Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Catching up with fatmumslims photo challenge:

Feet: The little boys feet whilst sitting at the table having dinner:


Where i relax: I always show you my sitting corner, so i thought i'd show another place i relax. Nothing is better than your own bed!!

My reflection:

Colour: Aren't these great? The boys made these frisbees at an Easter egg hunt:

Mail: My favourite mail is magazines, lovely letters and swaps!!

Someone i love:

Update: Thank you for your lovely messages on my last post. And also to the ladies that emailed or contacted me through facebook.
I did leave a message too in the comments on that post.
Just to let you know i am already feeling alot better, so hopefully it is just withdrawal symptoms :)

Pop over to my other blog - A year of 30, where you can find out what i have been up to over the last 10 days.


Lovely things:

1) My hubbie being off work for the whole Easter holidays!!
2) The boys lovely easter egg hunts.
3) Receiving the most wonderful swap parcel.

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Country Rabbit said...

hellooooo lovely! ive been away a week on the East coast so am only just getting back into blogsville- it was quite blissful not having internet connection for a week!! yay!
and aslo lovely to have a break from the norm and meet up with old chums and family...I was sorry to read you'd been feeling low after coming off of anti-deppresents... my mum was on them for about 15 years- it was kinda the reason why i have never gone on them even though my doc told me several times i should...she found it very hard to come off them...and would get peeks of highs and real lows- but on a positive since retiring she has come completely off them and said it had been hard for a year but slowly now is feeling better than ever...i think you're right about withdrawal...

been loving catching up on your posts- happy Easter hols to you sweetie xx