Friday, 9 September 2011

My plan

Thats it..... no more kids at home!! My youngest started school fulltime yesterday.
After 9 years of not working, i have taken the
last year or so to figure out what i want to do now.
I know i still want to be there to take my kids to school and pick them up. I know i don't want to go back to my previous job, working with children.
Over the last few years i have thought about becoming a Nutritionist (too much work - i'd have to do it full time), a photographer (I may still do this, but i don't want to do it full time yet), working in a pre-school (nope, i'm done with working with kids).........................

5 years ago i found out i had a heart condition, i was told i needed a pacemaker. I had it and i coped. We really wanted another baby, and i was told i could. After having my youngest (now 4), i started to feel very ill. After a long time and a lot of worry, the doctors realized that my pacemaker had been set wrong, and had gone out of sync from having my little one plus there was damage to my heart muscle. Luckily all has healed now. But i was told it wouldn't be advisable to have anymore children. That was fine, we only wanted 2 children anyway, although when you're told you can't have anymore children it does make you want more!! I even thought long and hard about adoption, but now i am happy with my 2 boys and i'm done on the child front.
My problems didn't stop with my heart. I ended up having a year of CBT treatment for OCD and anxiety. Basically the problems from my heart and pregnancy left me unable to cope with my daily life, it also brought up other worries/events from my past. I can honestly say it was the worst year of my life and although some family members and friends knew i was suffering i only think me and my husband really knew how bad it got. I am still on medication and i still keep up my CBT at home. 
I do believe every thing happens for a reason - now i am happier than i have ever been and i can cope with the things that life throws at me much better.

That time lead me to this blog - as i was starting to get better, i focused on the good in everything.
Here in blog land i found wonderful inspiration (yes from ladies like you, you who are reading this right now). I have always been creative but had never thought about making and selling things i have made. I have always been interested in vintage - but again had never thought of selling vintage pieces to others. And so Poppy and Daisy started. With 2 children at home the last year or so has been a 'practice run'. I have sold things online and at a couple of fairs. It was a chance to see if this was really something i would like to do with my life. And it is!!!
I love it. I know it doesn't make alot of money, but thankfully, because my hubbie has a good job, i don't need to make alot, just enough to 'help out' and most importantly to keep me busy. (There is no way i could just stay at home, i'd get way too bored - there is only so much cleaning etc you can do).

So here it is, my plan:

Since i moved into my new house in June not much has been done, I broke my foot a week after moving in, and have only really just started to get around properly (and its still sore even now). So for the next few weeks i have a lot of boxes to unpack:

 I want to make our house a home - i have shelves and pictures to put up, walls and furniture to be painted etc:

Next year i want to take a photography course - i may sell my photos along side Poppy and Daisy.

I want to learn to knit and crochet:

I want to start exercising. I used to do yoga -  i found it so relaxing, and it was the slimmest i'd ever been.

I want to set up a proper website for Poppy and Daisy. I need to make things and organise my self and book up fairs to sell at:

And i want to take some time for me, to see friends, to go for walks, browse the charity/vintage shops and bake cakes:

So, as soon as i have published this post, i am off upstairs to tackle some boxes - wish me luck and thank you so much to the lovely ladies out there that have inspired me and helped me to know what i want to do in this next chapter of my life.

Please also visit me at a year of 30 to find out what i have been up to.


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Good luck in all that you plan to do! It is exciting and a bit daunting when your youngest goes off to school!

Wishing you all the luck for your new endevours.


Pink Milk said...

What a beautifully honest post.

You've had to deal with some horrid issues and I think the time has come for you to pursue what fulfills you and makes you happy.

Your plans, to me, sound perfect and aren't dissimilar to my own. I wish you all the luck in the world with them and have a very strong feeling that you will succeed at all you do my friend.


Mrs. Cozy Home said...

So true ... you never know what unexpected turns life will throw at you. I admire your courage and positive attitude, as well as your adaptability.

You know, they say the most successful people in life are those who can formulate a Plan B. Sounds like you've had a few "Plan B's" and have come through with flying colors.

Amanda said...

You so deserve for all these things to happen, good on you!

Jackie said...

What a lovely post! It's hard work this moving house milarky isn't it? Good Luck with your boxes and with your future plans :O)x

TheMadHouse said...

I too had CBT and ensure that I practice it everyday. It has changed my life, but there is no way I could go out to work.

