Friday, 16 September 2011

Addicted to Tea Towels

I love tea towels!! They of course have to be pretty :)

So what better than a site called All tea towels

This site not only sells gorgeous tea towels but even gives you some information, history and ideas on them like:

  • make a linen tote bag.
  • make a dust cover for a special book.
  • sew 2 or 3 cut and altered tea towels together, add cotton twill tape, and create a nice and original apron.
  • sew into a tube shaped holder for plastic shopping bags.
  • braid and tie together 3 old tea towels into a dog rope toy.
  • pin as decoration to the rear of wooden doors.
  • cover a cork noticeboard.

    I have 2 of the teatowels and can let you know that they are lovely:
    The two i recieved were delivered promptly and well packaged. These are soft and made from unbleached organic cotton.

    Mine can be hung:

    Or folded:

    I also really love these:

    They are great prices and would be great for yourself or what about as christmas presents?

    Go and look at their lovely site, you won't be disappointed.



Lululiz said...

Thanks for the great link. Wow, what an amazing selection. I know one or two people who will be mighty interested in this site.

Christals Creations said...

I am going to have a look. I just spent out last £80 of the month on groceries, nappies and a present for upcoming birthday, to last two weeks until payday but there is always next month and I need new tea towels. We are actually so broke I was going to ask for some and for a new potato masher with small holes, (ours makes lumpy mash), and for a bread board that collects crumbs for Christmas. That's actually pretty rubbish now I see it written down! :o)

Jewel said...

Ooo I wish they would ask me to review some of these lovely tea towels! x

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Gorgeous towels - love the designs - perfect place for some Christmas shopping.