Friday, 30 September 2011

My favourite blogs of the moment

I have so many blogs that i love. You can see who i follow on my profile page. I also read lots of others too (But i may not be able to follow because i have gone over my amont that i can follow on blogger!!)

Here are some blogs/ladies that i am really loving:

I love this blog and this gorgeous lady. Tracey is very honest and has a beautiful home and family. I love her style. We have so much in common. She recently commented that she'd love to come to tea. I wish we lived closer as i'd definately have her over for a cuppa and a natter.

 Country Rabbit - Formally A mermaids purse

Kazzys blog has been a favourite of mine for a long time.
Again i love her home and her beautiful sweetpea. She is a wonderfully gifted lady who always makes me smile.

This is one super stylish blog. I love her photos, her style and her fabulous camping trips.

The colours on this blog are so cheery. I love Lucys makes. 

I am a huge Belle and Boo fan. This blog keeps me up to date with the happenings of Belle and Boo. I can't wait for the Christmas collection.

I have followed this lovely lady from the beginning of my journey in blogland. She always has great makes and wonderful ideas.

Such a gorgeous blog and a wonderful inspirational lady.

A fairly new discovery for me. A great blog that i am really enjoying.

This is a fab blog. Always cheers me up!

So theres my list. Thank you to all these ladies and all the other lovely blogs i read. You are my daily inspiration.


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Country Rabbit said...

great minds think a like ;0)...i was justing posting on here when a comment email buzzed up from you hehe x...Love the bloggys you're liking, it means so much you follow me i soooo enjoy, get inspired by yours x

Romi and Bob said...

Awwww. I am so touched. How sweet you are. Ilove your blog too. Kazzy's is another favourite, another kindred spirit, I think. I also enjoy Florence and rose. What a cute home she has. Junaholique is really good. I have been reading it for a while. Her pics are amazing and I am in love with her vinage clothes collection.
Woo hoo, you've made my day. xxx

Amanda said...

I did'nt know we had a limit of Blogs to follow! I'll check some of these out.

Nattie said...

Awwww thankyou Lissy Lou, I am always on the look out for new blogs too, and now I shall have to have a look at the ones I am unfamiliar with.
happy Friday to you...
nattie xx

vintage girl said...

Wonderful blogs! I'm sure you are a favourite of many too. xx

♥ Miss Tea said...

awwww you're my fave blog too!! thank you so much, you're so sweet! your blog is lovely and inspiring for me! x susan