Thursday, 22 September 2011

Give them ago

Ok, so i know last night i saw this rather huge spider right by a pile of conkers!! But i am pretty impressed with their powers. This is the only spider i have seen over the last few days. And to give the conkers the benefit of the doubt, the spider may have already been in the house and may have been sticking up for all the other spiders by facing up to the conkers:

 So here are my conker tips:

- Give your house a good clean and dust to get rid of as many spiders already there. (I can't kill spiders, so i scoop them up on my feather duster and put them outside)

- Collect lots of conkers - i mean lots!!

- Put your conkers everywhere!! - On windowsills, in corners of rooms, outside doors and windows and any other entry points.

- Put at least 3 conkers in each space

- And if it fails at least your house will be decorated with Autumnal cheer!!!

 I have heard that a spray called No more spiders is very good. I may try that next year.

 If you try either idea, please let me know how you get on.


I thought i'd end with a few little purchases.
This gorgeous bottle was painted by a lovely little old lady at The Essex Country show.
'This is what i've been doing with our recycling' she said. It was only a pound and what she got all went to the charity DebRA.

I picked up a lovely free postcard from the lovely B & B we stayed in Rye. And a gorgeous cream tea postcard - talking of which, i had one today - yum!

I also picked up this little cutie in a antique shop in Tenderten. I had wanted one like this for a while and had actually seen a few but didn't like the faces. This one has a gorgeous face, i love it.

I hope you are all well?
Enjoy your weekend



Romi and Bob said...

What a cute deer! Love the bottle too.
I can only move spiders if they are quite snall. There was one watching me the other day when I was painting Eliska's room. But we don't get as many as in the old place, they were everywhere there, it was a bit Amityville! xxx

Bee happy said...

I love conkers but not spiders!! will have to go to Clumber Park soon to collect some :) I'm also on the look out for some pine cones ;)your buys are wonderful, the bottle is pretty.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Lisa said...

Just been catching up with all your posts. We do the conker thing too, I'm sure it helps. I bought one of those postcards when we went to Swanage, so pretty aren't they. Loved your pics from your weekend away and the show you went to.
Lisa x

♥ Miss Tea said...

that's a great tips! i might want to collect some conkers no and try the spider spray too! love the postcards and the cute little bambi, how talented that little old lady to recycle the bottles..i must say i wish i can draw! :)

x susan

Mimi and Tilly said...

Yikes. I am not good with spiders. My cats aren't either!

vintage girl said...

I am still perservering with the conkers, wonder if they would work with daddy long legs! loads of them about at the moment! love the bottle. Lisaxx

Florence and Mary said...

I need to go do some conker picking!!

Victoria xxx

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Oh I just LOVE that deer, I think I know what I'm looking for the next time I head to the antiques store!

Lyn said...

it is always me that has to get rid of the spiders in our house as Hubby is so scared....wimp!