Oooh that bath gel sounds good enough to eat! You are very welcome with the duckies, they are huge fun and VERY messy to make :P I hope they help a bit, good luck with the sale.

made with love said...

Mmmmmmm. Chocolate heaven.
Good luck with your preparations for Friday. Hope it goes well,
Rachael XX

maryannlucy said...

Good luck for Friday, looking forward to hearing how it goes.

Ticking stripes said...

Hello colour swap partner! I've just been browsing your lovely blog for some ideas of what you like - what a great idea listing your faves down the side!

Lissa said...

lots of lovely inspiration goodness to be found here!

belleandboo said...

I HAVE to go to Pooh Forest, it looks amazing, its a definite for this summer