I am sure you will do a fab job with the house and in whatever you chose to do

vintage girl said...

Hi thanks for stopping by and saying hello! It sounds to me like you will succeed at whatever you put your mind to judging by what you have already had to deal with! sincerely wish you all the luck in the world!x

Gem said...

I love a plan, and this sounds like a great one. I wish you the best of luck and sucess in the future and really hope things work out just the way you want them :) xxx

Christals Creations said...

Good luck with everything. I love popping by and catching up on your blog though I may not always comment. I have seen a house i'd love to buy but we're in a quandry about which way to go about it. :o)

♥ Miss Tea said...

What an inspiring post! i too wanted to get organized and started to plan things, good luck with everything that you've planned for, starting with those unpacking boxes :) although my first priority which was/is to get pregnant has never been fulffiled, still trying and i would be so blessed and grateful to god if i ever be given even just one child *here's hoping*, your post! x susan

nellie dean said...

I normally just read on Google Reader but thought I'd drop you a comment to say good luck! xxx

LittleGem said...

Good luck Lissy with your plan. I really love the list of things you want to do...very inspiring :) Lots of best wishes for you!! xx

Jewel said...

Wow - what a lovely inspiring post (and I'm glad other's inspired you too!)

Sounds like a fantastic plan and one I would love to have too! Maybe one day when I am at the same stage I can do the same!

(As an assistant psychologist can I also say I'm so happy the CBT has been useful for you and you've managed to keep it up!)

P.S. I sent your cupcake swap package today so I hope you like it, and it may even help you with some of your plan! x

Isobel said...

I hope all your plans turn out awesome for you, Lissy. Lot sof luck with them and love to you. xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I love all your ideas, they sound fantastic and I hope you get to do all of them very soon. Can't wait to see how you get on. Also well done for keeping up with your CBT - glad it helped so well and you have been able to move forward. xxx

Pretty at Heart said...

You poor thing - you did go thru it!! Glad you are out the other side now and making all these plans!! Good for you and I hope you succeed with them all!!

Country Rabbit said...

You are an amazing woman! im so proud of you and im only a bloggy chum- but your husband and children are so lucky to have you dear, sweet girl x You have been through so much, i loved your honesty about a very serious illness. By the end i had tears, silly me- but i kinda feel for you cos i know what its like to be told you might not have children- Ive had 3 major hip operations to walk!, i spent a lot of time in a wheel chair, bed bound in hospital...But i dont see it as an awful thing i see it as a real positive! it shaped me, made me realise i need to focus on the simple things, things i love.
When i fell pregnant the doctors said it could be risky putting weight on my legs and giving birth! but i did it!!! and so proud!!!!
sometimes when someone says no its that inner drive to prove them wrong...I might not get the chance to have more children, if i did i would be frilled, but sophia makes me so happy i would be content to know i just have her.
Lifes taken me on some sad paths in life, its not been easy...But im always grateful that i can walk, a simple thing to most, but when you cant it makes you really think.

I'm so happy lifes taken you on a happy path huni, you deserve so much happiness,
bless you and your family xxxxx

p.s i think you will do so well on the shop front...I'm still working out how to go about it, its hard when it will be my soul earnings keeping me and sophia a float. But ive been getting advise from a local business centre that give you helpful hints and book keeping.

Thecraftytrundler said...

A lovely post, and great to read, as it shows how far you have come already!!Really proud to have you as one of my first blogging pals, and think you're really inspirational!!
Make the most of your child free time, and I look forward to seeing the path you take.

Sharon xx

PS Have still to pick up my parcel, have been feeling a bit poorly. I will e-mail you hun!!

bibbitybob said...

What an inspirational post! Good on you for dealing with so much in such a short space of time, and for creating something so positive out of it. I look forwards to following how you get on :) x

Romi and Bob said...

I have experienced anxiety attacks from a young age, so can say I have been there. It seemed tocome back after having my daughter. But noone really knows what you have been through but you. However,I have never had a health condition,so I do admire you a lot in everything you have had to face.
I think the best thing is to do what you love and enjoy if you can, because life is too short not to. I wish you lots of luck. I realise that people who have anxiety often have a lot of stress and have suffered bad experiences in the past, but I also think that people who are prone to anxiety are often sensitive and artistic.I think exploring this side of yourself can be very healing and it sounds like a creative path could be for you.Hope I don't sound too dippy hippie!
Lotsa love, Tracy xxx