Thursday, 15 September 2011

Long post, lots of pictures!!

Come and join me with a cup of hot choccie:

 This weekend we went to The Barleylands Essex County show. I love this show, we visit pretty much every year. We were there all day and didn't even see everything:

My car obsessed eldest son loved looking at all the cars. I spent my time dreaming of owning an old car with a picnic basket on the back:

We watched a few shows, such as the steam engines, a frightfully bad motorbike stunt show, and a wild wild west stunt show:

We went on some rides, including my favourite, the traditional carousel:

 Made me chuckle: Plonkas sausages!

 Beautiful butterfly spotted outside our house:

 A nice idea from Gretchen Rubin - put all the little toys that don't often get played with in a large kilner jar (I want to find a really big one) and leave it in the living room. These now get played with lots:

 One of my favourite pleasures is walking round a car boot sale all by myself - I have been wanting a crate on wheels for a while, but i find them so pricy. So i was thrilled to spot this:

I am making sure that all my jobs are done in the day now, so that i can spend some quality time with the boys when they come home from school at 3.15. The boys had bought some packet mixes of cakes and cookies in the summer holidays, but we never got round to making them. So after school on Monday, i let the boys, pretty much make them themselves - yes, there was lots of mess!!!

I love these little books from J salmon. I had to buy this Essex one. A lot of the recipes have meat or eggs in them, but that doesn't worry me. I like adapting them: 

I have been sorting out our study, and found this beautiful scarf i bought with vouchers in Accessorize:

I sorted out all my sons books, and put them under his new bed and on shelves:

 And found a print of his tiny foot, made 9 years ago:

 Hmmm, stars on the ceiling in the study, not sure if they'll stay!

I love the stained glass windows in our house - they always leave beautiful rainbows everywhere. They always make me think of Pollyanna:

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I am taking my hubbie on a vineyard tour (it was a birthday gift, and finally we are now taking it)

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vintage girl said...

looks like you had a wonderful time! the gypsy caravan is beautiful. I have be longing for one of those crates for an age, you are so lucky finding one, they are going for crazy prices on ebay. I really like the chefs hat your son is wearing he certainly looks the part! xx

Christals Creations said...

What a fab post. Lovely pictures. I was at the airfield 70th anniversary event and I was invited to a picnic on a proper picnic blanket with lots of yummy food and champagne all out of the hamper from the back of a vintage car. Yum!! It was really nice of them in fact, they know my parents and knew I lived at the airfield and hubby was away at the time so they packed extra on off chance of seeing me and little one. :o)

Aunty Bee said...

My sons had stars on the ceiling when they were little, they hated leaving that house because they had to leave the stars. I love the prism effect on the bed, Pollyanna is my favourite movie.