Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Photo a day challenge catch up

I am so enjoying Fat Mum Slims photo challenges. I am part of the challenge on instagram (LissyLou123) These are a little out of order:

Shadow - when i took this picture, i had in my head the song - 'me and my shadow' The little one copied his brother and didn't leave his side the whole holiday - it was very sweet:

Inside my wallet -I love my purse £8 from Sainsburys. I really don't see the point on spending a lot of money on something. Infact my purse before this was £3 and i used it until it was battered!!
Because we were on holiday, i haven't actually got everything in it like more discount cards, library cards etc. As an adult, i now understand why my Mum always had such a large purse!!

Cold - an empty glass of Disaronno and ice :)

Where i ate breakfast -  At the table in our holiday home. 

Something i found - sitting on a bench watching the boys in the playground, i discovered these two behind me:

How i feel today - This picture is ment to represent - chubby!!! After eating far too much chocolate/cakes/cheese etc on holiday i am too big for my jeans!! My first meal back home was a jacket, salad and a touch of low fat hummus:

Sunset - a lovely moody sunset after a stormy day in the New Forest:

A younger me - if i was home i would have probably taken a pic of a younger photo of me or shown you a toy or something. Instead i am showing you a little gift i hinted at and then lovely hubby bought for me. I always have a younger me inside of me. I love kiddie things!!!

Stairs - aren't these gorgeous? They remind me of The Titanic. These were actually in a fantastic free electricity museum in Christchurch:

Tiny - this is baby Jack - little boy loves him!!

Lunch - We had lunch on our first day in the New Forest at a lovely little pub. We enjoyed playing games whilst we waited:


Lovely Things:

1) A get together with my cousin - 9 kids all on 1 trampoline until 11pm at night!!! Thats what its all about - lovely memories.
2) A lovely day with the in laws - Breakfast by the sea, fairground rides and Thai for dinner.
3) Cuddles with cute baby Jacob


Bee happy said...

Love your photos, your purse is so prety :) hope you are having a wonderful week sweetie

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Kelly said...

Great pipctures I love the one of the Boys cuddling up, so natural! Your boys are lovely!!!