Monday, 12 September 2011


Firstly, Thank you so much for your kind words on my last post - it means so much.

I saw this book on Bekimaries blog - i had to buy it. It really is a great book, with lovely pictures and great makes. I also bought an older addition of The primrose bakery cupcakes book from a charity shop. There are some great cupcakes and gorgeous pictures like the christmas deer pic below:

Last week my friend bought these rather sexy shoes from New Look. I love New Look shoes - such great prices. The same day i went into Tescos and spotted this gift bag, with the same type of leopard print shoes on it. I had to buy it and seeing as we were going to her house for a takeaway and drinkies a few days later i filled it with her fave choccies and some red wine.

Here is my giveaway prize ready to send off to the lovely Sharon:

Last week i found an old picture of our town in a charity shop, i love it as its from the same time that our house was built. I'm going to reframe it in more of a modern frame - i like the mix of old and new together:

I had seen this large print online for £40 and loved it. A bit pricy for me though. I was thrilled to find it in one of my fave local shops for £19.99. I don't like to spend a lot on artwork. If i see something i like i always try to find it cheaper. I often buy on allposters, and then buy cheap frames. I also like to blow up fave photos and put them in Ikea frames - so much cheaper than getting proffesional framed shots of the family!!

I spent Friday unpacking some boxes. It was great to find some of my favourite bits and put them out in my new home:

 The house behind us has wonderful fruit trees - not so keen on the flags they keep putting up every now and then!!!!! (This one is much better than the Ford one though)

 New pots mixed with old:

 I bought this at a carboot a few years ago. I love the colours:

I made this last year for my husband. Its going to go on the wall in our bedroom:

 This is probably my favourite heart that i have bought. It was donated to me for my Red heart day by Ali. I loved it so much that i bought it for myself. Her hearts are so beautiful and well made and her blog is lovely too:

I have loved putting out little bits on my new dressing table. Have you seen it? I love it so much!!

I unpacked lovely things to put in my study - here they are waiting to be put on the walls or in their right place:

I had a tidy of my eldest boys room. I am loving his reading choices at the moment, so much so that i even flick through them:

 We have also found places for all our board games. We had a game of this. I used to love this game and am enjoying playing it with my eldest:

Enjoy your week


vintage girl said...

Love the new picture! great to find it at such a discount too! what a thoughful gift to give to your friend she must have been thrilled! I love those shoes but I don't think I'd ever have anywhere to wear them! I really like the old print of your town, it will look lovely in a new frame. xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely to see those books, shoes, and all the other great things you have found for your house!! Can't wait until Iam in that position, we will be selling 2 houses, and need to buy one next year. Love the moving in, but not all that selling & buying malarkey before : (
Look forward to receiving the lovely giveaway!!
Have a great week : )

Sharon xx

Christals Creations said...

What a lot of lovely things. Don't be too hard on your neighbours patriotism, there may be a reason behind it after all.
We are going to seel our house, we don't want to as it was our first home before the boys and moving where we are now but we don't actually want to move back there. We love the house but not the town we'd like a place out of town and it makes sense financially to sell the old and put towards a better new one. It was a hard decision though. We need to get back to it and interview an estate agent or two. . . :o)

♥ Miss Tea said...

lovely books especially with those cute xmas deer, u have so many beautiful and lovely things in your house, i too love new look i think it's affordable compare to others like next or river island, love love the things that u bought in charity shops and last but not least, congrats to sharon for winning the giveaway! x susan

Jewel said...

Hi Lissylou - have you got the cupcake swap parcel I sent you? xx